• Extremists on both sides are being used to force the rational centrists to defend themselves. This is full blown psychological warfare. Don't become a victim. Remember your spirit. Remember your essence before they try to make you forget. Don't. Give. Up.

  • Pray for being deep state because if that sheer level of stupidity is anything more than an anomaly within the movement to reclaim Western Values and the Classic American Birth Right – it is doomed to fail. Right now the DS is literally seeding agitprop to intentionally draw out those prone to resort to physical violence. They want that , DS feels confident they can win if they can provoke to violernce and are desperately playing that hand. Wait and Counter-punch. They want Americans to respond violently out of emotion that is what the monuments and history Orwell '451 Fahrenheit' thing is about . Warriors do not live long if they respond out of emotion. Carry on and look for the perfect moment to counter as hard and ruthlessly as possible. What they don't want is to tip the scales where Veterans and folks with Jobs make it their new full time job to take these snakes down individually by name politically or otherwise. They cannot win that battle. They want to try a few losers like the vice idiot in the media and condemn the entire Trump movement as giving in to that and regain the MASSIVE , LANDSLIDE amount of ground that we have taken with elections and in the eyes of the majority of the sane and functional American public.

  • The NAZI political party dissolved in 1945.
    You twats slinging the NAZI party affiliation are about 72 years too late.
    God you're so indoctrinated.

  • Cernovich is such a liar; go look for his tweets relating to the alt-right. He made white supremacist comments, etc, and now claims those tweets are "photo-shopped." My guess? He's scared now and wants everyone to think he was never with the Richard Spencer/Baked Alaska types.

  • These 'Alt-Right' clowns were raised up by the MSM to be brought down like straw men. But we all knew that from the moment they began to be promoted. Right? Alt-Right internet stars are just like yesterday's fox news cuck-pen. But media narratives are irrelevant now so who cares?
    There is no political solution.
    This is about the spirit of man.
    This is Class Struggle and it will be with us for the next 500 years. If you're part of a 'media narrative' or repeating any such narrative you are already on the side of the Oppressor Class.

  • There is no reason at all to show your Guns, in the contrary here are hundreds of reasons to keep them covered. My explanation is the same as Mikes: He is a set up !!

  • Cernovitch, I like you and what you are doing, but according to my experience, what you have been hit with was not Pepperspray. It might have been GS Gas or Tear Gas but not Pepperspray. If you get hit by pepperspray straight into the face, you cant see for some minutes because the blood vessels in your eyes dilate and it might take your breath away so badly that you will go on your knees. You wont be able to sĂŒeak because you have no breath for doing it. Now that is at least what we in Germany call Peperspray. Maybe you Guys in America have some castrated kind`that I dont know…?

  • But Cernovitvich, you now help support the narrativ of having two violent extremist parties opposing each other everywhere they meet. Instead of trying to resolve this narrativ, you build it up by hardening the fronts between these two opposing forces. Are you sure you know what you are doing??

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