• Well if you burn down someones house… they move in yours, until there homes are stable again. So their you go, stop bitching ( Red Ice ) im soo glad i am able to think for myself.

  • If anything was to sum up the current situation in the UK its the fact London as a city elected a Muslim Mayor called Khan who is a complete clown who makes statements like "Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a global city like London" and wants to charge diesel car owners a second tariff on top of the congestion charge when nearly all modern diesel cars have the same or less emission as petrol, thats just one example of his stupidity, a day affter he was elected Islamic advertising appeared on London buses, I questioned this at the time and thought this had to be misleading propaganda based on no fact, I was wrong sadly after I did my owm research.

    London has been lost and I see no way it can be turned round, cuturally, ethnically and in mindset it is as far away from what I call the UK as can be possible and its getting worse.

    Tonight I looked at the official Muslim Population percentages in major UK cities, as brutal as 10-18% may look I actually believe thats nothing like the reality my own eyes encounter and nothing like the correct figures.

    The guy in the interview is spot on, the media are cheerleading this and certainly if nothing else give off the impression they are laughing at us…..it must be great being mixed race as a career in TV must be statistacally far easier to obtain than a white or black person as the proportion they use in programmes and even more so adverts is just incredible and almost of comedy level if the subject matter wasnt so serious!

  • If White Genocide seems too strong a term for the faint-of-heart in "normie" land, at the very least they should be able to see that this is Ethnic-Cleansing at the absolute least.

  • Contrary to popular belief fueled by the MSM and the likes of so-called historian Dominic Sandbrook there was no baby boom after WW2 in Britain. Having said that, for a brief period in the years 1946 and again in 1964 there was a peak in birthrate for those two years only. In between these years from 1947 through to 1963 and covering the decade of the 1950's there was a slump in birthrate quite possibly due to the post war austerity during these years. Those children who were born during the slump period achieved sexual maturity when the contraception pill became widely available.
    The indigenous UK population historically have been led to believe falsely that they are a majority in UK by the myth of a post war baby boom. We have swallowed that lie hook line and sinker and the guilt trip that goes with it, as a consequence UK people have been psychologically disarmed and unable to defend themselves and their interests on many levels
    UK people have been and are too complacent in many matters and find it difficult to take on board new realities of any kind which go against the grain of their accustomed acceptability, this is particularly so in matters that have not touched them as yet. The raw fact is that for several decades UK has had governments that do not care about its own citizens.

  • To sum it up, the Western elite is flooding their countries with people without education that will never get proper jobs. The power distance between the working class and the elite stretches. More power to the elite, less power to the people.

    Who pays for this? Tax money from the middle class. Less money for the middle class, more money for the elite.

  • MESSAGE to White Haters in the West: GIVE UP, or GET OUT!
    That is to everyone, (((Cultural Marxists))) included.
    If you are unwilling to accept the reality and nature of those who founded these countries, you do not belong in Europe, the US, or other Western countries

  • No mention of the Zionist elite funding of the charities that assist the replacement millions from sub Sahara etc or the regressive left politicians/media that are pushing white genocide. They will learn though

  • In the USA, the liberals tells we need to have a better social welfare state like Sweden but it doesn't look Welfare spending doesn't lead to integration for those people at all.

  • Britain is the reason for its own 'abhorrent' transformation. 100%. Whereas Germany was made to be this way. After all, it's what the gallant 'All Lies' fought for. Wasn't it?

  • How are you guys not anti-capitalist, too? Capitalism is giving economic power to Asia and the Middle East and destroying Europe. I cannot join pro-capitalist people because greedy business people just want money and don't care about race.

  • There is only one thing the Brits can do. Bow down to the Germans and ask for forgiveness. The Brits were the whores of the kikes for 400 years. And now they brag about Islam? What dummies are the Brits? They are fucking ignorant of what they have done to the world in their name.

  • There will be no Brexit. It was never on the cards. In fact, the "crisis" precipitated by it will lead to Britain joining the Euro.

  • I was in London the other week back and then travelled out to South Yorkshire and then West Yorkshire, i was using different forms of transport, road buses, local buses, trains etc and i took in Goole in Humberside, Doncaster in South Yorkshire and through to Rotherham and then to Sheffield all by local bus connections, i was struck by the small town of Goole and as i walked through its High street i could not hear the English language being spoken and the majority of people sitting in the coffee shops were non English/British or European as well as many of whom were non white.

    When i got to Doncaster this was more obvious it being a larger town and i seen so many non white, non European migrants walking around who i could tell were not in the country before 1997 and probably 2007.

    I got on another bus in Doncaster and it took me through the now infamous and culturally enriched town of Rotherham and then on to the large city of Sheffield.

    The bus was an informative window on this part of North England that has seen massive 3rd world immigration, i noted many young 3rd world asian migrants with local Yorkshire girlfriends as well as a few spots of notable degeneration such as mosques and large areas full of muslims and africans and east europeans.

    Sheffield in itself seemed very enriched by Islam and the 3rd world, i noted an apathy in the English people it was as if they had resigned themselves to this and were in like a psychological prison cell unable to speak up about the forced changes to their towns and cities and country.

    I was in Sheffield a few hours and it struck me as something was lost forever there due to what im talking about, then i was on to Leeds and on a National express coach up the M1, my coach driver was a black Jamaican and to be fare was friendly and had the local accent, once i got to Leeds i had to wait until 2:50 in the morning for a National express coach to take me to Glasgow, this gave me 6 hours to look around and note the changes, whilst sitting i noted every coach coming in was offloading non white 3rd world muslims and Africans and you could tell they were not in the UK long, it was a real eye opener, and obviously i was in London before and that as bad as it seems actually wasn't as bad in comparison whithin the aforementioned towns and cities, i was in this situation as i left a job and was glad to make it back to Scotland though this sort of stuff is happening in the big cities and towns here too. All of these areas in the North of England i travelled through were and are known for their fondness for Left wing socialism and voting Labour, as we all know Labour are all for importing a new underclass of 3rd word foreigners and this is what has happened here, as i headed towards Scotland the last English city i stopped in was Newcastle upon Tyne, and i noted the workers i the coach station were all no indigenous Blacks, same as in all the other places before.

  • 4:12 in and I give up. Someone from continental Europe should teach some of these young Britons to speak one whole sentence in English without 17 × you knows and the statutory pauses caused by fishing about in their empty heads for words they don't have.

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