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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • Reinhard Eugen Tristan Heydrich was raised in a cultured, musical environment.
    As a boy, he lived in an elegant home with his family enjoying elevated social status. But young Heydrich also suffered as the target of schoolyard bullies, teased about his very high pitched voice and his devout Catholicism in the mostly Protestant town. He was also beaten up by bigger boys and tormented with anti-Jewish slurs amid rumors of Jewish ancestry in his family.

  • after, means he was already born.
    The only stumbling block occurred as the old rumors surfaced about possible Jewish ancestry on his father's side of his family. Heydrich's grandmother had married for a second time (after the birth of Heydrich's father) to a man with a Jewish sounding name.

  • I could give a shit about Richard Spencer being or not being controlled op. The central issues with multiculturalism persist, and the Constitution ect will not persist with whites in the minority.

  • I have seen a video of two people in flight suits walking around the scene afterward. They strongly resemble the two in the photos, but a little too far away to be sure. How many helicopters were there?

  • So, to boil it down for you folks, Steve Pieczenik wants desperately to suck Bath-house Barry's dick. That covers it.

  • i will trade you a heir trump and a bannon for a nazi soros and a clinton for a bush hahaha reality tv get those ratings up and screw american middle class.

  • This is unbelievable, Trump should be focused on world/global affaires not some little pissy ass protest with a few hundred people. A group of stupid fucken college kids that are black sympathizers.

  • So I hear a lot about who set all this up to stir people up but WHAT does one to do to stop the insanity? I mean you have ANTIFA saying they're anti Nazi but they're funded by a Nazi sympathizer Soros. Then u have the same people dresses up like ISIS waving Communist flags & the BLM who say they hate white people yet most of ANTIFA are white. So who do they want to kill? The whites that march in their group led by Nazi Soros? And the white politicians calling conservatives Nazis & white supremists do ANTIFA & BLM want to kill them too? None of this makes sense! Then I heard a Radical Islamist from CAIR exploiting the violence by saying all roads, srtreets, be renamed & all statues tore down calling for sedition. Wants everyone to convert to Islam obey Sharia law & women submit rape &? Wear headgear. So does ANTIFA want to bow to Islam & women in their group submit to headgear & rape? These people are all nuts! I mean the ANTFA led by a NAZI with white people in their group, are they going to let BLM kill them? And NAZIS hate Muslims so is ANTIFA going to to submit to Islam, rape( boys too) & headgear? This sounds like clusterf** to me! Where the rational to stop the madness?

  • Slavery has existed throughout history. Most societies have made provisions for it within their structure, and most peoples have been sources of slaves at one time or another. The expansion of slavery was often a by-product of empire building as a dominant power turned its prisoners of war into slaves through conquest. Ancient Rome and the plantation colonies of Brazil, the Caribbean, and the American South were "slave societies"; during the early modern period, most European countries and many Latin and North American colonies were merely "societies with slaves." Where ever there is a Master (Governments, Rulers, Kings) there is slavery.

  • Its quite simple really.If people are working they are taking care of themselves and are contibuting to the system.If they are not working then they are not taking care of themselves and contributing nothing.That second statement describes Libertards and we need to get rid of them.Thank you

  • Dr Piecznik is always fascinating to listen to. So logical and experienced. I only watch the show when he is on and a few others like Celente, Ron Paul and Peter Schiff. I was a long time viewer of Alex, now I can't stand him anymore. He is a narcissist. I don't like Owen either, he is a mini-Alex but I must say he did a great job of interviewing Dr Steve. I don't think he interrupted him even once.

  • What he doesnt get is that the media is trying to get him to say he will take the rights of :"white nationalist " to protest peacefully just because they are "white nationalists" and that is the point that needs to be made here . All Americans have the right to voice their opinions. From the KKK to the Black Panthers everyone has a voice in our country and that is what the left is trying to remove from America ! YES THE PEOPLE WHO HAD A PERMIT HAD 100% ARE RIGHT TO BE THERE ! Everyone has that right in America and they can do these things even if it hurts the feelings of another group ! Feelings are not protected in the constitution !

  • Alex has put together a 'Top Notch' Group of Brilliant, Professional, Well Educated, HONEST News Consultants. Such a Truly Refreshing ReCharge from the MSM Bul***s**it Artists.


  • again accusing a president of having "mental problems." Everybody has "mental problems." Lincoln was melancholic, and found himself in situation he didn't expect to play out the way it did. He was stuck. Narcisism? Lincoln? Like everyone in a lonely position, he had no choice but to look inward for strength. Actually I'm not even a Lincoln fan, I just can't stand Pieczenik's psychoanalysis. Phoney and politically driven. He is right about there being no civil war though. Soros is as delusional as he is rich. He thinks he can force violence from this huge country and he can't. The vast majority of people are too inert. Law suits are better weapons than tanks or guns.

  • Oh my gosh. President Trump is just the most amazing man to ever hold the office of president. He just destroyed the Very Fake News media in this press conference.

  • trump ,alex jones/watson/mike cernovick;;;;stone………….millie,,,,,,,,BAND THEM ALL,,,,,, FROM U TUBE ,,GOOGLE..CNN ,MSNBC ,FOX NEWS,,,,,,,ECT…………..I AM CANADIAN,,,,,,,,,,,,,BANNED FAKE MEDIA ,,,,,THANK GOD FOR TRUMP, LOL,,,,,, LOVE INFOWARS,,

  • ALEX JONES TKS ,,,,,,,,,,,,SLOGAN———- TRUMP,,,MAKE AMERIACA GREAT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,INFO WARS SLOGANS;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;WE ARE FOR U…………………..

  • Check out Elaine Chow. She is at the very least a liar. Who, as it has shown, has no problem with her 100% Asian looking little girls, being oodled, and ogled by Biden. She just looked on a little too fondly. The girls however, looked like they could have climbed under a rock!

  • trump never named names either. Trump is too soft. Sessions is a looser. NO one is planning a march on the whitehouse and demand sessions be gone. IS trump against our REPUBLIC GOVT. we are loosing that. I just learned from field mcconell that democrate is not as good as a republic govt that was given to us when they made our rights. Please someone who understands this speak to it. Field always said that trump was put in for a short time and he will leave. HE says, general, mccarther, kelly, ailes and dunford runs the govt not trump. I hope dr P sees this and will make a video or come on here and speak to this. I thought the generals were bad news. ALSO sessions, DR P what does he know about his NON comply AG. 3 weeks and NOT ONE head arrested. PEDO"S we heard were in our govt. 1/3 of govt.. while they are out on vacation. why are they not arrested. GETTING to the p oint there is no use to even turn on pc. NOTHING changes but marches to GOOGLE which is least of the problems. What about the kids in cages, sessions and trump not firing most of the people around him. MAYBE trump is in for a short time and MABYE trump is good and wants the generals left in to save the republic.

  • why is the police chief who said stand down not in jail. THIS crap must be stopped. THEY took an oath to protect the public. The mayor or govenor must have given that order. Why are wel allowing our police to stand and watch ppl get hurt. THIS gives a sign to the youth. Tear the town apart in the name of politics, you get away, A normal JOE gets the book thrown at him. Look at the sherriff. HE refused to open borders after trump said so. Someone got him arrested and now we hope trump pardons him. SOMEONE finally told TRUMP what was going ON in his COUNRTY

  • said the same as DR P. these loosers dont have a clue to what hitler was and did. Just another gang to join and get paid by soros. Same as the KKK. that is long gone. DR p said the FBI cleaned them out so you get these looser young men marching around with the white cape. WHY does NO ONE TELL THESE KIDS they are making fools of themselves. SOROS,, no one going to get hi.? how about the ppl below him and down the line that give out the money. IF you cant start at the top then go up the SNake.

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