• 1. The caller says a different approach may be more effective at persuading people.
    2. Stef proceeds to criticize the caller and challenge his statements.
    3. Resulting video has over 1,000 more dislikes to likes.
    4. Therefore, the caller may have a point.

  • 15:15 you tell him youve been insulted various of times without proof. Well, according to you his proof didnt matter since he wasnt aloud to show you a quote by you strengthening his point

  • If pewdiepie made a video about treating people with respect, his voice would be more valued than yours, only because he gets more views? thats not how this works, thats not how any of this works

  • I've dealt with many people like Fritz in my life and they are so annoying, acting like they have the high moral ground while at the same time doing the exact thing they persecute. Do they even listen to themselves speaking?

  • couldn't he have meant that he has better luck convincing people the way he said rather than arguing with people like Stef does.

  • Stef, you weren't working in philosophy for 35 years. Your philosophical career ended the moment you published that godawful thesis of yours.

  • I am not sure where all this Stef hate is coming from, well other than joke threads on /pol/. Fritz was using so many weasel words and he had no real augment.

  • You don't advocate violence but you used aggression without appropriate measure. Attacking a fly with a nuke isn't as productive as you think.

  • These negative comments sound like they come from men that were raised by single mothers. Life is better for men since we have grown up with a father that intervened with logic, insight, and rationale. If you did not have a father in your life growing up, my words, and Molineux's words will seem foreign to you. Women grow up, and then enter adulthood having never been corrected, now imagine that with young boys becoming adults having never been corrected by a paternal figure. Oh wait, that is precisely what we have been experiencing the past 25 years in this western culture of feminized men. Hey fellas, fellas you are out of your depth, and I am afraid that you may never understand.

  • If you can see the perfect world you want to live in, and you can see the world as it currently is – then all that remains is to find the path from point A to point B.
    Sounds simple right?

  • Shame on you molyneux. You were nothing but antagonist and prideful during this discussion. And you stop him at such arbitrary times, you go off on tangents everytime you have a small semantic issue with his phraseology. Watch yourself in this debate: you are trying to WIN not have an honest discussion. Rather than a "consider doing this, when talking to people" discussion, you turned it into "he thinks he's better than me? Blasphemy!!!"

  • I'm confused, is he trying to prove this guy right by being the perfect example of what he's talking about.

    This seams so out of character for Stefan I assumed he was acting like this on purpose to prove the point that it IS much better to stay calm but all the comments here are acting like he's being serious so I'm so confused.

    Has Stefan clarified this conversation later on? Has he ever discussed this?

  • Im curious if a lot of these comments are trolls, but I did not feel Stefans ego nor hostility. He made very valid points, which were met with inadequate personal experience, that quite literally had no proof. The further the conversation got, the more obvious it was how non-confrontational Fritz was trying to be, yet not doing such a good job with it, as instead he turned towards very passive aggresive insulting comments. Which in turn, disproves Fritz' argument of staying respectful or objective, although I dont think he himself may realize how disrespectful he had become.
    Ive also seen many excuses … his age, nervousness, stefans approach. They are all just excuses, this could have been a genuine conversation, potentially a good point (as stefan stated multiple times), just not the right person capable of this conversation.
    I dont think this had anything to do with Stefan having an ego, he just stated his experience. Maybe a better way of asking the question, if this topic was of concern to people, could be "hey stefan, i find a lot of my colleagues are not capable of watching your videos, as they feel insulted by you. Have you found, in your experience, that anger is a successful way to approach newcomers to your arguments/reasoning, and what suggestions would you have for someone not in the position to become confrontational?" My point being – dont approach someone with 30 years of experience, with a question worded as inarguably correct, when you dont have the evidence to support it, because THAT is ego.

    My husband and I found this video very helpful, thank you Stefan for continuing to provide us this value, and thank you for this fight.

  • Apparently, Stefan lacks even the modicum of self-awareness required to realize that he proved the caller's point for him. This is a pattern with Stefan. He always picks some layman to bully, having entirely discounted the opposing viewpoint before the caller even opens his mouth, because he feels he is intellectually superior. In this case, he immediately took the question as a personal affront, and proceeded to demean and mock in a painfully immature manner. I don't believe there was a single moment during these 45 minutes that Stefan objectively entertained the caller's argument.

    This video is proof positive that Stefan is a malignant narcissist. Can there be meaningful philosphical debate without empathy and patience? I don't believe so. Thus I would advise people to take everything this man says with a giant grain of salt.

  • stefan, can you go back to being a chill stay at home dad that helps people with their problems and stop trying to appeal to the crazy right wing nuts in america(lucrative as it is to your pocket book)

  • This video is quite profound. I actually changed my mind 180 at the end. Initially I thought Stefan was a douche (and let's be fair, he was), but in the end he explains his reasoning behind that decision (being a douche) and it kinda makes sense to me. I guess some people couldn't handle this vid until the end xD And those who did and still sided with the boy because of his victim status – yeah, they're part of the reason the left is winning. And indeed, philosophy and truth is not a democracy. Because the majority feels sympathetic to the guy who was nice and took a beating doesn't make that guy correct. Obviously this has implications for persuasion, but I'd say the soft kind persuades soft people. And soft people are kinda useless in a fight. Soft people bend with the wind. They don't make a difference. While passionate (even if rude) persuasion persuades passionate people, and with those people as allies things can be achieved. But I still don't have a conclusive opinion on this dilemma. I'll keep observing for new evidence 🙂

  • 36 minutes in. Molyneux debate this guy in his language and see if you are, "cut out for this[debate]".

  • Wow Stef I can hardly believe I used to respect you. I can hardly believe I used to give you money. You're such a fucking prick it's unbelievable. This guy is here giving you honest advice and all you can do is make bullshit weak ass arguments like "but I have more experience therefore I must know better than you" or "why aren't you lecturing the left?"

    You are so triggered. Bitch.

  • So many of the people in the comments completely missed Stefan's point. I don't believe he took any of what Fritz said personally. He was making the point that Fritz was inconsistant immediately and then was ad hominem'ing all over the place, and also being a huge hypocrite, and couldn't see it at all. I've read so many comments about Stefan's "ego" … what? There was no ego there at all.

  • Thanks for all that you share Stefan. You stated that you desired to establish the facts. You entered into the conversation by setting a confrontational tone. Shoulda listened to this guy instead of being a shit. You act like you are to good to extend courtesy. I'm not a feels guy but this was rude. Came off a bit narcissistic. "Master persuader", you did not persuade me this time. Used your time to control the narrative instead of hearing him. Defensive stance engaged.

  • The logical approach for Fritz would have been to substantiate the claims he made about Stefan.  He never did.  It's like Fritz wanted Stefan to just agree that Stefan "rants" and there is a better way that Fritz knows.  Stefan could not move beyond the first point because it was never substantiated with any evidence.  Fritz just made an assumption that he believes is popularly supported, but he provided zero evidence for that assumption.  If that base assumption is not proven, nothing else that Fritz says matters.  The amount of views and the success over years, that Stefan has, are evidence to the contrary, that Fritz failed to overcome.

  • "If someone turns a chess game into a boxing match, I'm not going to get pummeled while I'm trying to move my pawn."  – great quote, Stefan! – In ten years, Fritz may watch this again and understand what you are teaching him about holding oneself to the standards expected of someone else.

  • Wow butthurt 101, actually Stefan is proving Fritz's point all the way through this video.. Hilarious that a 50 year old, is acting much more childish than a 21 year old. Check your ego Stefan, obviously lots of work to be done.

  • Stefan’s defensive & hostile interaction with Fritz stems from unresolved issues with his mother, for which I am deeply sorry.

  • So he wasn't allowed to quote you when he had an example of you 'getting carried away'. So this entire discussion has to be within your set of rules.
    Also you accuse him of not following his own rules and make very clear, in a very arrogant way, that to have this discussion with you and to be on your level, with your 35 years of experience, he must follow his own rules.
    Yet within 30 seconds of the video you were quoting his original statement to you. This is very hypocritical of you and it all went so painfully downhill from there.
    I enjoy your show, but let's be honest, you are no philosopher. You enjoy research and you are good at organizing your research into an easy to understand short video. Don't get carried away with yourself otherwise people will stop listening and we need people like you to help spread knowledge and truth to people.

  • At least I would have imagined him smart enough to just delete this video out of pure shame. Since he has the balls to leave it here I hope he has learned from it.

  • I'm fine with Stefan misstepping or being sophistic/arrogant with a caller every now and then, he's only human, but it is quite annoying that he never backtracks or apologizes when he does. I've never heard him say he was wrong in respect to caller or had a caller change his mind. He's always super respectful with his guests but is a completely different person with the callers imo

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