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James Comey


  • We learned Comeys a leakier. Comey DID tell Trump he's not under investigation three times. Also learned there is still no evidence of collusion. We all still know CNN is still VERY fake news.

  • "I hope" that this isn't real lmfao Comey was meant to help democrats but it ended up hurting them bc real things turned up in the obama administration and now they're trying to use him to hurt again but it's going to backfire again like it did with hillary lol

  • President Trump never said that! Did you actually listen to Comey's testimony? It's obvious that Comey is lying. Open your eyes. You, liberals, are reaching for nothing. Cnn is fake news!

  • They would rather see him fail then to have America succeed. That's the ugliness of Washington, D.C. by Eric Trump

  • The Trumpanzees are busy writing bogus headlines spinning Comey's testimony to defend their boy king Donald Frump. It's odd, sad, frustrating, and pathetic.

  • Lets remember what the "Russians" did. They hacked Podesta's emails, with a Phishing email. There is some talk about an attempt on a voter machine software company, but the states that used that all went for Hillary. This is a "nothing burger". I have yet to see the real proof that Russia was indeed the hacker. Some think it was an inside job by Sanders supporters. And btw, what is the real trusth about Seth Rich? Also, Comey's memos are "work product" about privileged conversations. They are anything but just personal. He was the director of the FBI when he wrote them. They belong to the state. You guys keep watching. You might want to get your info some where else. This CNN is a spin machine. Very hard to find truth from CNN. Communist News Network of Ted Turner, and advocate of population control.

  • "I Hope"… whether it's a Mafia Don, or whether it's your boss who holds your job – when they say "I hope you will do this for me" – it is an order. Doing the opposite is displeasing them, and you are subtly threatened with whatever fallout happens if you don't do as they are "hoping for". Whether it is sleep with the fishes, or get fired. In this one, his Boss fired him. It was an order – implied or not.

  • according to Trump's attorneys Comey flat out lied .. I'm sure Trump has the WH recording of their conversation that may or may not convict Comey of lying to the committee.. I want to see his memos when Lynch directed to down play the Clinton investigations.

  • Dissembling as usual on CNN. It seems they haven't watched the same hearing as I have. Comey admitted that he was a weak man. He did not have the bravery to speak truth to power, in asking Trump not to speak of certain things alone in a room, and not brave enough to say to Lorretta Lynch that he wouldn't call an investigation a 'matter'. He shows that he has no character and strength and that Trump was right to fire him because he showed a slippery character and bad faith. Plus he is a leaker as a private citizen and may have been as director. He is no longer the boy scout we assumed he was. Bad day for Comey. Trump is clearly vindicated in Comey's words over and over again.

  • Well, there is another lie, there is no way an investigative committee questioning the president's antics that he would not watch, considering that he is the television watching president. Not to mention, Donald Trump, would never miss something that places him in the spotlight. Are we forgetting that he is a narcissist of the highest caliber?

  • This is exactly what it looks like when you catch your teenager in an outright lie. These folks are attempting to reel in ALL of their lies. But the sweet vindication is the sweetest revenge! Liars attempt to coerce others by telling more and more lies! But GUESS what? Their conspiracy theory of FAKE NEWS is coming to light. The cockroaches are scattering because ALL THE LIGHTS are being tunred on!!!

  • What Comey should have said;
    Trump- "I hope this thing could go away."
    Comey- "Mr. President, just what is it you are suggesting?'

    COmey is a lawyer and should know how to get a direct answer but here he's pretending to be a school boy being called to the principal's office. COmey could have even gone further and added "Mr. PResident, you are new to politics but I must warn you anything that sounds like interference in an investigation could be considered obstruction of justice. So I ask you again to be clear on what you are asking me."
    Trump who respect Comey and Comey would respect himself. Instead Comey left the oval office and became a leaker. Instead of being a man, he became a chump. As the former HEAD of the FBI he looks like an idiot. He's a pawn at best when he should have been a rook.

  • i HOPE we switch to hillarys crimes and investigate loretta linch humma anderson copper don lemon and all this enemies of mine and the state YES thts what you are you are asking for trouble be careful of your wishes DONE

  • It's hilarious – They represent Trump as some kind of illiterate fool on the one hand while on the other, they suggest that Trump's use of language is subtle – 'I hope that…'. lmao – CNN want to have their cake and eat it. Pooper-scooper Cooper is a traitor and deserves to be hung from a lamp-post.

    the FBI salaries are paid by me, you and the rest of the hard working men and women of this NATION!
    I DEMAND TO KNOW why are LEAKERS and POLITICAL HOLDOVERS FROM THE OBAMA ERA leaking vital information and lies to the rigged MEDIA while we PAY THEIR SALARIES so they can have their vacations in 5 stars hotels in Bahamas and the Caribbean?!

  • WOW ! They're like a dog with a bone. They just won't let go ! LMAO ! Just wait until Comey and Loretta lynch face Obstruction charges ! I wonder if they will cover that like this story ? I highly doubt it ! 🙂

  • Comey destroyed by the cunning and cleverly posed questions by Jim Risch, he's a hero I am pretty sure the idiots at CNN will shut up about Russia Russia Russia everyday. Come on guys the net is closing in your bosses have over paid you for give us all the fake news it time let go. Now, focus on what is happening with the economy and other pertinent issues

  • It is a fact that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. The intelligence community unanimously called it a "high confidence assessment". In spook-speak, that means "it happened, period".

    The only relevant question is, why did they choose to execute what amounted to a prophylactic coup d'état? Obviously, the answer is that they felt better with Trump in the WH than with Clinton. But why?

    I can think of only two explanations. First, there was a quid pro quo. Second, they felt that Trump was easier to manipulate than Clinton.

    Western sanctions against Russia and individual Russian oligarchs have been crippling. Trump stated on 24 May that we should end those sanctions.

    That action by itself is enough to justify the Russian effort to tilt the scales in Trump's favor. But Trump's rhetoric vis á vis NATO, the EU, and the Paris Agreement, are huge for Russia.

    Donald Trump, in four months, has undone seventy two years of American global leadership. The reason is almost irrelevant.

  • Couple points. The only reason I watched this is it was in the auto play lineup and I could only stomach about 1/2 of the vid.
    Let's evaluate:
    1. The narrative that CNN has been pushing is obvious in both the line of questioning as well as the selected clips.
    2. Your guest continues to injecti "his" beliefs and feelings into his "opinion" and does not measure against law. So much so that your talking about "King Henry"??? Seriously? Laughable.
    3. Coney leaked and is painting himself as a weak spineless victim and it seems as though the fact that states, In front of congress, that no effort to obstruct occurred is completely missed by cnn. If Comey felt there was obstruction he had a legal obligation to report it. He is supposed to the the HEAD of the FBI.
    4. Where is the dissenting opinion? Certainly you pose objectivity however you don't actually practice objectivity.
    5. And most importantly, for 7 months CNN and other media outlets have been beating the "trump collusion" drum and Comey blasted that in his testimony so a pivot occurred. A pivot to WHATEVER fits your narrative which is: Trump is bad, we couldn't have lost, we must find a means to an end and that end is to remove trump regardless is the reason or cost.

    Bottom line: CNN has made a travesty of whatever poor reputation you had. The public perception is clear that you are FAKE NEWS. And Anderson, your eye rolls, interruptions, pushing a collision narrative, and complete disrespect for the vote of the people and our system has made it equally clear, you are a FAKE JOURNALIST. Don't believe me, read the comments, review the thumbs down Vs up, and open your mind.

  • What do we need a building to fall on our heads!? If your boss says to you I hope you can make it to work tomorrow, are you really going to be surprise, when you show up the day after you have no job????? And if your boss is making it clear he want you to do some you shouldn't are you going to quit your good paying job to let someone else get it that might just give him what he wants?? And you set without a job at all! Really lets be real here we can make up all kinds of excuses for what the President did and but they only make since to those that support his lies and action! We can even say he is new to politics, he doesn't know how things works! ON the surface that may make since, but wait why do all presidents have adviser and all the other people on their teams Could it be nobody has all the answer, or no everthing??? But Trump is a power hungry fool!!!!! That they can barely get him to do what will save him because he it THE PRESIDENT and no ONE can tell him anything!! He wants to be the ruler of everyone and not just for 4 or 8 years That he has made clear to anyone that wants to be honesty! A word that is not in trump vocabulary!!!

  • Anderson Cooper really is 😂 kid actor from a Christmas story you'll shoot your eye OUT !!! looks just like him the fucking asshole!!!

  • Cooper will continue to move the "FAKE NEWS" agenda forward?? He is an example of all the dumb ass Liberals who just don't get it. Their little brains have been white washed to the extend of being "irretrievable". But CNN has enough lefty supporters to last maybe another day. They are Sad, Sad. Trump is beating the hell out of all of them while moving the country forward.

  • I chuckle every time I see Cooper the poopers face, he is such a joke…kinda like that guy you know that always has a crazy story that you know is a lie..

  • So proud that you finally admitted Trump was not being investigated but that's as far as that goes. Loved that you opened with Comey calling Trump a liar, coming from a man we now know is a liar! You guys are as crooked as we now know Comey is. It's time that you Anderson Cooper along with CNN stop lying and creating false narratives to attack our President! The way in which CNN, ABC, NBC plus all your newspaper buddies, I believe all of you should be tried for treason because everything you guys have reported this last year has been done to undermine our President and fool the people! We the people are not stupid, stop twisting and lying about the news of the day thinking you can manipulate us, you can't! Admit your wrongs and try, really try to gain respect as journalists by reporting the news, real news! You guys have become the laughing stock of news throughout the world. Honestly, I don't think you will ever have respect again and certainly never be able to earn our trust!

  • I still don't see proof of collusion. . just heresy. . Wikileaks has so much irrefutable proof against the previous administration the reason this administration can't act on it cause the swamp needs to be drained.. which Trump is doing .. there is a law in which journalist can be obligated to give the source Anderson MADCOW meygan lemon von should be held accountable for distortion if the truth. .

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