• Comey's best friend and democratic campaign supporter Mueller, needs to step down or be fired for conflict of interest. These leftovers from the Obama regime need to GTFO.

  • First of all, why hasn't Mueller recused himself. He has a flagrant conflict of interest, and Comey testified that he coordinated his testimony with his old friend Mueller. If the Mueller investigation is cloaked in secrecy, how is it the the Washington Post issued a story citing 5 anonymous sources with knowledge of the investigation? Someone is lying or someone is leaking

  • WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE YOU DEMONS. Investigate Hillary its ok with you people she tried to hack the election herself. the witch hunt continues. where do they find this stuff its ok that obama spied on trump and Hillary works with George soro's. am tired of this corruption.

  • its perfectly fine that comey let Hilary get away with destroying government evidence. the democrats are not above the law

  • The totality of Trumps past and current involvement with Russia and the Russia mafia is going to come to light. No crooked lawyer is going to be able stop this train wreck. The investigation of obstruction of justice is only the first thrown railtie in this upcoming derailment. I hope the links of the Russian child prostitution ring is found soon. No pedophile supporter should be made president.

  • They have to change the news cycle because the Bernie supporter that shot republicans was reacting to fake CNN news.

  • Pretty obvious this was the libtard plan all along, it won't stick even if it has to be appealed to SCOTUS!

  • Jaysus, either Trump is hiding something about his connections to Russia, or he is just a complete fucking idiot who can't allow the investigation to play itself out without blustering and fucking up to make things far worse than they need to be.

  • people remember Comey said CNN was fake news and Liars now they're coming up with all these other lies these people like Comey said are not smart people if they were they would know better than what they're putting out their people have Nothing. on TROUMP so they have to lie TROUMP haters


  • The Russian probe is total BS, orchestrated by the fake liberal news media. Comey was a tool used by others and the Clinton's, anyone think it was bizarre that the Clinton foundation received millions during the election from international donors?
    Those foreign donations would indicate an example of pay to play. Lol CNN IS FAKE AND A TOTAL JOKE

  • This is ridiculous! There is no way Trump can be found guilty of obstruction of justice for meeting Comey in private and using the words "I hope".

  • Gosh here we go fake news goes rampant again . One lying media stars a lie and the snow balls are rolling. You think these libertards would learn after four or eight lies turning to bite their butts but they just keep poking their old butts out there to get another chunk taken out of it. LOL At lest they have a nice looking reporter for a change. Make them pay you big bucks lady because your the only thing they have going for them in the last seven months . SEMPER FIDELIS

  • How exactly did Trump obstruct justice?
    At the time there was no investigation.
    Democrats are at it again! They've got nothing!
    Such fake non-news spin!
    All commentators are Hillary supporters. What a joke!

  • Having Mueller do the investigation on Trump is like asking a Commie to investigat an accused American spy.

  • Its funny cause it maybe like saying the Clinton Foundation has found Trump obstruction of justice…ahaha… no conflict of interest whatsoever. These people are insane in the membrane! This woman sounds psychotic! Listen to her speech patterns. She needs to go stuff some more bagels and muffins into her face , she's not chunky enough…..diabetic sugar brained roid looking head.

  • My only worry is that trump the fool BEFORE will be impreached before he gets the wall built! HA! HA! HA! Just a few months ago, trump's idiots were all yelling….Built the WALL…well, WHERE is it????

  • I trust our democratically-elected U.S. President has the guts to fire this monster, Robert Mueller. Haven't we gotten the message about these "blue ribbon commission" types? That entire scenario is just so much silly nonsense.

  • muller the  head fbi  that flopped the 9/11 investigation. hes good friends with comey to. talk about keeping it in the corrupt circle.

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