• they look like a pretty contrasting pair here.(friend pair) both have a healthy happy glow about them right now too.
    dark and light
    tan and white

  • I never realized just how dominating Lauren Southern is! Just watching this video Brittany looks like a child compared to LS, if I didn't know better I would assume that LS is the mother and Brittany is her daughter.

    My 2 cents, MGTOW ftw!! women will take everything and complain that you didn't have more for them to steal. Men! you are just toys and slaves for their amusement, cash and prizes. Men protect yourselves! (and know these two chicks are the most dangerous!)

  • It took us thousands of years to figure out the best thing for civilization is for one man and one woman to create a monogamous, nuclear family. This is the foundation of every lasting society. Now we're throwing it out the window as fast as we can.

  • +Brittany Pettibone
    Hey, I was wondering, since you seem to know an awful lot about relationships: Do you have any advice for men who are shy when it comes to talking to women?

  • Most Us Men have gone Mgtow we no longer need woman no benefits in a relationships with females.. Female can work now they ask for it and wanted equally.. So, there no need for Men to prove anything like step up out game, or try the shit test, or dating , and so fourth..

  • Ok, I need some help here because Im a man who pretty closely identifies with what this writer is expressing and Im having trouble hearing the difference.
    I identify with thinking I deserve SOMEONE to have a decent, mature, real, healthy, loving relationship with…. BECAUSE I put in the work. I HAVE pushed myself to grow into the kind of man who is defined by wise, loving, mature adults as wise, loving, and mature. I am hard working and self sufficient, I am patient, I am adoring and romantic, I am loyal, I am all about communication, I am empathetic. I am all about serving other people – not just a partner, but all people – but not to tje point of being pathological so I also know how to receive and appreciate. And I do not settle for the fine man I have worked to become, I am ever trying to grow and evolve into the greatest man I can possibly be. I do everything other women sing and praise about their man, but to an even higher degree, and for all that what have I gotten? NOTHING.
    I do not expect EVERY woman to fall in love with me, but I have experienced such the extreme opposite that I am forced to use the term "its unfair". As in, almost conspiracy level unfair: I cant even get a girl to go on ONE date with me. In 7 years, I have gone on ONE date. And the women I ask out are women I get familar with on multiple occasions, who seem to at least SOMEHWAT enjoy my company and have A LITTLE chemistry with, but not one woman on earth will say yes to even go on a FIRST date to give me a CHANCE for a second date; let alone a relationship. To see almost every woman on earth put up with severely sub-par men who are not as wise, loving, dedicated, noble, or hard working as I am and have not one woman on earth even have 1 ounce of interest in me has created a level of depression and bitterness to where I say YES, I deserve to not be treated like absolute garbage by the entire female sex, and I DO deserve love as much as the next man, most significantly because I am not just another man I am a GOOD man.
    So is there a difference? Because you both seem to kind of go back and forth, on the one hand saying that a person does deserve a healthy loving relationship if they put in the work, but then on t'other recoiling with cringe at the word "deserve" entirely.
    MGTOW need not respond, you are weak. Too weak to face your own problems, your own fears, and your own wants.

  • In a serious relationship (marriage) the center is always the other one. For the spouse it will be her husband, for the husband  is going to be his spouse. Once you pick your girl, you stay with her until one of both die. That means, that when you are sick, you do not expect that she will take care of you, but you make sure she has everything she need, and keep taking care of her. (the same thing for women)

    If you are able to face the reality a life changing relationship, that will make you the better version of yourself, then you deserve a good relationship, because you will be making one.

    The problem is, who are you going to choose?

  • Irony Alert – Lauren just said "you're never gonna get good relationship advice from a viral relationship article." But a viral relationship video is different? Seriously? I'm a fan of you both but pleeeez stop. You two are public intellectuals and should stick to topics that don't revolve around your personal lives. The internet never forgets!

  • If you exactly know what you want in relationship , all you get is relationship 😉 if you see a explosive disaster and wanna check if it hurts , you are fucking stupid moron 😉 if you looking for love instead someone you love , I wish you a nice ,life long journey 😉 Beside the NBA turns into shit , step by step , since Larry Bird (33 Celtics Boston!!!) left the ligue ;-( Who do You love Cherii ?

  • social media seems like the biggest obstacle to having a successful relationship… if you meet a good man; ditch social media – both of you – and see how you do.. just a challenge .. that would include youtube, facebook, twitter, and instagram, etc. . . its a challenge because the more time you're not clutching your little screens girls .. the more likely it is that you will have a man to hang onto for reals ….. men want your complete attention and women want your complete attention .. those gizmos are killing your social lives and sex lives and future parental potentials…. a radical notion: devoting your undivided attention to another human being [good training for parenthood too]

  • Thinking Ape did a great job confronting this 'back to the 50's'-attitude. Regarding partnership stop searching for Hollywood-love, start looking at it as a logical, necessary and fruitful alliance.

  • No one deserves anything – whether it's a good relationship or eternal reparations. Cultural Marxism is responsible for this self-entitlement complex so many in America have.

  • I think the main problem with this article is in its title. She wants someone to show up for her. That's not taking a proactive position as she is waiting for a man to come in a sweep her off her feet. As a dating coach, many women I meet fall under this same problem and I always give the same answer…. Are you going to show up for him too? You get what you deserve in the sense that you'll get what you put in. If you are aware, which this woman who wrote the article is not, you will pick a good partner and find these things. If not, you'll drift from person to person because the shopping list for a man is never fully complete.

  • I think I deserve both of these ladies! lmfao. All said and done, I prefer to be single and avoid the perils of committing to a western woman. MGTOW is freedom (like Big John).

  • Exactly! And the stupid quote that so many people say when they fail at relationships, the "I need a man/woman who accepts and supports everything I do". No! You are both supposed to help each other become better and that doesn't entail supporting them when they do stupid shit. You let them know they're fucking up and help them work through it. Couples build each other up. Anyway, well said ladies

  • Just read the article – carefully. I have only these thoughts;

    You can't go out and buy new food every day. You have to be very careful with money between paychecks. At least 65% of your time together

    Same goes with time itself. You have to manage your time together and alone within the whole relationship.

    Inadvertently one needs to negotiate their expectations with each other, in every possible way.

    That woman has not learned to negotiate for the things she wants. For her it is always win/loose – she can't even imagine the fact that her negotiations or her life as a whole can be a win/win.

    It is the post modernist Marxist propaganda about how everything and everyone is about dominance games. So by definition, just as Jordan Peterson puts it, for these post modernist Marxists, by entering in any sort of negotiation/debate one is "dominated" by whatever boogey man their idiot proffessors have taught them to be afraid of and hate. Lauren talks about "hard work in all good relationships".

    Lauren, just by mentioning this all you told these people is that they have to "submit themselves" to the arbitrary expectations of some patriarch. So i understand how Brittany comes to the "entitlement mentality", since entitlement is the only way such people have in place in order to go after the things they want…. – HUGE TURN OFF

  • "I am one hell of a women" Clearly not. Desperation and entitlement are extremely unattractive.
    "Passionate yogi" and the barefoot tangent made me cringe so hard

    Side bar: Just realized that Lauren has super long fingers lol

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