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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • ⚡️ From start to finish. From warrantless "wellness" raid, to 2-hour stand-off, to 17-month delay in filing a bogus charge by state atty. Larizza under the wrong subsection, to court, to being jailed for contempt by a judge ("judge" Belle Schumann) who objects to being referred to as a public servant. HERE'S HOW IT'S DONE IN VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA

  • The self righteous Christian at 2:46 makes me absolutely sick. I am EMBARRASSED to call myself a Christian knowing that assholes like this guy are out there.
    Rodney Howard Browne is thus far the ONLY Christian pastor who has stood up against the NWO outside of Baker and Parsley. This self righteous judgmental asshole on the phone just…. enough said i'm pissed.

  • I don't expect anyone to listen but I warned people in 2009: Both parties are totally corrupt and were behind the Mortgage Fraud Scandal of 2003 through 2008 ( a worldwide scandal during the same time period). If the United States, with the exception of the corrupt people, was not asleep we should have disbanded both parties and prosecuted a whole lot of Senators and Congressman. I dare say every one of them was guilty to some degree or another. For example, you are a Congressman and you know a massive fraud is being perpetrated on the United States – you say nothing, absolutely nothing. Are you guilty? Yes,big time. You've totally violated your fiduciary duty to your constituents let alone your country. There you go. And the two parties' buddies in Wall Street made out like bandits from this scheme.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about you were asleep when the scheme was exposed on 60 minutes and you are asleep now. If things are as bad as they seem, then you are only seeing the tip of the ice berg. And this is just the financial aspect of the two parties fraud.

    Underlying all that is millions of abortions (murder for the most part) and blatant pornography which the courts (as a joke) call free speech. Bull shit. We are reaping as a nation what we have ALLOWED to be sewn. And if things are as bad as they seem, this is just the very beginning of far worse things to come because nearly all of the countries are run by pedophiles and satanists or luciferians.

    Under Trump's leadership, thousands of pedos have been arrested and thousands of more of them will be. If Trump stays in office. This last part is more important than the first part because if the pedos, child sacrificers are in control, no WONDER why they want to get rid of Trump. He is a threat to their existence and a huge beacon of light to those of us that have a clue what is going on – just what's been revealed primarily through Alex Jones as well as other people in the media (not the ALT-LEFT MEDIA -cnn, msnbc, etc.)

  • Has anybody seen a video of the neo Nazi ANTIFA getting arrested in va kinda weired skilled driver no video of driver getting arrested no cell video dash cam body cam

  • "the new fascist will call themselves the antifascist's" ………..

    Winston Churchill……… how did he know? History was rhyming to Winston I think

  • Ivanka is a traitor, now I don't respect Donald Trump, and Roger Stone. America must not support traitors. We must remain true to our constitution and our rights. We must not sell America. Fight for America, is worth it.

  • If Alex had any sense then he'd fire Owen. I can't listen to that little weasel. I find it hilarious that Alex tries to promote real men and then we see Owen on his network. I'm not saying that a skinny guy is automatically weak, I'm saying that Owen is a snot nosed little shit. He's the wimpy kid who latches on to the school bully. He's the bottom of he ladder and I cannot understand why Alex employs him.

    I think Owen wants to be Alex, but Owen doesn't have the charisma that Alex does.

    Please Alex. Owen is a weak little squirt and I'm not alone when I say that I cannot listen to his whiney little voice. He's trying to replace you by emulating what you do. Unfortunately he' has no power behind his soul, he's a little weasel and it's fucking annoying to see him having so much air time. David Knight and Milly are so muc better.

  • Alex always claims to be this tough bad ass who doesn't take shit from no one. Yet every time someone gets in his face and chest bumps him or throws coffee in his face he backs down like a little girl, lmfao.

  • Good news, celebrities are starting to confess Jesus Christ is Lord, smokey Robinson study ing God's word inside his mansion, on Wednesdays.

  • "Economic war on China is everything" Says Steve Bannon. Then, only 48 hours later he is out in the cold. Riddle me that, AJ.

  • Ladies & Gentlemen, it's hard to believe but it's already Friday and Trump just kicked another one of his own out.

  • The guy who threw the coffee gave himself away by his actions. A coward who ran after he tried to cause harm to Alex. Did you see him flinch ? Pratt !!!!

  • And Alex didn't kick the coffee thermos from the guys hands after being verbally warned it was about to be doused on him because….why? What would have happened LEGALLY to Alex? Would both go to jail or just the batterer? Legal minds, please help out here.


    How the hell can people believe Politifact after their explanation of that?

    Obamacare is a Fckn Disaster for US Western World.
    repeal that dman thing so that it can be the health care in the 90's again where if you really needed help no questions asked…. this publicity where "everyone has multi trillion healthcare now provided" publicity advertised is ruining hard workers.

  • Bye Bye Bannon – Bye bye America : The West is Dead, Bye Bye Age of Enlightenment – Hello Dark Ages 2.

  • He threatened to hit him with his thermos. I'm surprised he didn't threaten to hit him with his purse. I'm just wondering, where was Q? Alex is much to valuable a man, to be going out to these loony bin "Demonocrat" shit holes, without protection. Why he would even want to be in such a Satanic place is beyond me. Stay safe Alex, we and the world need you.

  • Gerald Celente brilliant on current politics, the Markets and history…. 'TRENDS' that would be, and has a highly entertaining style stating his views.

  • I seriously would have twisted his head! special forces guys will know where I'm coming from! Absolute disgrace that that DWARF got away with that attack!

  • Gerald Calente!!!! Muy Caliente Mr. Calente. Eh? You are On Fire mister. Ey ey… I'm gonna literally Piss in My Pants Tonight sir. Wow.

  • why wasnt that asshole followed down the sidewalk and why didnt you call 911 and have him arrested for assault?

  • That coffee guy looked familiar. I'm sure I've seen his face before at some rally or other on the news. Or do all these goblins look alike?

  • I think these people who go out of their way to curse or assault you, are paid trolls who make a point of being where Alex is. Lots of people disagree, but v. few will attack, even verbally. It's all so contrived. But I also think this pro-Islam schtick is just a schtick. Not real. Just their latest weapon, and the weirdest yet. It's one of those weapons that will take over their weilders.

  • Hey Arnold you moron – that's what Trump has been doing heaps, not just in the last week but for the last 30 years – hey all you leftie hypocritical commies – answer this one question – how many times was Trump accused of being a racist before he ran for President ? The answer will tell you all you need to know about this MSM BS.

  • At 1:28:50 Celente speaks on immigration. The lower classes are being squeezed out by competition of the illegals, so if u like illegals, then open up YOUR DOORS AND HOMES AND FRIDGE. Don't expect middle america to foot the BILL
    Go Celente!

  • Alex you have to step back and really give thanks to God (for His Protection) because these people are so far beyond reaching. They really are sick and find it sickening Hildabest is behind all this violence and her and Soros pay these sick zombies to carry out this madness and violence. Protect yourself because you never know when one will try to kill you because you are a huge threat to the left!!!

  • That guy who threw coffee on Alex reminds me of the (snake). May he crawl on his belly through all his days for being such a coward and scum he really is. The left are showing how pathetic they are. They have no idea of freedom or rights or laws,constitution etc. It is like their brain has been labotomized!

  • I hope coffee guy gets taught a lesson. I would have hit him 20 times and changed the way he looked. He would have woken up in a month talkin like Freddie Roach lookin like Stephen Hawkins. Hot coffee can forever scar your face. Are there any non beta males in that Hillary Hell Hole!!!!!!

  • None of this leftist stuff sticks to Trump– he knows exactly what they are and what they are capable of! God Bless and Prayers to President Trump and Alex Jones

  • Throw coffee on me shame on you. I do NOTHING IN return shame shame shame on me. That guy should be eating through a draw for 4 months. Alex have you been drinking atrazine??? Super Beta male vitality..

  • Exactly Owen is right-. They are burning their party down and more people are realizing that they don't want to be associated with this violence.

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