• There is another more appropriate punishment for all those connected to depleted uranium: contaminate them with a fatal exposure. Why not? The punishment should always match the crime.

  • What if this POTUS & Sessions "falling out"- is just a "school play" with objective of [ somehow] getting rid of conspirators McCabe, Mueller etc? Otherwise, Trump is standing alone pretty much isnt he?

  • Im thinking Imran Awan is a possible DNC scapegoat to blame for the "email leaks" in order to deflect attention away from the Seth Rich probability. Clinton Criminals are very good at orchestrating deliberate distraction events like this.

  • Luke Rosiak on fox and Friends!! Too bad the story was at 5:45 should of been lead story. Glad he mentioned their access to email accounts and files of the sensitive intelligence committee members.

  • The awan lawyer made a statement NYT that awan informed the house he was leaving the US. he also said that this was a minor money issue and not serious.

    Some of those links before were linking PELOSI and hubby business holdings, family business and Awans. banking, gas, oil, real estate, lots of Calf business, govt contracts and overseas, helicopters, computers , ranch land, pharma, shipping containers, & so on. seems like you Google Paul Pelosi or Paul jr holdings and you run into awan. tech schools, and loans, transport…

    I couldn't find a lot on this lawyer aside from a Podesta close friendship also. although the last name (and it could be family) comes up with medstar and the other stuff. I found he has been around dem politics, lobbyist, and DOJ & government awhile and… so one assumes he has some Intel and local judiciary pull_ and will manipulate this case.

    I heard judicial watch say that those supplying e mails are dem holdovers with no desire to get them out.

    the Intel community probably has no intention of helping take the focus off Russia and on to Hilary.


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    Full text of "Notice & agenda" – Internet …

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    The Tetra Tech solar wind and education project has expired. …… Chair, Paul Pelosi, Jr., Alan Mok *The meeting of the Operations Committee was rescheduled  …

    San Francisco Bay View » Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

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    Posts Tagged with "Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi" … look into reports that contractor Tetra Tech misrepresented its work cleaning up the toxic Superfund site. … Navy's CERLCA remediation reports • Pandemonium One • Paul Pelosi Sr .

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  • 45:00 bail talk= Totally unfair how Jason had to walk in , (chat with cutie) & have exact change. counting out 5 million in hundred dollar bills would take a long time. Promissory note? why trust this guy Judge ? Was fleeing ? fox said he, awan had green light to travel. This goes deep, SUPER DEEP. WHO TAKES OVER WHEN THEY KILL YOU GUYS ? Seriously? Look at how its bern treated as it hits the press. Transgender military~ was it cover talk ? I for one am very frustrated this didnt BLOW! it kinda puffed, However Tucker Carlson was asking heavy questions, Love you guys~Stay Safe in Florida Debbie could be behind any palm. Not to mention they've taken out lawyer's why not take out a couple of nutso conspiracy theorists (The way they talk) ( Not me, I think you alls The Bees Knees, by the way wtf? does that mean) anyways wake up tomorrow. .. America NEEDS you. 😎

  • There will be no trial Jason. Awan will take a plea. It is SOP with these people. It's how they keep a lid on everything. No one testifies, nothing else comes out.

  • Video: White Helmets Fabricate Chemical Attack To Use It As Pretext For US Airstrikes?
    The Special Monitoring Mission to Syria (SMMS) website has released a video that allegedly shows the so-called White Helmets fabricating a chemical attack in order to use it as a pretext for US airstrikes on Syria (SOURCE):

    youtube video direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LnVHw96jFs&feature=youtu.be
    Published on 26 Jul 2017

    Interesting video showing several takes of the same scene, differences are highlighted such as a dead victim in one being a helper in the next take. The deep state seem hell bent on war.

  • there should be a court document signed by judge with amount of bail and conditions of bail. (ankle bracelet, no weapons, no computers, etc…) it would be nice to see that. does anyone know how to get it?

  • 9/11 airplanes hit the towers, pentagon, and field in PA. there were no explosives. now that IS conspiratorial for sure and people won't take this seriously if we go that route. Folks saw the planes hitting the buildings and everyone heard the passenger on flight 93 on the phone saying "let's roll" .
    The one reason I never believe in conspiracy theories is because human nature is to "talk" that's why there would have been zero way to concoct 9/11 without someone ratting out the scheme. the very reason 9/11 was a "success" was because each "cell" was only told their instruction of what they had to pull off that day. The one flight, 93 in PA, wasn't counting on the passengers thwarting the terrorist efforts.

  • Mayo in Jacksonville, Georgia's Seal Island where millionaires meet to strategize, Centcomm in Tampa, Joe Kelly scandal "Whistleblowers' Lawfirm", Hurricane-Country-Don't-Be-Skirred,
    I know Nancy Pelosi on a close acquaintance-connected level.

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