• I am Upset with CNN for not asking Jerry Springer to work for their station. After all, if they are going to be obviously fake, they should go all the way baby 🙂

  • I, Earl C. Hunter, am the originator of the gif posted by HanAssholeSolo. He posted it as a favor to me, since I am not on Reddit. I live in downtown Las Vegas. So once again CNN got the wrong information. I feel the need to let them come after me the originator not the Reddit user. I am a 65 yr old Viet Nam veteran so come after me CNN not someone who was just doing a favor for a friend.

  • Everything is racist today. It's becoming so dumb..LMAO!!
    When white people tell me to go back to Europe, I laugh because I have American Indian blood running through my veins
    The democrats are fn nuts!

  • CNN seems to think that lying, slander and character assassination is going to get them out of trouble when it was what got them in trouble in the first place.  Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Good grief.

  • There is a petition circulating in my area on Facebook to Blackout CNN on July 31 until August 1 they say to send a loud and clear message to the powers that be at CNN that "We The People" are alive and well.

  • CNN has all those FBI and CIA names of anonymous sources .How many are now being blackmailed after the first criminal disclosure of information to the Clinton news network ? How many where sent by higher ups ?

  • I don't understand why there is any confusion here, when a news agency purposely lies, they instantly become enemy of not only the people but of the state. In essence its a act of war and should always be treated as one , no matter what country or year.

  • How dumb do you have to be to believe these lunacies of dangerous racist memes? MEMES man! Like this is the problem. And then, they get emotional, they get triggered, they have all this permanent damage done to them thru brainwashing.

  • People might start reacting violently when large billion dollar companies start blackmailing privet citizens who criticize them, or make fun of them. I mean what's next from CNN, ruffing people up, cement overshoes, decapitated horse heads in peoples beds. Why is CNN still on the air??????…. Does CNN have a video, or something of the FBI director at the Vatican gay orgy?

  • So, wrestling is "violence" by CNN's standard, but Kathy Griffin's beheading the president, or the Shakespeare play in park is only a "satiric art" by the very same CNN???

    Wow, I'm amazed!

    I thought CNN was only a fake-news organization, but now I see they are ONLY a group of leftist ideological morons.

    How the hell did those people graduate from journalism???

    Did they really go to college to study journalism, or they just purchase some of those "diploma forms" (made in China!) from the local Dollar Store, and the "smartest" person amongst them filled out the names of each group member in to the proper fields provided???

    Why am I even thinking this is a possibility?! LOL

  • I'm surprised the wave didn't inadvertently wipe out WWE when all the fanboys realize it isnt real lmao what an unfortunate cause and effect that would be! But hey THAT REALLY WAS TRUMP CUTTING VINCE McMAHONS HAIR so even WWE isn't completely fake!

  • I don't see why this Racist Ass Hole is getting any support he has stated himself that he purposely post Racist Anti Semitic content on Reddit just for reactions laughs and upvotes I don't care private citizen or not if you promote hate speech that can incite violence you need to be exposed dumb ass holes like him don't understand how fucked up and crazy some racist are like that Trump supporter that assaulted two women who appeared to be Muslim on a train in Portland yelling ethnic and religious slurs toward them and ‘viciously’ killed two men who confronted him people lost their life because some racist who was probably incited by people like that Ass Hole posting kill all Muslims memes Gas the Jews memes and Kill Niggers memes on Reddit just for Laughs and Reactions even if he's not racist as he clams there are lots of dumb racist that will actually go and commit violent crimes over memes and dumb racist post

    I think there is a lot of racist who are trying to shut down CNN out of fear of being exposed themselves just imagine if someone came out with an app that lets you find the address of all the dumb racist Trolls who post kill Niggers ,Jews and Muslims Nazi swastika signs wonder how their jobs would feel if someone sent them Screenshots of their racist banter how would their friends and neighbors react to finding out just how racist they are I bet they would be shamed and fired from their jobs just like a lot of racist police officers that get exposed when they post racist content to their social media accounts

  • CNN , MSNBC , ABC , CBS , NBC , NY Times , Wa Post … , all working hard to destabilize the office of President . Trump could cure cancer today and these traitors would all claim he was in favor of heart disease . The proof is in the fact they report NOTHING positive that this President does . That would work against their agenda . This President not only donates his paychecks to charity but it's been estimated he has lost over 200 million dollars by taking this nightmare of a "job". For the sole reason of wanting to "give back" to the country that has done so much for him . The people who attack him and his family , YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES !!!

  • When at 7.22 he says sarcastically, "Oh he's racist so you can just strip his rights away", I fear that many millennials actually think that's what this guy deserves. So maybe CNN is trying to condition those young people. Scary.

  • plug plug plug ! I use it my nan uses it we give it to my pet iguana. it's packed full of refugee tears and nationalist ideas to get you through the day.

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