• Yes, I saw Wheeler on Fox News on the Hannity Show; and he seemed very authentic on Hannity Show! Now I think it has been taken down. This is so crazy! He was very clear and very authentic! WOW! Someone had to have gotten to him. He was on top of his game. The parents had hired him and were wanting to get to the bottom of it. Now Wheeler is also changing his story! This is nuts!

  • Good job for catching that gangster before he was able to flee America.
    Democrats and the democratic media have got no were else to go.
    What ever comes out of their mouth is garbage and cannot be taken serious.

  • INVESTIGATE all of these CRIMINAL politicians – DemocRATs and RINOs/ROTTs (Republicans On The Take) …..They're ALL Corrupt SNAKES !!


  • The Awan brothers definitely have ISI connections, but there role was more with running ratlines dealing with sending illegal weapons, black market organs, human trafficking, intelligence leaks, and opioids.

  • Debbie Schultz persisted that the 30 Democratic Congressmen to use the Awan brothers for their IT needs. Debbie was having the brothers hack into the Congressmen's computers so she could blackmail the Congressmen. This is why Debbie, Chuckie, and Nancy have a noose around all the Democratic Congress. This is why Nancy won to stay as the Democratic leader

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz looks like a dude. She'll crack when threatened with murder conspiracy
    she'll agree to a deal and then commit Arkancide. The same old playbook.
    No more razzle dazzle Statue of Liberty plays.
    "Maxine down and out left, Hillary you go long,
    everybody else stay back and block.
    Popcorn. Peanuts. Cotton candy.
    Cold Beer!
    Programs, get your programs.

  • Hahaha MSNBC had Wheeler on today, and lied and thought Wheeler was going to accuse FOX News of making up the Rich/DNC accusations, and he actually said that Donna Brazil shut down the Rich family AND that the DNC may have had something to do with Rich's murder! Woops!  Rich btw was their LAST pass, they won't get any more of those!

  • Seth Rich, Investigative Reporters, Haitian Officials, Lawyers, and Prosecutors have all been recently Murdered by the Clinton Hit Teams. The Clinton Foundation involves Corruption in Congress, FBI & the DNC and Witness Protection is Refused for Witnesses against the Clintons. There are some Patriotic Elements in the Government, but Evil is Concentrated at the Top of the Deep State & is Working with Corporations to Overthrow Trump & the Will of The People. Fascism Now, then World Communism is their Goal for America.
    The Bands of Tyranny have been Tightening and it is Not Just All the Leftist Anti USA Media. It is All of the Largest Corporations like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter etc… that are Conspiring Together with the Globalists & Satanic NWO to Dumb Down, Blind and Enslave the American People. So they can Steal Our Property, Our Rights, Our Birthright, Our Beliefs, Our Resources and Our Future in a Treasonous Manner to Bring Us into the Satanic NWO/ Global Communist System. It's Time to Start Locking Up these Corporate Boards, CEOs & Directors & Put their Treacherous Asses in FEMA Camps.

  • Nike – Just Do It – Special Prosecutor & Councils To Investigate & Indict – Clinton Obama Soros Comey McCabe Brennan Clapper Lynch Rice Rhodes Podesta Powers DWS Huma Jarret Mills McCain Ryan -+++ Drain That Very Wide & Extremely Deep Swamp

  • I just don't understand what all these corrupt people are doing with their money tho??? They sure are not using any of it on their looks! That's for sure lol and they should!

  • DWS should have been locked the F up when fired from DNC for corruption. DWS wouldn't have been able to try to threaten police chief, witnesses and investigators might still be alive.

  • The Democrats that had the Awans as their IT consultant MUST resign or prove they have not been compromised and subject to blackmail by the Pakistani's or other enemy states that the Awan brothers could have sold their dirty secret to.

  • That's all this Seth Rich/Defamation lawsuit is, a simple publicity misdirect. People who follow liberal media don't need proof, evidence or even supportive theory, they only need a headline. They read a headline that checks all the boxes for them, "Fox, Trump, Sued, defamation, etc". This just fills the coffers of the people who want to believe what they want to believe. This is a bogus lawsuit, 100%. You can sue anyone, for anything and get a docket number. I can sue Obama for the Kennedy assassination and get a docket number. This only serves to fuel this media driven fire, that sure makes you wonder about Operation Mockingbird and it's evolution 70yrs later.

    The media sure seems like a voice of nothing but scorned intelligence agencies and deep state, manipulating the public opinion. We have no true freedom of choice in this democracy. We are presented choices of the elite choosing. They present us candidates and narratives that follow a litigation principle which is, "don't ask a question, that you don't already know the answer to". Tell me who would be the real loser of "Jeb Bush vs. Clinton, Al Gore vs G Bush, Obama vs Romney, GHWBush vs B Clinton"…these are all chosen candidates who debate as a show, but in reality, all fall under the same category.

    Notice that all the presidential candidates, spanning the past 3 decades, even R. Reagans own son, opposed Donald Trump. This is a unified, deeper form of govt that only insiders know exist. Trump was never vetted for that position, and they all want him out. Trump is "John Q Citizen" in the white house at the head of the table and they will do whatever it takes to get "The People" OUT.

  • the Dr. wrote a paper on Seth Rick's Dr., was the letter saying he was the Dr., and that CIA/FBI actually would not let the Dr. see for him.He said he was fine alive and talking. They came in and shut down the floor, area walled Dr. off, so he could not physically enter

  • Who were The Awan Clan working for in DC? Not on the payroll of the federal govt because Imran could not be paid more than Debbie. $150,000 salary from the DNC? America – the land of opportunity (too bad it's not for people whom do things the right way and obey the laws).

  • Anthony doesn't get up in front of reporters and works in the government and not understand on the record and off the record. Saying the things he did to that reporter you could tell he was figuratively pulling the pin. I knew it was going to be some work to uproot the moles and swamp creatures.

  • Check out the Chris Cuomo interview of the Texas donor who hired the Rich family investigator. The Texan is the biggest liar on the planet. This whole Fox lawsuit is being used to discredit the Seth Rich murder investigation — it is a story about a story about a story and has nothing to do with the murder or the Trump administration.

  • Cummings is such a straight faced liar isn't he. Very evident in the congress on the Benghazi committee and defending HRC also the IRS harassment investigation since he had himself written a couple of those threatening demanding letters to "RIGHT TO VOTE" ??? something like that and was caught red handed lying about it to the committee even getting angry shouting to intimidate

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