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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • Sheriff Joe is a good and honorable man. A Presidential Pardon is definitely in order. May the wall be built!!!!!

  • What a disgusting play by MSM to make sweet Lil ol Antifakes look like they're SO virtuous. And dumbed down America WILL buy that shit.

  • Why isn’t someone talking about the anti demonstrators? The white supremacist had a permit to rally & the constitution to back their free speech Anti protesters had no permit, they brought in black lives matter groups, paid thugs, & their followers that created the problem that erupted in Clarksville. Both groups are destructive to America! Its time to stop playing one side against the other! Both are guilty of hate. All of them need a heart changed to good & love for each other.

  • SHERRIFF ARPIAO needs to have those who started the witch hunt arrested. Disbar all involved in the witch hunt and arrest them.

  • Make a deal with North Korea to take all our Communist Marxists and Globalists traitors and put them in a gulag.

  • even if you got rid of the fed you're still going to get booms & busts like we had prior to the fed every 2-3 yrs and knowing what you know about congress you really want them being in charge of our $? "end the fed" makes for a cute hope & chang or MAGA tagline but that's as far as it goes.

  • This is why the lawsuit against youtube that Alex is supporting is so important! If they shut conservatives out of social media, it will have a HUGE impact on the 2018 midterm elections. The message will NOT get out.

  • Why do they treat Corsi like that ? What he does is real reporting and exposing the enemy and INFOWARS treats him like shit everytime he comes on air !!! Corsi is the best thing Infowars has ever brought into the fold and they cut him off , never let him speak his full message and give him less time than anyone else and he has the best info to present out of all the Infowars staff ! If I were Corsi I would quit Infowars and team up with a media outlet that doesnt treat him like this !

  • When americans can't find North Korea on a map, now people can understand why america is in such a mess!! Comedians will make a lot of jokes regarding this!

  • Holy F@#k, did Owen just stop interrupting a guest, and actually said sorry, go ahead. Someone check his temp, he maybe hallucinating.

  • When Kim Jong-un makes his threats and shows his ass, it's at the behest of China IMO…He is their little ''chihuahua'' that makes a lot of noise but can be squashed with one good stomp…He wants to be left alone to unite the North and South into one slave-state, but needs China's cash, so he'll do his puppet dance when ordered to do so…that's my take on it anyway.

  • Where was Obama's disavowals?… He didn't have time for that nonsense,..because he was too busy entertaining racist hate groups at the White House such as La Raza, Black Lives Matter, or The Muslim Brotherhood…He never once disavowed their actions or their messages of racially-motivated hate…
    FFS !! President Trump could disavow each Charlottesville actor in either camp, by NAME AND ADDRESS and it wouldn't be nearly enough for those that are hell-bent on bringing him down, do you think that appears to the rest of the world?…What an embarrassment they are.

  • OMG …wake up orange baby Huey and pardon Sheriff Joe..who was doing his job keeping us SAFE from illegals! Before it was the evil Spicer…then the evil Prebus…now it is the new "handler" Kelly that keeps Trump in a box and doesn't give him any info!WTF Is Trump a genius as you idiots say ..or is he a mindless invalid baby who needs his diapers changed …AJ such disinformation and bullshit …stop contradicting your dumb selfs! You turds love to keep your audience off balance..with crap that doesn't even make sense …UGh

  • Owen Schroyer needs to take some character acting classes because his heart is in the right place, but Schroyer doesn't have the personality to carry the show. He needs to do more schtick, and get into character better.

  • Free Sherriff Joe ASAP!
    Please Mr. President do this expedtionally, every Day He spends in jail is so aggrevious while this Criminal Obama walks free. Jailed for doing His Job!

  • Hillary Clinton accepted campaign money from Saudi Arabia who produced 19 hijackers and persecute women daily. Hypocrisy anyone

  • Race-baiting by the mainstream media and the Democrat Party will come back to bite them tenfold. I have no respect whatsoever for any of these clucks. I can promise only one thing for sure if they persist. they will spend the rest of their lives being very lonely as hardly anyone will want to stand their presence.

  • Good job Mr.President,Donald.J.Trump:} Very good job sir.Good job Alex Jones and Millie and crew.We would love to here more from Biggs,but Good job guys .I know i have not named all,but all of you guys and Millie are doing a great job.

  • The Pope of Rome claims temporal or physical ownership over the Earth under "Papal Primacy" and Canon Law. The Pope claims to reign over the air or specifically rule over the spiritual realm as the "Vicar of Christ". The Pope claims to hold the "keys to the kingdom of heaven" and this is why the Vatican City flag uses a silver key and a gold key for its image. The Pope claims to own all souls under the doctrine of "Papal Supremacy". The word Catholic by definition means universal or all encompassing. The Pope claims to be infallible from error under the doctrine of "Papal Infallibility". Pope Francis replaced Joseph Ratzinger because of his training in multi tasking and connections with various groups and secret societies. Pope Francis is a Freemason from Argentina where many Nazis escaped too as well as a Jesuit Cardinal with close ties with the Zionists. I am not promoting the modern version of the Bible however in the Old Testament a chief prince and enemy of the Israelites is called Gog and Pope Francis' real name is Jorge Mario Ber-gog-lio. Canon Law is really Canaan Law. The Canaanites were enemies of the original Israelites.

    Pope Francis with the hand hidden under the coat and this is a masonic symbol known as the "master of the second veil" This refers to the hidden hand of power. From the Holy See Pope Francis is overseeing the secret societies and distributes payments to initiated members and cults as they carry out the Vatican's agenda. The Holy See is the brain controlling the secret societies which are as arms creeping into society. The Vatican system is like a masonic Hydra or octopus machine reaching its tentacles into society and squeezing humanity into submission while it has one tentacle in the Bank for International Settlements using its wealth to oil this machine. The House of Saud are deeply involved in financing this agenda and funnel their wealth into Switzerland and the Bank for International Settlements. The top princes of the Black Nobility manage the Holy See and have authority over the different secret societies which operate like serpentine arms. The European kingdoms are branches of Rome and the next stage of power with the British Crown as their top military and financial stronghold. The Black Nobility is the most ruthless organization on the planet and they are seeking complete human enslavement and global domination. They work closely with the other royal families and they are all unified in their plot for take over while they use the tactic of divide and conquer and the illusion of compartmentalization. They are not all powerful and  they must be dealt with. When they are exposed and resisted without fear they are the ones that tremble in fear.

    The word Holy derives from the Greek word Holos which means all. The Holy See is their All Seeing Eye. They have developed all modern electronics with microphones and cameras in them. Roman-Jesuit and British-Masonic agents are running the intelligence agencies in the United States and the Vatican and royal families are hacked into this intelligence network. From my understanding the Black Nobility and royal families have rooms with television screens in the basements of their palaces and can hack into any modern television, smart phone, and computer as well as other electronics and watch and listen in on anyone. I believe the German House of Hesse have been given full oversight through this network and operate as a back up for Rome. The Church of Scientology is also hacked into the electronic grid. Not only are the electronics spying on society but also radiating electromagnetic frequencies which can target minds and hack into a persons physiology. The electronic grid is an intelligence gathering system that is also weaponized.

    Through the Human Brain Project based in Geneva Switzerland and owned and funded by the European Union they have developed neuro-robotics and neuro interface with the electronics. The European Union is based on the Treaty of Rome and was signed in Rome at Capitoline Hill. They can basically plug their minds into HAARP, computers, and other electronics which are radiating weaponized electromagnetic frequencies. Royal families with harps on their coat of arms specialize in this. The royal and noble families have access to this technology. So they can watch and listen to a person in the privacy of their own home and then also control the frequencies emitted from the electronics and target a person's nervous system with electronic attacks on their minds and body. It is like a synthetic telepathy. The royal families and fully initiated members of secret societies have extreme God complexes. The monarchs believe it is their divine right to rule over others. Zionists think they are God's chosen people. They call human beings cattle and sheep and have absolutely no repsect for the life of others. The electronic weaponized grid is all based on Kabbalah and Hermeticism. Their electronic torture weapons are a subtle and unseen threat and one of the most destructive weapons that they have. They are enabled to do this because society has been progressively structured as fascist pyramidic institutions with the top pyramid in Rome.

  • the surest way to guarantee that trump gets some "friends" in the 2018 midterms is for him to start fulfilling his campaign promises & demonstrating he's not just another lying politician. distancing himself from the neocons will help too. right now the people who elected him feel thoroughly thrown under the bus, despite what alex says, or the stock market numbers, or the fake job numbers. america first means cut the goddamn bloated military budget & rebuild this country. no more foreign wars. hands off north korea, venezuela, syria, & iran. did i miss anyone?

  • The Irony here is that Soros is the internationalist's bag man funding both sides of this protest.
    I wonder if the leaders of both sides went to the same bank on monday to cash their checks from soros together?
    The supposed NAZI side is modeled after the Ukrainian NAZIS that soros backed in the Ukrainian uprising and who do a torch march and celebration every January and chant blood and soil – surprise just like in Charlottesville (not the German Nazis).
    And it has been documented over and over that soros funds antifa and blm.
    Also: How did the Nazis get labeled right wing?
    Anyone can easily look up NAZI in wikipedia and see that it means:
    In plain English — National socialism
    So, since when is socialism right wing?
    Do you suppose Soros had some birthday cake and wine and sat back and watched his little side-show of brain bashing he paid for on the telly for a personalized little birthday present to self?
    I bet he did!
    He probably laughed almost as hard as he did when he was pulling fillings out of Jews he ratted out to go to the death camps during WWII.
    Now he is an adult and can sadistically enjoy the full measure of it more.

  • The inability to recognize that because every "A" is a "B" doesn't mean every "B" is an "A," in the context of Neo Nazis support Trump but not all Trump supporters are Neo Nazis, must be a side effect of continuous fluoride ingestion.

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