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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • Jones is such a fuckin ass… The way he talks to his reporter. yo be a reporter for JONES.. all you need to say is. "that's right Alex, "exactly Alex" Absolutely Alex"

  • instead of expanding your facilities alex , why don't you spend some money hiring lawyers to bring suit aganst these people responsible for the carnage , i'm sure some lawyers would work pro bono for the opportunity , endangering your reporters lives , sure plenty of legit charges could be found , these people will not stop , they have deep pockets and this type of crap will go on thru out trumps presidency , which i'm sure is the aim of these wacko loons

  • Do not show them love , do not co e together with these people. Keep your money in your own community and never patronage anywhere that is foreign or supports the left in anyway. Even if you have to lose sone of your favorite products. Fight with your fists and your wallet.

  • Alex you give Soros way too much credit. How about the Koch brothers, the Mercers, the Princes (eric & betsy) and what they are doing with their money, to overthrow our democracy, change the laws to allow them to rob us and change the laws so they can continue to pollute us and pay less taxes. Oh wait, they are your peers.

  • I think the segment with Millie would have been much smoother had they shared info via phone, prior to going''hot''…We've come to expect AJ's constant interruptions,… but for him to feel compelled to ''correct'' her over and over was embarrassing for her and just unnecessary IMO.

  • The fakestream media reported he said too much about north korea and too little at charlottesville ……. they are a bunch of knob jockeys and should be ignored ……. they are fake and they follow an agenda ……

  • President Donald J. Trump denounced, and denounced again…The one guy driving the car was a patsy. The helicopter crash was a false flag operation. ANTIFA must be stopped, and countered at every event they appear at. Yesterday ANTIFA illegally pulled down a Confederate general statue in North Carolina. It was something like what you see in third world countries. ANTIFA are degenerate piles of shit.

  • I love all people and their differences it's would be boring if we all looked the same. Unemployed uncivilized people don't speak for me.

  • Mr.President:Donald.J.Trump.Very good job today.Very good Job .Stand against fake news no matter where it comes from .Good job sir!

  • Look at Millie's face..she's absolutely pissed off at Jones with his interruptions and corrections. She won't be with IW much longer. Jones is a big mouthed prick. Another 1 hour wasted blabbing on about lawsuits and no news, no current affairs. Anyone who shares their links or supports them financially should seriously think twice.

  • I think all Trump supporters should just all at once bust out laughing at these left wing globalist fools and their useful idiots and all this should nonsense that is so obviously fake. They will get nowhere by trickery. Trickery and deception is not gonna work and until they realize that, they will be our comedians only. LOLOLOL.

  • in Canadian local paper it was said that because you feed your dog and cat meat – they produce carbon like a car – so you will pay carbon tax having pets!!! what an ABSURD!!!

  • 29:50…"Brain Force Plus…55% off…NEVER done that since last month"…Alex I LOVE your products but you make it too easy for the competition sometimes…haha!

  • Trump needs to take command at his pressers. He needs to tell the media to raise their hands to ask questions and shut up. Anyone talking over him or others will lose their press credentials.

  • Owen just be yourself, you haven't got to be a mini Alex, it just doesn't work.
    Alex just let your reporters give their report don't run over them all the time.

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