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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • Did anyone notice that headline from the New Yorker? The alt right vs the "alt left". What is THAT supposed to imply with guotes only on alt left??

  • Mark Dice did a great video showing Trump disavowing the KKK etc. going back 17 years, all while the racists on CNN & MSMBC say over & over that he NEVER disavowed it.
    Anthony is totally right. I'm 62 years old & grew up in Michigan. In a town outside Detroit & Pontiac, my town was mostly white. NEVER, even during the riots did I ever see the clan or rampant racism. EVER.

  • The complete government in Virginia are total Clinton cabal puppets. Governor, Mayor & police chief all Demoncrats. They set this up. Make no mistake, Charlottesville was a false flag to ramp up the violence between the extremes. But we all get caught in the middle & that's exactly what the plan is.

  • New York needs to remove the EPITOME of hate, Deblasio. This destruction of America is exactly what the NWO wants. This is why Political correctness must be banned & antifa & BLM needs to be disbanded, & ANYONE taking money from Nazi Soros needs to be throw in jail for sedition & treason.

  • If you have adopted the legal identity as a person, a son of a country, then you live in a government cult. It is just that simple folks. Only if you claim to be the "person of Country", the fictional legal identity as the son of the country created by the birth certificate, can you be ruled over by Cesar. You are the author of your own conviction as it turns out. The registered and regulated and licensed "citizen" created by the birth certificate, a graven image, is called "the person" which means "a mask worn by an actor, YOU, on stage, THE COUNTRY STAGE", with the "acts" that you follow as the actor or citizen. No Freemasonic court has any jurisdiction over a man because a man is the exclusive "property" of GOD. The Freemasonic court can only rule over that which it created, the person, the fictional being created by a piece of paper.

  • Maybe just bring in more Muslims? They still practice the slave trade this very day and it has been part of Islam since Muhammad thought it up. So tear down the old slavers monuments and put up Islamic slaver monuments. That would probably be just fine to these mental midgets.

  • It is LONG OVERDUE that we all "out" the Lutherans and Catholics that are operating human trafficking rings and systems, and are PROFITING WILDLY!.. in doing so!! They are working directly through the U.N…. which is NOT a government structure!! TELL THE WORLD!!

  • Sounds like the rotten American press have got a very very serious problem working out truth, and reality; their bosses must think that the people of America!!! are as stupid as they and their news reporters are. Well Anthony! I'll just take tranquilizer !! and shut my mind off from these imbeciles, good night Anthony, and every one else that's sane in America.

  • I left the Republican party this week over the GOP establishment endorsement of the violence of ANTIFA terrorists. I want no association with such people. President Trump told the truth. There WERE two sides – those supporting the statue and those wanting it taken down. There were good people on both those sides. Interspersed with them were a handful of people dressed as Nazis, and a crowd of ANTIFA terrorists who for over a year have been terrorizing people on college campuses for merely disagreeing with them. The GOP beltway hacks have been more concerned with politically correct virtue-signalling than the truth. They have also demonstrated a callous disregard for the 1st Amendment. I'm glad to be done with them.

  • Anthony, love when you host the InfoWars. Your words ring so true, yet only people that WANT to hear your truths, will! As long as there are these elitist funding these violent groups, it is questionable that it will ever end. I'm sure much of it is misdirection, or deceiption away from other bullshit that is happening here in our country or globally. It's pretty sorrowful that just about every week there is another event that MSM can never get right! I hope that Pres. Trump goes on the offensive and starts doing what he can do about all this negativity that is being shoveled his way……It's truly a disgrace!!!!

  • The leftie liberal democratic party, the republican neocon rhino's, and the MSM not calling out the domestic terrorist group Antifa and BLM should be a wake-up call for everyone.

  • Anthony you're hilarious! I know right? ANTIFA dressed up in ISIS pajamas waving the Communist flag! You can't make this crap up! And salivating CNN Cooper & Lemon screaming NAZIS have invaded U.S.!! Yet a REAL NAZI sympathizer George SOROS funds them & laughs at what useful idiots he pays! AND these people are white! BLM screamingly kill all white people at the same time! Does this mean Lemon is going to eliminate Cooper? MORONS!

  • Where ever a statue is removed, it should be replaced with a statue of TRUMP, or perhaps ALEX JONES…Yea baby!! Perhaps I will put one in my front yard…Will have many morons at my house I am sure making trouble..

  • President Trump is a true patriot to We the People! There are communists in both parties trying to bring down this country but will fail miserably! If they happen to remove our president for anything there will be a civil war.

  • By tomorrow morning your Fath will be stronger by not letting them win by getting to your mind think your own thalts your own soul your own mind body give up to Jesus Christ and Christianity will set you all free .of mind love thaults wellness heart dam it's that easy don't them don't listing to them as soon as u let them get into your head they win the devil be you own keeper of your soul give it to Jesus Christ and Christianity and I promise you you be free for once and for ever God bless America and you I'll pray for them souls that are lost come home come back to what in your heart that you know to be true be free open minded loved and one with thee one Jesus Christ and we all say Amen

  • Each one reach one soul to be free God what a great feeling to say I'm free from the left the devil the evilness in Jesus Christ Holy Name Amen

  • Anthony, you're so real, sincere, truthful, honest, outspoken, smart, wise, humorous, and charismatic that I feel like I'm in another country where I have rights to speak my thoughts freely without being punished by anyone.  The horrible Charlotteville's event was clearly very much wanted and paid (and staged) by the dark-evil-minded rich individuals who are deep in their crimes and blood; therefore, they need vitally to create chaos to take away the attention from investigating them on their unseen-and-unheard-of-yet crimes.  As to many ignorant people who participated in the riot because of the fact of ignoring the world history that repeats, they will be smashed as it happened times and again in many pro-left countries.

  • Democrats and the establishment RINOs have moved far beyond the best interests of this country. Their personal gain and agenda are all that matters, and Trump is all that stands in their way.

  • I thoroughly enjoy listening to Anthony Cumio! The way he presents news is like the old Jay Leno's Tonight Show on steroids.

  • when the SHTF and very soon, the elites will have no where to hide, their own body guards will turn on them. The Patriots will finish up unless bio/nukes are used then all DIE. Including the cabal/elites….

  • Why didn't the police surround, detain, and arrest these vandals-in-progress? Can we now slap Coexist stickers on our cars and vandalize the local town hall in the middle of the day, then just go home?

  • i know the world is ending when i find myself agreeing with anthony cumia…but seriously things are getting extremely scary out there…godaddy & google refusing to even HOST sites they declare 'white nationalist' while mozilla says they will not allow users to view 'fake news' in their BROWSERS? so we are plunging into levels of censorship that china could only dream about. have to suspect that this manufactured rise in 'white hate groups' is deliberately geared toward making the public accept this new law criminalizing criticism of israel – we have to do away with free speech, because a couple hundred guys in trailer parks have a nazi fetish…give me a break. vote these craven corrupt idiots out in the 2018 midterms. we need a whole new congress. these swamp creatures are against the interests of the american people.

  • Globalism is greed. They want it all. They want to control everything and everyone, and America, a free America, is their main and last obstacle. We have to stand tall in the face of their relentless attack.

  • I didn't vote for trump (or anyone for that matter) but the craziness of the left is pushing me in the other direction. Are they trying to start some kind of a race war? Its actually scary.

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