• Everyone decide whether u r american first!!! We r all created equal under god!! But if its u or me,, im packin at all times n will blow yer fuckin head off in a second! Enough of this race bullshit,, GROW UP IDIOTS!!

  • These people are acting like children. It doesn't matter which side instigated both are equally terrible. The presidents response was equally disappointing. He did blame both sides however he should have done it in a harsher, more detailed way. Being ashamed of being their (the people who were in the rallies (both sides)) president, and that being a developed nation is more than just numbers, would seem effective. Americans are divided, but hopefully it is not too late to heal. However the behavior of these "Americans" makes me feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel…

  • If the Alt-Right isn't Racist then what is with all of the hostility toward all non whites? Maybe just focus on having white pride in your heritage, and not wanting to physically remove non whites. Just a suggestion. Not every non white is a commie scumfuck. BTW I have watched people on the right including yourself blame entire groups of people for the actions of a few. Don't be a hypocrite Molyneux (BLM kidnapping) I do not endorse BLM at all.

  • Look I don't want to be this person… but if a white nationalist wanted to kill people a lot more people would be dead. It's not a pretty way to look at it but it's just true.

  • There was no balance in Fox News reporting. Antifa got a pass today. The little pathetic fake ninjas came to fight and lit the fire.

  • Please allow me to introduce myself
    I'm a man of wealth and taste
    I've been around for a long long year
    I've stolen many a man's soul and faith

    I was there in Charlottesville
    When I saw it was time for a change
    Made a car drive into the crowd
    While the Alt-Right got the blame

    Pleased to meet you
    I hope you guessed my name
    Outright hustling you
    It's just the nature of my game……….


  • Attempted Manslaughter? What is this hoe talking about? That's murder! Plain and simple. All you political YouTube dweebs need a real kick in. Fucking geeks.

  • I got an idea. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE ROAD. DIZZY FUCKING BROADS! Thats all it is. A few loud black women, cucked white knights, and white women.

  • Ironically Ulysses Grant, the Commanding General of the Union Army owned slaves, while Robert Lee, the Commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia owned none. Ignorance and simplistic thinking pervade, and the vacuum of intelligence is filled up by stupid violence with dire consequence.

  • I think it's been confirmed as ACTUAL manslaughter now. I see this as a blow to the movement, and an inevitability, with the rise in tension, the civlizational dimension and the uselessness of the police.

  • I think my grandfather and his brother served in the Second World War and lost his arm fighting against people like these two cunts.

  • Antifa have been causing mayhem for years now with almost zero condemnation from the MSM. the piece of shit in the car is probably also on the Soros payroll. BLM & Antifa are domestic terror groups yet are legitimized by the media but being conservative is a crime? fuck off

  • Still a single terrorist incident in a majority white country, compared to plural terrorist incindents in Islam minority western countries. Still better than a nail bomb, and can be called a crime of passion.

  • DO NOT play into the hands of the Soros-Leftest-Racist-hatemongers.
    DEMAND that this kind of violence stop and be punished if there is any more rioting.

  • If the government will not protect the whites in the nation then it will be taken into the hands of white nationalists scary

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