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Andrew Klavan (Author) joins Dave Rubin to discuss the possibility of an intellectual revival, the modern right compared to the modern left, Donald Trump’s …

“Lauren Southern”


  • There is no science that predicts the future? Medicine is a science. A doctor finds a malignant tumor in your lung. Lung cancer. Do you dismiss his advice to treat it? Do you think there's no rational basis for your doctor to say that you need treatment to address the cancer you have? This man is articulate, but ignorant beyond belief. Science is what predicts the durability of building materials, the expiration date on your food. They can't precisely predict for all variables, but they can give you a pretty good sense of what outcomes will be. A grasp of science and an understanding of how it can be used to alter the future is all humans do that makes them superior to other animals.

  • Wow, amazing interview. I never really watched The Andrew Klavan Show on The Daily Wire, just mainly The Ben Shapiro Show, but after this i'm definitely going to find more time to watch them in the future.

  • So he thinks logic means nothing without a belief in a God, which is ambiguous and ill defined,as well as lacking the ability to be falsified. It is a moronic thought process adopted by a tired intellect who would rather give up and use a God of the gaps fallacy. They always use the same tired morality argument which Prager adheres to. They need to be Hitchslapped.

  • 57:00 Anti semitism: I feel like the right have a logical deficiency when it comes to anti-semitism that is a kin to the left, in that they don't under basic cause and consequence. I was reading 'Ordinary Men', about Nazi execution of Jews, and a throw away line mentions the Nazi actively recruited Anti-communist who would invariable be anti-semits. People act like there is no corrolation between the two when there was a direct cause and consequence. People began to look disfavourable on Jew because the way they saw they behaving. Yet the rights acts as if people are anti-semitic out of shear existence, as if they were born this way. Anti-semitism is to the right what 'racism' is to the left; it is a word to close down conversation.

    'An anti-semite is a person who notices a pattern among jewish people'

  • Mr. Rubin, your interviews make me think and make me put in the effort to consider why I believe what I believe. They also provide me with an opportunity to listen to things that I absolutely disagree with that inspire some pretty significant anger and frustration where I can practice not having a knee-jerk reaction but rather make myself listen, try to understand a person's position and consider rational reasons why I'm disagreeing with them, and realize that an intellectual disagreement isn't something that I have to take personally to the point where nonconstructive and nasty things ensue. I find Mr. Klavan's position on climate change distressing and unfortunate and it seems to me to demonstrate a position that he quite liberally accuses others who disagree with him of having–an unwillingness to see and accept the facts. Also, getting rid of regulations just for the sake of getting rid of regulations is not wise and doesn't produce instant freedom. How is the cause of freedom helped by getting rid of a regulation that prevents the coal industry from dumping waste in the river, for instance? And someone in the comments below made an excellent argument for why it might be worthwhile to require licenses for people who own/work in beauty salons. Likewise, his position on Donald Trump as our president and that the ties to the Russian government are insignificant. I'm not offended by President Trump because the "mainstream media" tells me to be, I find him offensive on a personal level and I believe he is doing harm to the country and to our institutions based on what I see him doing and saying. I'm not disturbed and concerned about the relationship with Russia and with a concerted Russian effort to disrupt our political system because the "mainstream media" tells me to be but because I find the idea of working with a nondemocratic and dangerous government who is absolutely not our friend to be reprehensible and treasonous and because I find the idea of that government working to affect our political system to their advantage to be just good old fashioned scary and outrageous (as in the good old fashioned definition of causing outrage). One point that did stick with me there towards the end of the interview regarding the media is this: The alternative media is not providing what might be called the day to day information, the news. It is not doing the investigative journalism. It is simply discussing the information provided to it by the "mainstream media" doing the legwork and bitching about how that legwork is done. The alternative media certainly can contribute much to the conversation, mulling things over in more depth and with a wide variety of views. It can also provide a valuable critique to the MSM. There's nothing wrong with holding their feet to the fire to "keep them honest." All powerful institutions need to be held accountable. But I believe the alternative media is very quickly succumbing to what it complains of regarding the MSM. It is becoming smug, trapped in a bubble telling itself how wonderful and amazing it is, and becoming drunk on its own perceived sense of power that it may be prematurely determining that it has. You, too, are susceptible to this. And you also seem to run the risk of appearing to agree with everyone you interview and seeming to avoid taking them to task on any of their ideas, at least in the admittedly small number of interviews I've seen. I do appreciate your work, Mr. Rubin, and there have been many times that I have appreciated your providing an insight, a viewpoint, or an issue I had been unaware of before. I look forward to being angered, frustrated, pleased, amused, entertained and inspired to think in the future.

  • Andrew Klavan: "the Wall Street Journal is like talking to an adult, the New York Times is like talking to a child"

    WSJ "Pewdiepie is a Nazi! No one can make up bullshit like we can!"
    NYT "hold my drink"

    You do realise they're owned by the same person, right?

  • Klaven is charismatic, but his stance on the environment, deregulation, and gender politics is quite frankly garbage. and his analogy on the hairdresser is bogus. hairdressers have the power to completely destroy your hair and even irreparably damage your scalp. deregulation of the magnitude that he's talking about really only helps corporations. the benefits to small businesses are negligible and to the average American and the Working Poor, it can be very bad. Americans are entitled to clean water, clean air, and healthy food.

  • Dave some parts of this interview demonstrate why I'm losing faith in your videos. When Klaven says things like "the best performing students are religious" and "evolution is random", the first being completely immeasurable and the second literally just being false, you don't even interject. You are giving a free pass to people on the right who make these claims which are simply not true. This is just an example of how you criticise so much of the left and next to nothing of the right. Completely disingenuous from yourself I'm afraid to say.

  • Actually if you don’t wear a seatbelt, you’re endangering everyone else in the car with you. I’ve seen people admitted into the hospital bc they were in car accidents and one person in the car flew around and injured everyone as the car was flipping. Just had to add that. Now to the rest of the video!

  • they investigated bill clinton for 7 years before they finally got him lying about a consensual bj with an employee at the office. the investigators, the media, the fbi, the democrats, the republicans all taste blood in the water and will not stop.

  • Dave! if you start promoting things like Knowledge and FACTS the feminists and SJW'S are going to hunt you down and gut you! Be careful my friend some of us rather like you being in one piece. On a more serious note i am a little left of center Libertarian,BUT what the left has become is a toxic mix of victim seeking whores who's death cannot come fast enough. I don't have the right to tell an adult female if it is alright for her to have an abortion or not (provided i am not the sire of that child) Like wise,the same female has NO right to tell me what a horrid person I am Because i am male. A person is the sum of what they do,the good and the bad. As far as i can tell the only hope the democratic party has is to Stop this stupid push for identity politics,and running an oligarchy made up of the super wealthy and corporations and return to oh i don't know Helping Americans that don't have 3 billion dollars stashed off shore to avoid paying taxes.Right now, as far as the two political parties are concerned ,they are BOTH THE SAME. Each tells their folks back home (where ever that might be) which ever lie they think will get them their jobs back in D.C.,and the runs to the Donor class, falling on their knees, exclaiming" what is thy bidding my master?" What a sorry lot we have!

  • Another hypocrite or just complete lack of logical consistency. Devils are in need in the details. Pointed out by someone here, he is so inconsistent on whether or not to trust science. And by the way, both psychology and sociology and now the neural science ARE all sciences that offer much deeper insights (than religion or blind belief) into morality that he claimed can't be explained by science. Oh, the government won't bother removing the requirement of hair dressers' permit because they don't have their lobbyists working for them, but it will allow corporations to dump pollutants into your water because that's who the lobbyists are working for! He loves JS but can't really explain how that is consistent with his ideals about alcohol-like drug policies. He calls environmentalists and feminists ridiculous and smears them but can't really offer any concrete reasons. He blames racial injustice victims and the left who sympathize with them for stirring up racial hatred. DR you can do better. A true libertarian and conservative should stand up against the 4 elephants in the room that do not conserve: the military industrial complex, the Wall Street and the insurance companies and the fossil fuel industry that destroy human lives, gamble away ordinary people's money, profit on human sufferings and doom your children’s future.

  • Science isn't some belief system that somebody invented. It's just a procedure by which you can find things out about the world: you have a hypothesis and then you try to prove or disprove it with testing. Nobody "invented" science necessarily. Humans have always been doing it. Let's say you want to figure out if ants an float in water. Well you take an ant and put it in water to see if it floats. But then after you do that it might cross your mind that perhaps THIS ant can float but maybe not all ants. So you try it with like 100 ants. And if they all float, you can reasonably conclude that it is highly likely that ants do indeed float in water. That is all that science fucking is.

    Religion on the other hand is the insistence that people believe things without any evidence. And sorry, but that's not a sustainable way for us to interact with each other in society. If I agree to believe the claims of a religion without evidence then how do I justify not also believing any random nonsense that anyone tells me? Sorry but if you want something to be regarded as "fact" in society, you will need to have empirical evidence. That's it. Perfectly reasonable. The people crying about science are just mad because they're not smart enough to compete and they're butthurt that they can't just scam people with supernatural mumbo jumbo pulled out of their ass as easily anymore.

  • Transgenders are suffering from gender dysphoria. Not rocket science, folks. I feel pity for them but have no interest in enabling delusions resulting from their mental disorder.

  • First time being exposed to Klavan. I really enjoyed this conversation.

    While I find most of his views concerning STEM sciences to be more than a little off, I do agree with Klavan on many things social and political, and I appreciate many of Klavan's views even if I don't fully agree.

    Concerning Milo, I loved what he said about his method and how he shouldn't invite in the toxic and evil people of the world because "evil will eat irony". Very well said. Milo is his own biggest enemy.

    That being said, he was flat out cringe-worthy on the topic of climate change. His reasoning on that topic came off as very myopic and I find his conclusion on the topic to be irresponsible. Quite frankly his views concerning evolution, climate change and the supposed "intent" of scientific endeavour are all very flawed.

    Klavan also flat out lied when he said: "When you go in to the best Universities and you talk to young people there, they're all believers."

    Dave does let shit slide a little too much at times. Klavan would not have gotten away with those things were he conversing with someone like Sam Harris, or Peter Boghossian. This is where I wish Dave pushed the envelop a little more on guests when he disagrees with them, but not pushing disagreements too far is part of the reason why Dave is a great host and draws in some very interesting people for very interesting conversations.

    Regardless of my serious concerns about some of his views, I added Klavan on Twitter and will keep an eye on what he puts out, he has interesting things to say.

  • This guy is a little dishonest. He says no one wants to go back to a world of segregation accept for the left. He completely left out white nationalists who are clearly on the right, not the left.

  • Wow this guy is deeply dishonest. He says that science can't predict the future, and that people who say it can are lying. Science can predict that if you pour acid on a metal it will melt. Science has predicted the elements needed to lift you off into space will do just that, and we now have space shuttles. Science was able to figure out and predict that our galaxy is moving in a direction away from it's point of origin. This guy is so full of sh*t when he claims science so lacks the ability to predict how things will work based on the reality of the parts.

  • He says, "either it's a global world run my the constitution, or it's America first". Thats just another way of saying, 'either it's America first, or America first'. This guy is so, weird, not very truly straight forward.

  • Soooo, essentially, Klavan's reason for believing in the supernatural boils down to a big fat argument from incredulity… one of the all time great fallacies used by the religiously inclined. In addition, once he finally got there, he just so happened to choose the one that, OF COURSE, was the most commonly accepted within the culture and community he lives in. And to make matters worse, it took him 35 years to come up with this tripe… in his 50's… boring!

  • "Most of what you think is true is illogical without religion, without God." I would absolutely love for him to demonstrate this. He goes on to say that "most of the people that invented science were Christians." I don't see how this can possibly be true since the scientific method was first developed by our friend Aristotle and his logical implications in ancient Greece. The major explosion in scientific endeavors was because of the enlightenment not because of religions. Also, I'm more comfortable with the word 'discovery' instead of 'invention'.

  • Andrew Klavan points out that conservatives have lost the cultrual war. I agree. And I believe one of the main reason is because of their religion. Most younger generations simply aren't religious anymore. I want to call myself a conservative, but I don't want to be associated with the religious stupidity of the right. It's time for a right wing atheist to speak out.

  • You got laci green and that was awesome! I love it. I was wondering if by some miracle you could possibly reach out to Lecrae? I think he would be a very interesting person to see on this show.

  • "There is no science for predicting the future"
    Finding reliable ways to predict the future is what science is.

    "Scientific theories are testable and make falsifiable predictions. They describe the causal elements responsible for a particular natural phenomenon, and are used to explain and predict aspects of the physical universe or specific areas of inquiry "

  • Dave Rubin, can you please get Jonathan Rauch on the show? Author of "Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought", and gay marriage proponent.

  • "15 years of endless "reality" TV, and just the worst of us constantly, endless bickering and one upping",

    That's why I dropped my cable subscription, already three years ago now, YouTube and other streaming services are all I use for my entertainment now, and I will NEVER go back.

    No broadcast programming to deal with anymore, none of the constant lies, no women's commercials that drove me absolutely insane, no political viewpoints being rammed down your throat, no nothing!

    And I haven't missed it for one friggin second, man i love the tinternets!

  • I find it hard to reconcile his view on free speech and corporations with then his later criticism of big corporations and the corrupt media. I do see his point of view that just because you start a corporation you do not lose your right to being a person…but you still can vote and run advertisements as an actual person. No one has taken that away from you. Perhaps as you said if we did not have a corrupt media and self serving big corporations it would make sense but as it stands, the reality of it, Is only corporate voices that get heard and not the individuals.

  • Andrew Klavan is so great. He's so levelheaded, open, and intelligent. It really resonated with me, specifically, when he spoke to this almost insatiable, "troll-like" craving by conservatives, who are so tired of being yelled at and shouted down, to hear someone give it to the other side. I think that is incredibly accurate, and it's what continues to divide generally reasonable, freedom-loving liberals and reasonable, freedom-loving conservatives from actually talking to each other to find middle ground. When you have an onslaught of ridicule, aggression, and actual hate from the very culture in which you live (especially in the very fabric of the media and the entertainment industry, not to mention academia), it's hard to squash that hunger for the other side to be torn down and humiliated when the chance arises.

  • The scientific process that allows us to find and extract carbon resources is the same process that allows us to study the climate. Conservatives always so conveniently pick and choose which science agrees with them. Having studied geology, it always amazed me how the petrologists were in the same building as the other geologists, studying the same thing; earth. They were taking and teaching the same classes. Yet somehow one groups findings were suspect, while the other group was infallible. It's all the same science. Geology is a very dry subject, whenever you publish something with so much as a period out of place, you receive 50 responses from colleagues in the world pointing it out. Your math has to be spot on, your experiment expertly devised. The definition of limestone is no more or less credible than the ratio of Carbon dioxide to methane to oxygen taken from an ice core. We are living in the Anthrocene, and the sixth global extinction event.

  • Wow Dave, you passed on so many opportunities to challenge the bullshit coming out of this guy. Religion, Trump, etc… This video is why I am unsubscribing to your channel. Scientists are making good progress toward replacing human spines, so there is hope that some day you will have one. Good Luck!

  • Loved this convo.
    As they talked about reporters and journalists I recalled an idea I had a while ago: Yesteryear we had Reporters, people who sought out answers and Reported what they found, now we have Journalists. What is a "journalist?" What is a journal? Isn't it where you write down what you have seen and your feelings about it.

    I grant I could be completely wrong about this but it seems to me that we now have Journalists spewing their feelings rather than Reporters reporting facts.

  • "Government…only has the right to protect me from you, it shouldn't protect me from me."
    I've been looking for a way to describe my liberal libertarianism for quite a while. I think I just found it. Bless these people for talking to each other, putting it on the Internet, and enriching our minds that much more.

    Also Dave, I'd invite you to speak at my school in a heartbeat…if I had a group or some such nonsense to do so with xp.
    Hey, maybe I might start one just for giggles, eh?

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