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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • " When the ship is sinking or believed that the ship is sinking,then the rats jump over board". Trump is winning ! Let the gay child molester CEOs from the corporations go to hell!

  • The American public has been brainwashed since WW1 and through WW2 that the German people are horrible war mongering lunatics and the word 'Nazi" has been morphed into meaning "white supremacist" and genocidal maniac NEITHER of which can be attributed to Hitler or National Socialism. The Zionist/Bolshevik media complex just screams"Nazi Nazi"! and the public recoils in horror.Pathetic.

  • Does the media think they are so important that the whacko left will not annihilate the free press if they succeed in overthrowing the President and his followers. They will not want any king of voice reporting anything of value. More than likely they will be strung up like Hitler did in Germany. You mutts will be viewed as the dogs you are and treated as such. Your only worth at this point is stirring the pot and adding gasoline. Once they overthrow the legal government you will become the ENEMY AND HUNTED DIWN AND KILLED. Then all you folks take a hard look at MADURO and Venezuela because that is what the far left will turn this country into. Good luck once this takes place… will have wished you never crossed the line. You will get a number, a camp site to report to and be given the day of the week you will be gassed to death and join 3 or 4 others in the huge plastic coffins and burned. Just like the Jews in Germany 75 years ago. I hope this finally makes you asshole overcome with joy. You will meet your god very soon.

  • Alex you're crazy maybe I should be listening to Rogan because Jews don't kill Jews. WWII didn't prove that, but whatever. Do blacks kill other blacks? In Africa do Africans kill Africans? Mexicans don't kill Mexicans. White Americans don't kill White Americans.
    Joe Rogan must be right about the Jews even though I'm not Jewish and know little about them.
    Next you're going to say Muslims kill Muslims!!!
    That's crazy, the world is very simple.

    Wow are we fucked when we lose our critical thinking skills.

  • I say we all log out and go outside. We are the majority anyway. We don't need to win a cyber or media war because we are already the majority and we KNOW that. So let us not waste much more time trolling against machines. Let us log out and Make America Great Again.

  • Rodney Howard Brown??????? are you kidding me??????? Alex you are losing all credibility, this guy is one of the biggest religious charlatans there is, he has pushed the "prosperity message" for years and lined his pockets with millions of dollars from gullible and naïve people who think God will financially bless them if they just give/buy into his DVDs or books or whatever else he is selling, don't forget guilting the people into the 10% tithe also. Total Fraud/ False Prophet

  • the first time I heard the "alt-right" was right here on InfoWars and it was JP' and little gay friend Milo talking about it, rather proudly as I recall.


  • Alex is a good dude…I watched JR's show when he threw him under the bus and AJ is taking the high road…well done

  • alex be careful as i was looking at you and hearing you talk i felt a strong feeling that somthing was going to happen to you i pray to Jehovah GOD and to his word made flesh the cristo that you will be ok!

  • lol @ "leftists terrorizing jews to keep them under control"…you mean jews terrorizing jews to keep everybody else under control…after all if the jews are able to continue portraying themselves as victims no one's allowed to voice their concern with the policies of israel or the domination of the US political system by AIPAC or the disproportionate representation of jews in leadership positions in the media and finance industries because that's "antisemitism." the truth is not antisemitic, no matter what alex says. remember who owns his broadcaster.

  • heir trump senior daddy trump was a a card carrying kkk member he got arrested . did not archie bunker live in queens ny. trump said he owns a vinery in charlotteville lol he believes his own lies . his kid eric owns it

  • (Here is the link to prove Alex is correct w/ the Jewish/"Trump supporter" actors):
    I remember the Jewish guys that came in to attack, back when the Chicago violence was going on and they tried to blame it on "Trump supporters" (which every one seemed to look like the biggest redneck, stereotypical idea of what they seen us as). It was proven that quite a few rallies/disturbances were done by Jewish people, while trying to blame it on Jewish people.

    Paragraphs 6, 7 and 8 refer to how Trump was correct w/ a few things, including people posing as "Trump supporters" (aka they dressed/pretended to be "NeoNazis"/"AltRight) and began doing the same things we seen in C-ville, VA.

    There are a lot of these stories, but they are difficult to search for, as you need to refine the searches and go back.. b/c they flood of nonsense dilutes finding the results being referenced.

  • It's time to not even acknowledge the word racist. It's time to take the power out of this "silver bullet" that kills debate and immediately puts white people on the back foot. No more! Why do white people have to say they're not racist before they speak. It's a disclaimer of some kind which I find offensive. How about. I'm white and this is my LEGITIMATE opinion. please don't tar me with meaningless labels. Refuse to debate if the word is mentioned. Tell whoever uses the word to retract it or you will not continue any further discourse or discussion. Time to put an end to this Fascism!

  • good point re: sending in the mentally ill to agitate or discredit a protest. that was a big part of their disruption of occupy. street crazies were directed to zuccotti park & told there was free food/shelter there & they scared a lot of people off who might otherwise have listened to the message.

  • How can the left be so anti-bully, even produce ads and make special assemblies in school about 'not being a bully' — then turn around and be downright violent towards Trump supporters and they aren't called out? It doesn't make any sense how they keep getting away with this — I sure hope the president has something up his sleeve and pulls out the 'Trump' card.

  • I have to stop listening they soud like a broken record same thing over and over and over and over. Man they are given me a headache.

  • Imran "I'm a-runnin'" Awan and his wife just indicted by federal grand jury on several felonies related to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. Give it a little time, and he'll be singing like a bird against the Dem leadership for their treason. Of course, the MSM won't cover a minute of it, but it is happening! Buckle up!

  • does these dumb ass's not realize that you can get fake tattoos that look real and be wash off with baby oil lol fucking pathetic

  • Alex: Additional Info: Trump said he disbanded the economic councils because they were manufacturing some/all their products overseas, and that was not what he (and We The People) wanted.

  • Rodney Howard Brown is a demonized opportunist!! I hate that this slithering serpent has conned his way into Trump's circle. He's a Jesuit agent imported from South Africa.

  • When you state who you will serve most everyone says what you said with some variation but everyone forgets , or say it in a demanding or as a matter of fact. I’m speaking of God. When Trump says “God bless America” it’s in a taken for granted manner. It is a request.

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