• Isnt this getting a bit insane? Soros telephone rooms! Everytime I see ur little baby I get worried about your well being. Yeah,now if you are not on fb,ur a suspect,if u say something not in the correct mode,ur a suspect,too many "friends" ur suspect,not enough ,ur a loner,suspect. You tube channel… Mention guns .. Strike one, hold up a bloody Trump head,ur a hero of left,..mention Goldman Sachs negatively.. Strike 2….. Not enough vids… Poverty. By the way ,You seem more like ADHD !

  • The mother of heather heyer changed her mind about trump after being brainwashed by media and LIES, and said NOW SAYS she saw trumps news conference and he blamed her daughter! And abc news robin roberts did not correct her!

  • All the left and news media outlets should Denounce killing of our rightfully elected president. All of congress members should too.This is treason by other elected officials and extremely disturbing that it's okay to talk about it just like the old democratic KKK members!

  • why have this rally to take pictures of peoples face when you can get everyone names using the NSA ? It's not like you can actually hide your idenity online anymore. furthermore what is ever the point? Do they really see the alt right as that big of a threat? Idk seems a bit to much for a political group that is a drop in the ocean. And as You said normal people wont buy into it so again why do they feel threaten?

    don't get me wrong I am,open to what it is you are saying but it isnt clear enough for me

  • If I were a full fledged Nasi. I would immediately declare full alignment w the alt left as the destruction of the USA is a shared goal!

  • I always said Trump was the Best Man for the Presidency then any person running!!
    What kid would pay their father back after his Father lent him that million? Most kids especially now a days WOULD NOT pay their parent back even a hundred DOLLARS back!!!
    TRUMPS FATHER WORKED VERY HARD TO GET TO THAT LEVEL OF WEALTH. SO TRUMP WAS BLESSED HIS DAD HAD THAT MONEY TO LEND HIM. MOST PEOPLE ARE JEALOUS THAT HE GOT THE MONEY TO START HIS BUSINESS. THATS THE TRUTH OF WHY HE GETS HATE, Ok next Trump doesn't Drink, Smoke, or do drugs. What wealthy kid of famous people not do those things? He has his children involved in everything, he took care of his ex wives. He could just have girlfriends, Trump commits, He married his wives, He wanted his children to be legitimate. I know Divorce is a sin, but Our culture made Divorce a cool thing, a easy thing. That's the sin. I knew Trump would win, I had faith because he was the only person that loves our country, loves every walk of life, Also, The powers that be hate him. That told me He was the right one at this time in history. He is our Wonderful President! God Bless The Trump Family, American people, God Bless America

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