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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”




  • Alex say white supremacists one more time and I'll never buy another product. You are acting like CNN is on auto ship.

  • The swamp has won! They have cut Trump's balls off. I'm done with his ass. After he bombed the empty air strip, I gave him the benefit of a doubt. But not now after he pussies out on this. Do you think antifa isn't going to go harder next time? Trump cannot win sucking up to the left. I'm done. Never will I vote again. I'm in it for myself and my family. Screw politics.

  • Arrest and charge these people that show up to these demonstrations with masks and helmets and weapons as terrorists and prosecute them immediately it would stop overnight, also you would have their Identity and a follow the money trail to who and where the money is coming from. it would be headlined tomorrow and it would be over.

  • All cernovich does it brag about how smart he is. Smarter than everyone else. You say anything against his view, he bans you from his broadcast.

  • watch Trump do what he always does as far as listening to Alex or just doing what needs to be done to save the cause…..NOTHING>>>>wake up you have been had!

  • Those torches parade was used in ukraine by the the nazis that were supported by obama,soros and many others overthrowing the goverment, some of these nazi might be funded by soros and others like how they are funding antifa and others.both sides are funded to cause division.

  • mike disavow political violence…..but feeding these demons with the undisciplined, anti first amendment action of disavowing peoples ideas like KKK is corrosive to the bill of rights and constitution. People need to get over the idea that the government can make everyone like you and make everyone happy because it is a waste of time.

  • Haven….what part of the last thirty years are you not getting?…..Soros is not going to get arrested- stop spreading lies about unicorns.

  • Locking up all these people it's not going to work! I say we start from the head of the snake and then we will fry the eggs from the snake's nest. because if we just lock people up sorrows is going to find somebody else to keep doing the same thing over and over 🙏🏽 🇺🇸

  • black people are animals not all of them but a majority most sympothize with islam there a bigger threat to america than everyone but china

  • I wish the President had condemned the violence on the right AND left today, by FAR mostly on the left at this point. Why did he do what his enemies wanted, especially when nothing is ever enough?

  • Is this something new?
    When did Alex start preventing people from talking?
    It's as if he hogs all the air time now?
    The standard AJ viewing experience: "Shut up, Alex! Alex, shut up!".

  • Sessions better clear this with your libtard handler in my eyes you suck you chicken shit mfer what a piss ant you are!

  • There's so much Trump could do.
    DHS could take control of the Virginia State Police department,
    if they wanted to. So many options are available.

  • I'll bet the State of Virginia has locked many citizens up for aiding and abetting, It is what it is and the Police need to be bound within the law just like citizens. The Mayor is the best Defendant.

  • stop trying to please the fake news media President Trump …… you can,t …… attack them at all times ……. they have sold out and truth is not there agenda ……. never will be …….

  • cant believe Alex is going after the kid who was running away to save his own life…not the kids fault…..shame on u…the kid shouls have stayed and let antifa kill him…..WTF..

  • The media wants Donald Trump to condemn the entire right. They want to paint it as if Trump is condemning his entire base. Even if Trump condemns the "alt-right," the media will brand the entirety of middle America as "alt-right" the same way they branded skinheads…

  • So why aren't the Mayor and the police responsible for the violence and the result of the violence, the car running over people. I don't know what I would do if I thought my life was in danger from these extremist liberal democrats and I was in a car trying to get away.

  • It's bad enough that Alex interrupts (and sometimes never gets back to the person he interrupts). It's even worse that he often talks so LOUDLY. I have to turn the volume down so my ears don't get blown out. Then I have to turn it up again when anybody else speaks, so I can make out what they're saying. How obnoxious!

  • Whites especially white males have a target on their backs as the other poster said and he is right. Only a small number there were nazis most were res blooded americans trying to stop our history from being torn down right in front of us IT IS the same thing ISIS is doing tearing mideast artifacts down and blowing them up. Better wake up fast and better kill before being killed. They are making their push and you will be labeled a terrorist and or racist no matter what you do. Alex is ignoring this on purpose there is no way he doesnt understand that our history is being erased.

  • Alex jones is controlled opposition by and, for the republicrat party. Trump is the establishment, just like Hillary. Wake up America! Everyone in the media are against the white people. Boycott the left and right, they're out for your money, mind and freedom.

  • Give it up Alex Trump did not Condemn ANTIFA or BLM only the white group s! Trump called the police that stood down hero's and The ANTIFA Girl that was killed an innocent American! BULLSHIT! Courage my ass! Trump caved in to the Left once again! He didn't mention ANTIFA or BLM

  • Trump and Sessions are not going on the offensive against Soros ! Come on man! Only the white groups are going to get prosecuted! Just like the Russian Sanctions

  • VM you need to be in a channel of democrates. I think most of us at this channel k now the truith. THE odd one is always areound around l ike KEITH and ugly stan ect. These ppl are loosers.. Sign of the times to be honest. DEms are low class ppl now. republician seems to be a higher. well spoken nicely dressed……..NOT LIKE THE , shall i saiy. FAT UGNLY woman that yell and carry on . THEY dont work so they do anything for money and yet they probably have never heard anything but cnn crap

  • Alex has all the t hings trump needs to say but trump never gets to see it. I doubt he watches muc alt media now. TO not know that sherriff was charged, MY GOD. what does he get to see. cartoons.

  • trump is not being a strong president. HE trys to make everyone like him. WHY is mcmaster still there. HOW many weeks have alt media being telling trump to fire mcmaste . WHY dont h is kids tell him thruth. WHY is jarred not telling trump. WHy is the giraffe head daughter not telling her dad. SOMETHING IS NOT right in the white house. GET Rid of h is family. What have they done to help trump. NOTHING but visits over seas and LOOK at my outfit. I am so sick of seeing jarrad in every dam picture of trump in meetings. THERE IS A LEAK THERE> something not right

  • words words mike in all respect. ALL THIS STUFF has taken away from LOCK HER UP. I think ppl are starting to realize Nkorea is fake. they have no weapons. ITS all for the riches and minerals of N korea. EVEN PUTIN put that out in the public. HE is alot smarter then TRUMP.

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