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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • You want to start the cival war…tear down a statue of MLK, etc….time white people start taking back, instead of giving and giving

  • No need for civil war or any other. People have to just. Remember who the real enemies and stop shadow boxing. I totally agree that we should just have a moratorium on any more immigration. One exception only: children born to military personnel living abroad with their single mothers/fathers causing real separation from one or both of the parents.

  • Leftists are tearing down their own monuments, but not the party that caused all the hatred and racism. They should be going after the Democrats.

  • I would like to congratulate Arnold SchWARzenegger . He was lucky enough to be born in 1947 , two years after the defeat of nazi Germany and still he tell us he know what Nazis were ? Come on Arnold – the guy who make babies to domestics- I guess I will go along too and I will pretend I knew Noah since I was born after the flood !

  • Civil war I don't believe will happen. Its a psy-op diversion to a coup to unseat trump. A national emergency with trump being swept aside by the military overwhelming everything and everyone. There is a minority in the armed forces that will not follow orders. They will be shot. Most will… " Mine is not to wonder why. Mine is but to do or die" completely obedient atomoton brain dead droids. Wont happen? Brother against brother in Lincoln's war. Most will be trying to keep their own ass out of the blowtorch flame. He MUST change his tactics and alignments NOW. Divide and achieve conquest​ by confusion. Sun Tsu… "Art Of War". I think we're a couple weeks away. Its going down now.

  • The alt left are attacking common knowledge and our way of life . if they don't like our country they don't have to stay here.

  • Schwarzenegger should know what Nazi-ism is…he and his family embraced it, he admired the man…He's a hypocritical, pandering, posturing has-been ,scrambling for

  • if they get rid of Trump then that has got to mean the end of democracy as the great American people know it. So when the next president is elected and the scum don't like him or her then they will go the same way as Trump. if they do like the next President then the American people will hate it because they will know this is a puppet doing the global scums bidding.

  • I don't understand how Jonesy thinks the stock market rise is an organic thing that Trump has created. It's taking manipulation every day to keep it propped up, for like 3 years now…

  • hA ha ha Ha, Bannon gone !  alex Jones and your retard followers, your fascist wet dream is coming to an end. we got bannon, we will we take down trump, and then we are coming for the pathetic faggot minions like alex Jones. Lying fascist faggots, you have had your day

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