• everybody who was there was paid by George Soros funds.

    I'll bet that weren't expecting the ptsd that went with all that violence, and "one" attempted vehicular homicide.
    (funny if it's white folks it must be important, and reported in the mainstream; no news on the indians tho, huh. Nothing new to talk about there.)

    everybody talking about this crap is just as guilty as the dummies who believed 9/11, Anna nicole, and the transgender chick with mormon issues.

  • How does the alt-right suggest we achieve their retarded utopia? By deporting all non-whites regardless of their creed or their value to society? By banning and criminalizing all forms of race-mixing, no matter how much a couple may love each other? The alt-right should get the RIGHT out of their name. Their policies are left-wing to the core. I love how they all came here to dislike and complain. Their anti-sjw heroes don't like them like they thought they did, and instead of unsubscribing and joining alt-right channels, they stick around and whine. Go make your own channels. Roaming is not a racist sack of shit, and nor are her fans. The alt-right will inevitably end in a purity spiral just like the far-left, because they truly were made for each other. They have the same tactics (replace nazi, fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic with cuckservative, cuck, commie, anti-white, faggot) and similar ideals, and they only hate each other because they believe the other chose the wrong cult. I can't wait until all of you alt-right idiots leave. It may cause a slight drop in subscriber counts, but it will cause a precipitable rise in sanity.

  • There was a person hitting the tail light of the car at the 3:594:00 minute mark, before Fields hits anyone.
    BUT to me it seems that he was already speeding up at that point. It sounds like the engine started revving up before the tail light was hit. It might be that the act was not premeditated and that he might have been "agitated" by the surrounding people, but he certainly chose to ram the car and is thus culpable.

  • The point we are at right now in history is where the white nationalists realize that their race is about to become the minority in their own countries and they rebel. Meanwhile everyone else goes on procreating and the change to non-whiteness happens regardless. Not only that, but we already have people who are hybrids of human beings and machines (androids) with electromechanical limbs, eyes, and other appendages. Focusing on skin color will soon appear rather quaint.

  • I personally am ok with throwing the douchebag under the bus with terrorism charges. Your views don't entitle you to endanger other people, and, as antifa usually commit these acts too it'd open the door to them also being charged with domestic terrorism

  • I really don't know how to call the car attack. In one video it looks like there is some damage to the rear window as he's accelerating into the crowd but its hard to tell

  • Well spoken sister! The only way to beat "identity politics" is to articulate and advance the Western the view of justice, and win the war of ideas against the Cultural Marxists. Legal theories such as "disparate impact" pervert justice, disunite us and advance the Cultural Marxist agenda. Violence is their way, but it should not be our way. Doing the right thing is always harder than doing the almost right thing.

  • Honestly many of the far right protesters seem like the type of people few would want to associate with but i believe no matter how vile the view point people must be able to express themselves. Antifa and sjw types showed up to protest the protest, ask your self what would the media say if far right protesters showed up to a blm rally and shouted insults, blocked their path and threw missiles at them… you guessed it the media would blame the right so when the left show up to attack right wing protesters who does the media blame erm… still the right ??? I guess white straight men really are to blame for everything.

  • Without White Nationalists you would not have the alternative right. Roaming Millennial is biracial and lacks any real identity. Yes Europe should be for Europeans we deserve to have a homeland for our children.

  • driver getting away from Protesters?!  Fuck off. That piece of shit drove his car into those people. Whether you believe in either side's bullshit politics or not. Fuck politics. That piece of shit killed that woman

  • I don't believe in the ideology of White supremacist. I do however fear the supremacy ideas that could and do come from non Whites as well. I believe in protecting the interest of Whites, but how do I define Whites? To me a White person is anyone who's skin color is White that may be discriminated against for their skin color. I think diversity is a beautiful thing, but I am not blind to the reverse racism that occurs in America and around the world. In saying that, I love people who love me.

  • I'm 24 and use to be a civic nationalist and thought it was all about culture not ethnicity, but I was wrong. Ethnicity does influence IQ and culture to a large extent and it is impossible to have a harmogenous society with non whites who will always see themselves as a separate entity.

  • If I was the mayor of that city, I'd have tanks from the National Guard fire warning shots over their heads to get their attention, then give a speech telling them "Both sides, all of you, STOP THIS SHIT. NOW. The next one of you fucking lunatics who throws a punch is gonna find out what violence is. Now either protest peacefully, or go the fuck home."

  • Also the government favouring minorities is a sure way to destroy social cohesion fast, you can't have a entitled group or you foster mistrust and resentment.

  • You know, sometimes I imagine what would happen if Antifa and all the other far-leftists never showed up to the Charlottesville protest. There would probably be no violence, no one would've gotten hurt. The Alt-Right could've just said what they want to say and simply go home.

  • Watch The Golden One's video on this instead. The main reason for Roaming Millennial's refusal to embrace identity politics is that she has no real identity herself. Because she is mixed she will be naturally excluded from movements espousing views based on racial/ethnic identity. The fact she's unable to get past this means that her usefulness for conscious white people will be very limited.

  • Rule #1 in life: If something doesn't work then try something else.
    Rule #2 in life: For example whatever is working out for others.
    For decades they've sat by and watched others prosper at their own expense by using identity politics. Now that even sacred statues are being removed they're not going to sit by and watch things any longer.

  • Summary: whites should allow themselves to be bred out of existence, because it's wrong to care about being white. Your grandchildren will be nothing like you, and you shouldn't care about this.

  • More commentary like this should be produced. My favorite part of the video was when Roaming explained how the SJWs and alt-right view the world. They're BOTH wrong. A concerning thing is happening. People have been choosing sides in the huge and destructive culture war dividing America.

    What people should choose though, is truth. Principles. Values. By choosing from the differing hateful and violent sides is to compromise what Western civilization had built it's foundation on. If we do that, we will become a third world nation.

  • The problem is the politicians are corrupt globalists who sneer at the working classes and ignore the will of the people, they need to close the border and try and integrate the immigrants they already have and encourage whites to have more babies by creating the economic conditions for that.

  • You show a wash out guy who wanted to be in the military but couldn't hes nuts. Me went through boot with pneumonia and three broken ribs didn't run over anyone. I dealt with the pain didn't mean I'd try to kill anyone

  • It all would have went down peacefully if the police had done their job. But they had clearly been given orders to step down and to even disperse Alt Right protesters into a crowd of Antifa (who would have been easily handled if not protesters were forced to disperse by the police). Baked Alaska had acid thrown in his eyes and may suffer permanent damage. Interesting that this isn't mentioned by the lying (((MSM))) isn't it?

  • Violence on both sides is unacceptable. We have the right to peaceably assemble, not to riot and attack others with differing opinions and beliefs. Anarchy has no place in a civil society.

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