Ron Gibson

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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • Owen, I can't even watch these anti American lefty retards. I cancelled cable a long time ago. I want to bitch slap every single one of these lying morons. You better watch your blood pressure. 🙂

  • Goal is ignore the left propaganda media and focus on removal of deep state, the fake media will fall in due course….

  • Listening to ALL these SLANDERING & LYING FOOLS from CNN & MSNC make my blood BOIL with RAGE!!! TRUMP NEEDS to SUE THEM ALL!!

  • The anti-Trumper's in the media are acting like upper management in a company does when they want to oust someone…they continually poke at you and mess with you and offer no support or cooperation,..all while making it increasingly impossible to perform your job by adding more and more impediments, hoping for a major mistake, meltdown or your resignation…when it happened to me I gave them what they wanted, I resigned…. happily….Our President Trump continues to keep his cool amidst all the hate and ill-will thrown his way, it must be extremely challenging to do so, and it must be really painful to know that so many are wishing for him to fail…How lonely he must be at times.

  • I eventually began to just fast forward through most of the 4th hour. It really was painful. I know this. Needs to be put out for those that need the info to see what's really going on. But ohhhh so painful…

    Thank God I was not At home watching this… I would have found mysekf out looking for a new TV because I would Have tossed a brick at the tv screen…

  • You sure make Me wonder infowars sure seems like your trying pump up the right side. As long as we keep  the peace the basturds lose. Wow they sure want us to fight wont happen ! Nuclear weapons don't exist I call them LIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION !!!!

  • How many of these stinking niqqer groups are financed by blacks? How can these retarded blacks claim they are fighting for equality when groups like antifa and blm are financed by whites.

  • I don't know if I would call Heather Heyer a fool but she was certainly brainwashed.  Some of these people don't know any better and it's hard for them to come into contact with real people.

  • The Nazis are the ones working for George Soros. George Soros is a national security threat. Pull the FCC license for all the traitorous foreign-owned media that is hostile to the state and the will of the people. Arrest them for trying to start an insurrection

  • It's all about the race card with these stupid liberals. If we could get away from the stupidity we could go after the pedophiles and the elite globalist communist Marxists.

  • Anna Navarro is scum. ANTIFA and blm are Soros funded terrorists . We will beat these people if it takes 3 generations.

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