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“Alex Jones” “commercial free”


  • President Trump when he was elected and inaugurated was compelled to make personal sacrifices including his family, in order to defend and promote the well being of all Amercians, regardless of their political persuasion but those who have revealed themselves to be true enemies of his Presidency and the Republic cannot be tolerated any longer.

  • First off, Alex should get in touch with Rogen and straighten that defamatory bullshit up, and have Rogen point out the deception, and that Alex is not guilty of that falsehood, on his show.
    Secondly, President Trump needs to get the CIA and FBI and whoever else, to arrest Mudd for conspiracy, sedition, and treason. Then Trump needs to fire McMaster, Kelly and Mueller immediately. Get McMaster and Kelly out of the way, and Mueller… why hasn't he gotten rid of that guy??? He must see that they are his enemies, right? WTF???

  • We need to go after these fake news talking heads and sue them personally for lying to and misleading the public against our President.

  • The Kennedy curse has claimed many a family member of mine and has spared others, I've lost children to it before they were born and one as an adult

  • Thanks, Ron.There are so many questions to answer in life .
    * If you replace "W" with "T" in "What, Where and When", you get the answer to each of them…..Anthony …You say it like it is, you should host more often!

  • Soros 💰 is behind it all… Of course they are a force to be taken seriously… This prick has taken down many other countries before this one… And Canada is the pilot project

  • You hit the head on the nail Anthony .How can Not people understand this?
    If stupidity is a virtue, some are making a science out of it !..and ,* Do twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned?

  • the econemy please alex nothing has changed your just rich so ofcourse all is good lol you have lost that blue collar love you used to have but your trying thats more than most man

  • They're trying to remove the Confederate statue in Travis Park here in downtown San Antonio, Tx. A small handful of people ( 20) want it moved to where??? The 2 churches and a great hotel and the countless homeless souls that sleep on the benches in it's shodow, hadn't made a peep about it!! Worry about the plight of the homeless not a memorial of dead soldiers that has been standing, in this park for 128 yrs!! Get your priorities straight!

  • What about the Awans The Spy ring in congress Debbie wassermans brother is the prosecutor attorney HOW does that happen Medusa NOODLES Wasserman Shultz hired the spies HOW DOES HITLER PRESIDE OVER Nurenburg HOW? this is NOT JUSTICE love to our president Donald John Trump Drain the Swamp

  • John Brown the seditionist and his gang pillaged, looted and burned towns in the Southern states in the name of humanity. Eventually, Brown took Harper's Ferry a U.S.A. arsenal and was defeated by famous graduates of West Point including the heroic George Custer. These heroes were later at odds with one another as generals in the very un-Civil War of secession. Soros + Antifa = John Brown.

  • It is all GASLIGHTING. It is about creating TOTAL CONFUSION, so that people look to those causing the confusion for some semblance of normality and sanity. They want to break us down and wear us out, so that we throw our hands up with a completely broken will and say, "Okay, I don't know what reality is anymore, please tell me what reality is!" That is when they know they HAVE you. These people are PURE EVIL, and President Trump did the right thing by GOING FOR THE JUGULAR when attacked by that 'pack' of screaming wolves, or as they like to be known, journalists. You CANNOT allow these bastards to back you into a corner; just keep calling them out as the liars and the traitors that they are. The deep state globalists working with the media want to CONTROL REALITY, and want us TOTALLY DEPENDENT on them for our 'truth'. Well, we ain't falling for it anymore!!! They want CHOAS, CONFUSION for one reason and one reason only – TOTAL CONTROL. We have to play them at their own game, and turn their own gaslighting techniques against them. They THINK they are so smart no one can defeat them, but with God on our side, Who knows ALL of their tricks, we are always one step ahead. Even when it looks like we're losing we're WINNING!! With God on our side we CANNOT lose!!!!

  • Ford supplied Hitler with truck motors, Siemens sold him the poison gas, Bush and other American bankers supplied Hitler with money. The list goes on . General Smedley Butler prevented Nazis from an attempted takeover of America during WW2 . Nazis are goons for the ""rich"". Divide and conquer. From chaos comes order.

  • WOW. Awesome words of encouragement from both pastors, and I am so thankful to Alex for giving them a platform to speak what they believe God is showing them. God will truly bless him for doing so. I believe God is going to 'throw a spanner in the works' of the globalists, and President Trump is NOT going to be taken down; but like Pastor Howard-Browne said, the trap they have laid for him, they themselves will fall into. Lesson number one for the globalists: DON'T MESS WITH GOD'S KIDS!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am no churchy Joe but I do see a biblical battle between good and evil. I truly want to believe pastor Howard-Brown.

  • I am so tired about hearing the lie that Hillary won the popular vote. I heard it on NPR yesterday. Cheating is not winning.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Seinfeld himself was leading the protests to make whites and trump look bad. He sucked obamas dick for 8 years.

  • Anyone notice that this so called pastor.. Said that he hunter & has killed an ELEPHANT ?????????????????/ False prophet right there.. Fake like ALEX jones

  • As Lionel says the American people have the memory of a gnat. They can't put together it is impossible for Trump after 70 years to decide to become a Nazi.

  • My God! How can a GA judge be suspended for the comparison to ISIS? Judges can get away with almost anything without censure? We have already lost all free speech.

  • Wait a minute! I'm not saying Jewish people would get swastika tattoo's but somebody should tell Rogan teenage Jewish girls have tats these days!

  • It needs to be said that Barack Obama was President for 8 years and those Civil War statues were not removed. Why is it that these statues are at issue now after they were not offensive even a year and a half ago. I wouldn't remove anything for ANTIFA and/or BLM as a cursory response.

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