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“Stefan Molyneux”


  • NO Ivanka there should be a place set up over there and not bring them into our Country.I think Ivanka should not be working against her Dad.We the people didn't vote for you Ivanka or your husband.

  • Exactly, resettle these people in their our origins! Makes no sense to bring them over here unless of course you are the elite globalists issuing in this catastrophe!

  • The left have lost it! They lost and still they are in denial. They refuse to realize reality and they think because they protest and refuse to accept facts that Trump is President that they have grounds to be radical! About time they need to be arrested when they act out aggressively and are corrupt.

  • wow,that many people talk about Alex? sounds like they are crapping their pants with fear. what an agenda…

  • We are definitely living in two parallel worlds. Even in society where you really never know what truth people follow. I am so weary fighting to wake people up but then I realize how important it is because there is too much to lose.

  • The left and right neoconservative have lied and spread so much propganda that the have lost all credible journalism respect!

  • God Bless Alex Jones and InfoWars. Always great to listen to Stone bring us up to date info on Trump and current issues.

  • I'm totally behind Trump. But except for Roger Stone the talking heads on this site are extremely lightweight and amateurish.
    Including Alex Jones, who definitely has serious emotional issues.

  • At 44:24, PJW states Trump is impressionable by his daughter Ivana's globalist friendship to Merkel et al. I say, with God's help, Trump shall rule righteously and if need be, alone, without Ivanka, who it seems, is influencing him for the Left.

  • Far worse than "Naturalized" illegal aliens is The Normalization of TREASON which only naturally manifests evil !!!

  • Ivanka Trump is so so misinformed. She must listen to a lot of Fake News or the elements who direct it.
    Maybe she should read more books and end the princess act.

  • Global humanitarian crisis after crisis. The UN, the world bank and the NGOs are bleeding the world to makes themselves rich. They taking resources from the west. We see millions go to countries that give nothing back. Africa screams constantly about European colonialism, then these same racists race to the west and demand everything, including thier own areas.

  • Afghanistan's poppy fields is big business. If there is a surge then Trump is supporting the members if the CIA who benefit from this drug money and to interrupt China's pulling the country's minerals out of this Muslim country. I think we should prepare for more wars and watching the independent media being gagged. Money won't fix this problem. Pray

  • Haven't watched Alex in almost 2 years because his early opinions on Trump, and him originally backing Trump, I want to believe you aren't corrupted yet Alex. You came very far in these last 10 years.

  • Our tax dollars prepare safety(stocked fall out shelter)for leechey politicians while we(common people)have very little. I prep but many preps are cost prohibitive. At least years ago schools, public buildings had fallout shelters, water, & food. I feel like we are in the water while the ships officers are in the lifeboat. Right after the "Indianapolis" just sank.

  • Tell Mike Cernovich; Chritian Bales' Armenia friends live in GLENDALE California. They have completely taken over that city which BTW; has the highest insurance fraud of ANY city in the US! An Armenia lady in a parking lot rear ended me, told me she was so sorry, then lied to the insurance company. They ruled in her favor. They are all in on it. This culture is taught to lie, cheat and steal any way they can. At Xmas time they reverse the address on their cards, purposely don't stamp their cards and so the post office returns the card to sender which is the person they want to send the card to. They commit post office fraud as well. A friend of mine went to an Armenian Lawyer to refinance his house. The deal wasn't right. When he refused to sign the loan docs, the lawyer forged his signature. He is now suing the lawyer! So sick and tired of people from this type culture!!! Stay away from our country!!!

  • The reporter mentioned letting in refugees from Syria. Ivanka said "That needs to be PART OF THE DISCUSSION." She didn't say we need to let them in. Paul Joseph turns that into "Ivanka says we need to let in Syrians, reversing her father's idea." No, Paul, she said we have a crisis and that needs to be part of the discussion. She did not say we need to let them in. Sounds to me like she was just placating the journalist.


  • When MSM, Hollywood and so-called celebrities attack someone in such a coordinated effort, you can be sure that individual has a lot of influence. In fact, a lot of the attackers are only trying to make themselves seem relevant. Much like they up-load selfies on face book. It's a perverted form of adulation. The problem with that is the focus is on the "influencer" rather than the critical mass who's opinion they reflect. They forget their social role is also to represent the people. Why else should there be a tax-payer subsidized media? The entertainment world merely wants to sound like they are socially aware, when in fact, "celebrity" is part of an alternative matrix in which the "great un-washed " simply provide the energy in the form of money to sustain their universe.

  • Come on guys, Stefan Molyneux is a complete lightweight. An utter narcissist with absolutely nothing original to contribute. Stop giving him air time.

  • That's how these deuce bag hollywood libtards DO TYPICAL AMERICANS… ALEX IS OLD SCHOOL FOR THOSE IN THE KNOW…

  • Lol jew puppet boy jones is still at it. What a tool loser you are, you piece of dirt traitor to the truth/freedom movement.

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