• what humans need to realize is that the choice has already been made before you even make the vote. the master the orchestrator is far more intelligent than you. you do not have a choice. it's just an illusion. we live in a prison with no walls and no bars. you need to feel as though you are free but no you are not. humans are very primitive.. wake up you bastardsmore

  • Don't register to vote. The deal is done then and there well before any pantomime election. Annual Household Enquiry Forms coming through your letter box right now. From the Electoral Registration Officer. With threat of £1000 fine or imprisonment if you don't fill it in. Who the fuck do they think they are. (Throws it in the bin) Not registering to vote any more.

  • Brexit gave me a sense of hope but I don't think it matters anymore. The EU is doomed to collapse but our pollictions will do all they can to make sure we fall with it.

  • Brexiteers, fear not. Don't believe the leftist lies about soft brexit / hard brexit, that is a fantasy term designed to make you question your judgement and actually serves to further our interests. The EU is running deeper, they are militarising and centralising even more, they will not compromise, they have to for geopolitical and historical reasons. Leave is leave and that is the way we are heading as enshrined in law when brexit bill was invoked, as mentioned at lancaster speech, as mentioned at queens speech, as campaigned for and as agreed by everyone but phillip hammond. The absolute worst that will happen is a "transitional deal". Don't believe all these lefties. For anyone not clear on it, visit parliament website and read up on the bill and look up the process and small print involved in the bill. The answer is definitive and most people voted it through, including the lefties. Judge politicians by how they vote, not what they say.

  • George Soros "open societies foundation" currently has positions advertised for working in London. That's why these selfish greedy bastards will not do the job they are paid to do.

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