• So what kind of drives and lifestyle does the family want to foster. The well educated elite stay that way by having books in their home and want to be like Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The wage slaves only have the TV, iPhones, and Saturday shopping to fill in their life and want to be like the latest pop singing star. In general.

  • Guys/men… there is an inescapable FACT in this life: women/girls are NOT ACCOUNTABLE (especially if they succumb to the cult of beauty and "princesshood." WE ARE. Act accordingly. Be lovingly firm and set the standard. Yes, you might get demonized like Trump, but BE THE MAN. No matter what. Friends, family etc desert you?? Stay the course. Humanity depends upon it. LITERALLY. (You're gonna get the credit or blame in the end anyway.)

  • My frame: Stefan is on a Crusade to save Western Civilization from itself. He's changed his views on Christianity because he knows when it works, it's impact on culture is positive (Capitalism, Community, Duty, Service). He is addressing the corruption of our institutions because they lead great societies (astray in 2017) and he is attacking – front on – individuals like this person who have failed the family. The Western nuclear family is destroyed not only by post modernism but by a lack of accountability. To make a society great, the individual must too be great. Right Stefan?

  • I regret all the drinking and drugs I participated in between, I guess, 17 and 23. Too many drunken blackouts, too much money spend on booze and weed.

    I'm not afraid to admit it because of how far I've come from that.

  • She rejected your assistance "brother" because she doesn't see you as an alpha male but a weak đź’© Turd.

  • I think most people who listen/call in know Stef's personality and that he can be a little nitpicky, bordering on condescending sometimes…usually in the beginning. I do understand why he does that—it's almost like a measurement tool, he gauges where people's heads are at and their thinking patterns. I've gotten used to it and now just kinda chuckle when he does it. I think most believe that it isn't an aggressive thing although I have seen some callers become defensive due to it.

  • This is the best discussion I have ever heard in my life. I railed on my cousins and my uncle and aunt about enabling my cousins to get into drugs and alcohol and was ignored and hated for a time until the youngest of the 4 brothers died from drugs. My aunt would even give them her own prescriptions I found out later on. Being the hated family member is horrible. Thank you for this call because it has helped me get past my bad feelings.

  • This stuff always happens with women because 'Daddy issues'. As a woman myself I can tell you what issues I do have come down to my father. Women need an ATTENTIVE but strong father figure. Someone understanding but not too lenient, tough, but not too strict, and never neglectful, but not too spoiling, and they must not be "protected" from it. What they do not get from their father they will seek out in EXTREMES with their boyfriends.

  • Short answer. Don't let your kids do drugs or drink and drive. And Mommy has to learn to take some criticism.

  • Behavioral Cognitive Therapy or perhaps Moral Reconation Therapy, but don't let this stuff go! In the latter it is emphasis that there are definite conditions of existence that can improve enormously and these I can definitely attest to having been through this particular program as did our "facilitators" who were licensed Ph.D.'s and MBA's. If we could all do it so can most anyone else.

  • I was 16 when an uncle (my Father's cousin) I sailed with suggested that my Mother might not always be right. It came as a total shock. Poor Jeff is 36 and his brother's death may be the result of his Mother's duplicity, that is devastating.

  • I'd love to call in one day. I'm trying to make sense of too many things I know little about, and Stefan seems to have a different understanding, one that I wish I could access.

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