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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • Sorry , Roger Stone , but I don't buy an ounce of your argument about Gen . Flynn. If Donald trump , a seventy years old man , a successful business man , is not able to see by himself who is a real collaborator and one who is not , and that he buy a bad argument by his son in law , Kushner , then he doesn't deserve to be in WH .

    I'm a Trump supporter since the beginning but I'm fed up with all that in and out going in WH: Bannon , Scaramucci , Flynn etc…

    It looks as if Trump was a real amateur and never presided a comity of his life . I was disappointed from the start of the presidency one month after january 21 st . Why ? Because Trump kept Obama leftovers everywhere , because Trump didn't build a solid cabinet and went through all the way lonf with it . He looks like a student driver that correct the stiring wheel at every feet he run. You don't drive a car this way . Tires are made to take smalll bumps and you just go straight forward . You don't try to avoid every little stone on the ground .

    There is something else going on that you don't tell us and I feel I'm taken for an idiot . I don't like that very much .


  • The Cult of Medea is headed by the nobilities of Milan like the Sforza, Visconti, and Borromeo families. Medea was an enchantress or sorceress from Greek Mythology. The media uses enchantments or mind control spells to bewitch the minds of society. Milan is believed to take its name from the Latin word Mediolanum. Milan is considered an international media center. The multi billionaire and politician Silvio Berlusconi is from Milan and he owns and runs the largest broadcasting company in Italy called Mediaset. Silvio Berlusconi has extensive ties with the Sicilian Mafia and served four terms as prime minister of Italy. Silvio was also listed as a member of the P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy which was involved with political corruption and considered a "shadow government".

    Princess Beatrice Borromeo went to the University of Milan and she is an international reporter who has worked for The Daily Beast and Newsweek. The Sforza, Visconti, and Borromeo families all use the image of a serpent eating a child on their coat of arms which is an allegory for pedophilia. In the Greek Myth Medea was known for riding a chariot which was pulled by two serpents or drakons. The Cult of Medea is a cult of child molesters that use mind control or sophisticated deception to bewitch and distract minds as a deflection from their pedophilia cults. Pedophilia is used in satanic initiations and that is why so many Catholic priests have been exposed as pedophiles. These Italian nobilities from Milan are all connected with the Vatican. Most of the secret societies are involved with pedophilia.

    The billionaire Oprah Winfrey is nicknamed the "Queen of All Media" and her close friend Gayle King has worked in the news media for decades and currently works for CBS. Gayle King is from Connecticut and worked for the local news stations for decades. Gayle King oversaw the media propaganda during the Sandy Hook psyop. Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are high level members of the Cult of Medea. Anyone claiming what the media presented about Sandy Hook was genuine is either a satanic member of a secret society or in cognitive dissonance. The Sandy Hook story has been proven over and over again as deceptive. Megyn Kelly is another top member of the Cult of Medea and she worked for Fox News and now works with NBC. Pedophilia cults used Sandy Hook as an attempt to disarm Americans for obvious reasons.

    Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt) is another member of the Cult of Medea and was trained by the CIA as an intern. The word vander has etymologically produced the word "wand". Wizards or magicians use wands which are used to distract the eyes while they pull their tricks. Edward Bernays was an Austrian who is considered a founder of modern day propaganda and nicknamed "Father of Public Relations". Edward Bernays wrote a book called "Propaganda" and also established the Medical Review of Reviews Sociological Fund Committee and Anne Harriman Sands Rutherford Vanderbilt was a member of this organization. Edward Bernays also promoted an image of the entertainer Flores Revalles posing with a snake. Snakes are predatory and symbolic for deception just as the nobility from Milan use the serpent eating a child on their coat of arms.

  • I'm so sorry [ur country has become such a mess . I blame Obama for most of our trouble and of course the Clinton's just look what that evil scum has done.

  • They have recently proved, using DNA, that it wasn't Tom Jefferson but his nephew who fathered children.


  • Historical GAS WORKS PARK on the North side of Lake Union in Seattle is worth the visit, like it or not this place puts Seattle on the main stage of 20th century movers & shakers, no joke'n I'm talk'n serious historic "crack'n" JUICE!
    On a more esoteric, occult, synchronicitic flip-side, on a moonless night go sit park/lakeside on an 'old seawall' bench below the retainer wall on the Northern edge of the lake, look across to the Southeast over I-5. Above I-5 is a long ridge, running along I-5 & 10th Ave E between Capital Hill and Montlake neighbourhoods, 'big' St. Mark's Cathedral 'central'. Put this world aside for awhile and contemplate/meditate on what you're not 'seeing', don't give up until a chill runs up your spine and you're think'n, "We Are Not Alone"!
    BTW, read its historic account on plaque @ bathhouse.

  • Sorry Alex to inform u , no one died in Charlottesville – Heather is still alive . Always liked your show very Intelligent guest . But u sold me out when sandy hook happened . Long ways down when the person u trust lies to you .

  • A jewish group who heads up BDS is who organized all the violent chaos and more is coming. To fuel and people their "protesters" they've been going to homeless shelters, street people, etc and now are handing out information sheets to them demanding that they apply for "Section 8 Housing". Oh and by the way, the head guy of that jewish group works for — Russian internet television.

  • Alex Jones thanl your for everything you do. I live in chicago where black lives matter and the globalists run my city and my state. I REPO cars and have 3 children. I will do anything for my children even if i have to sacrifice my self. I refuse to let them grow up with out knowing the truth and tradition of this country. I would love to work for you Alex Jones. I would anything to help positively alert these mentally challeneged people in this city, state and country!

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