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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • Trump is not your economic savior. His plan is to sell off our public goods to corporations. It is socialism for corporation and the rich, and crisis capitalism for the rest of us.

  • No Alex, the CEOs didn't quit Trump's Advisor committees because of taxing income from overseas. They quit because they were ashamed of Trump's embrace of nazi nationalists, racists white supremacists, and armed terrorists. 70% of real Americans were disgusted, only the 25% fringe alt-right approve.

  • I call bullshaft on Trump saying "before he makes a statement he likes to know the facts" lol, it doesn't take much "research" to prove that wrong.

  • If my daughter had been squished by a car, I doubt that I could stand up there that long, on camera, give a sermon to people with a smile on my face, and not break down into a complete mess.

  • The mom seems pretty calm for just losing her daughter. Smells like another hoax. The whole thing looks fishy just like ALL the other terror hoaxes. This is exactly how they divide and rule us

  • ""Seriously"- Yes'— This was A planned March' — -What about "Kate"- the girl who was shot & killed by A illegal in the Bay area- of San-Fran-sicko" — What about "Obama-Ling-Long """"-who never said A word ! – innocent Victims " –To show us –How Bad'' this Government has gotten '– You know where this is going"" — & it's not gonna be A picnic for any of us. While the "Loonies" watch The Eclipse "" I'm sure '' Our Enemies will take this time to Strike"" —

  • The press expects miracles! And for that, they would have to be Christians, which sadly, and obviously, most are not. The President has a few loyalists, and a few very smart, very experienced people helping him sift through all the lies, and tricks, Thank God! One of which in the latter category, I hope to God doesn't leave the President, as rumoured this week.???? One that's never seen, but has an immense power, and strength, I believe would be dearly missed, especially when things get sticky, as they can, with the left hovering over the Presidents shoulder, trying to pre empt every productive thing he does with road blocks, and doubt. President Trump has done nothing but good, his downfalls if any, are in the realm of compassion. Not having too little, as too often is the case, but, of course, having maybe too much, at times. I will never fault him for that. He's a Good Man! Sorry lefties! Its tough trying to brainwash, and manipulate someone with a working brain, isn't it? President Donald Trump is not your average player! Finally, the People of these United States have a genuine spokesman, and a true leader! And we can be proud of him, and his beautiful, and deserving family.

  • Oh what the hell, I'm speaking about Steve Bannon. I don't know what's going on, but I have a feeling if he left, it wouldn't be good!

  • This stinks to high heaven…she sure looks like she lost her daughter…there is no remorse…she looks like it's all an act.

  • Anty kid in college that still depends on any of the many globalist controlled fake news corporations to get their own news information needs to throw in the towel as far as their college efforts because they ain't college material if they are that ignorant at that age. It's that simple.

  • DAM. They look like idiots look closely at them. LOL See what I'm talking about. Something is up here.This is not a natural occurrence here, no way.

  • Look at the Charlottesville rally in context of Al Gore's comment that was widely thought by many to be implying knowledge of a coupe. I believe he was referring to Charlottesville, which was planned even without the death to result in what it has resulted in…pre-canned assault on Trump to call him KKK and say he never denounces even when he has many many times.

  • Stop allowing these fake news reporter in the room when their BS questions are stealing the conference time from those of us who want real questions to be asked to our President. Then need to be kicked out of the press core.

  • I think Trump has recently figured out all the basics of running his office and has settled in to it quite well.

  • I heard the driver was zonked out of his mind on secret b-12 and micro silver bullet caveman formula. If this stuff isn't responsible, how do you explain the missing Leanne McAdo?

  • ohhh god shut up you wanna be opinionated smart asses here. Shut up and just listen, the anal carping criticism here is sickening, appalling. ya'll think your smart not.
    Stupid demeaning childish comments.
    Get some help!

  • Dont mislead. Most of corporate media is pro Isreal in their coverage. And most politicians are heavily influenced by AIPAC.

  • 43:22 now say you're proud to be white faggot…. fucking self hating white…. you even go on seconds later to say you're glad you're not totally anglo-saxon…. amazing how often people contradict themselves within one or two sentences nowadays…. jones – no one cares if you die in your sleep tonight

  • why mother is not crying????? Nobody would be able to do lecture like this after loosing her daughter!!!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE

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