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  • You guys need to talk about devil pope and queenie Vampiress in Canada abusing and stealing indigenous children. You know there are warrants out on both of these two Satanists of the 9th Circle .. and for Sorros. Why doesn't military arrest them when they come to US? Or pay military in their nations to make the arrests. Satan and queenie neither one would appear at their trials. UK nor Italian governments arrested. It has been 3 years now since they were found guilty of child trafficking, and death of about 50,000 children disappeared. Churches in the nation's where children were missing will not let their graves be dug up. The police of their nations will not arrest them. Too many involved I guess I pray that all of this busts like a huge zit…your right Alex they are a bunch of pus. We will never get our government back until they are all in prison. I always thought the Pope was evil. Just felt it in my bones. But didn't know until yesterday about queenie and Pope being found guilty of sex trafficking. there were over 35 witnesses against them. If the government's could do some grave digging around the world…they would more than likely find plenty of dead and missing children. Makes me sick!

  • Open Eye Society–I'm sure if we would dispense with this Russian bullshit, and turn the heat up on Hillary, and all of her deceipt, the News from all areas would get much more interesting to watch. But, the Dems will keep this Russian narrative going so that the truth, lies, corruption, and deceipt that our government has been doing for oh so long, these truths will, the Dems hope, never come out for the citizens to see! It will be the biggest shake-up in the Federal Government that there ever was, and we will see who they are, and what they stand for………If it ever happens, I'm sure we will be totally pissed off, and completely in AHHHHHHH!!!

  • I can't believe Owen Shroyer would refer to ANYONE as a "punk." I doubt there are many people on Earth that have had more dikks slapped against their face than Owen Shroyer has.

  • Bottom line if you Americans don't get behind Trump fully to the hilt and he gets taken out . Your beloved country is OVER . He is your last chance .

  • shutup Owen! Alex mini me wannabe. If you are going to show us a video keep your mouth shut so we can hear it.

  • POTUS Trump could put the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hiladgo", that ended the Mexican/American War, on the negotiation table if Mexico won't cooperate on illegal immigration.

  • David and Owen , don't be afraid , investigators will see that Dems are not only corrupted but they are incoompetent in their corruption. They do it too fast and always miss a point .

  • The little boy who cryed wolllffffffff!!!!! To menu times….llloool lies and fake news my opinion your best channel to get your fake news is CNN.with wolf leading the charge.unreal.

  • How desperate are these people to get President Trump out of office they are going on national TV to rubbish his name and make the American people go against as I call him God's boy. The American public are much more smarter and awake than these idiots give them credit for. If they continue to push and push then the American people will push back and push back hard.


  • Jeff sessions is a NWO deep state agent . How could Alex Jones have supported this man when he has never been on the side of the people of this country? Sessions makes up statistics about cannabis all the time and then produces law behind the lies . Jeff Sessions has done nothing to Hillary and Bill and thats why we wanted him there because we were told Sessions wouldnt let them get away with it . He has done NOTHING ! When he recused himself he showed his cards and everyday he is left at this position he is hurting the country ! REMOVE HIM NOW !!!


  • Owen,There are millions of veterans who will not let this coup happen.we all took an oath.Dems better be careful.

  • This  Pastor (until he  comes clean with who made the statement),
     is like Larry Nichols and Roger Stone, with ☺ "Key from secret sources" that
    never deliver the goods, just a bunch of headline grabbing blsht.

  • We have to hope against hope that  the recouped and smashed hard drives
    aren't being confiscated by the FBI,  merely
    so they can be assured that they are smashed 'betterer' ,
    for good, and so justice will never see the light of day.
    I don't know about all of you but I have lost a hell of a lot of faith in our FBI
    over the last several years.
    Can we trust them as far as we can throw them…..(rhetorical).

  • Trump should make an executive order taking away congress's health care package and replacing it with Obama Care

  • The Grenfell tower..! Over a third of the residents there were immigrants, living rent and council tax free thanks to welfare…..and they were subletting..meaning that a one bedroom flat had more then 3 living there often 5/6….the councils only real fault was not enforcing the rules by kicking them out for subletting…!

  • I love INFOWARS but I can't stand Owen shroyer 👎 he's just a whining lil crybaby trying to act like Alex 😎

  • We already know about John McCain! He's trying to be Tom Hanks in the movie Charlie Wilson's war with Isis!

  • Gutierrez needs to be arrested NOW!!! SOUNDS out if control. Threatening! Treason Sedition. The Citizens of the US, cannot put up with His Behavior. He is out of Control.

  • As much as I hate Boehner, some of his comments were on point. Trump is getting in his own way at times, and there is way too much pissing. He is not listening to his biggest supporters, including Newt Gingrich, who knows him for many years. The backlash against his comments about Sessions is massive. Even Giuliani supported Sessions, which is scary, as I can't stand Sessions. Now, Tillerson is moving away from Trump and taking days off. Trump needs to be careful about alienating his base. He needs to choose his fights more carefully.

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