• people are starting to wake up. the forgotten man took time out to vote. trump. brexit. these are but the first. there must be more.

  • Don't be this guy… I love this message. This is why I still do my scheduled run even if its 100 f outside. You have to train yourself to overcome difficult situations or you'll crumble under pressure when the time comes. I loved the analogy of the guy laying down in the blizzard.

  • Gumption. Resolve. This man lacks both. If people like him are the norm in Sweden then perhaps their nation really is doomed..

  • There's only one way to fix this. Kill or be killed. All of Europe needs to grow some balls and start a revolution. Your life, or theirs.

  • I'm only 17 and it does really get old when i know what is supressing us from advancing but letting it prevent me from spreading the truth wont ever happen

  • So glad Stefan called this guy out. All the postering over his intellect, and how well read he was, yet lacked the courage to do anything other than navel gazing. A high IQ is of no use if you're just another coward, the caller sums up Sweden perfectly, step aside caller and let the Men sort the mess out!

  • He was begging to be activated, but scared of the responsibility. A kick in the ass may have been all he needed. Thanks for the kick, Stef. We all need it.

  • Thank you, Stefan. I needed to hear this. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of what is happening in the world today. Especially, if one has children and understands how critical it is that we change the trajectory of certain current trends.

  • This guy's position is incoherent. How can you even talk to someone this long when all they are say is word salad with cuck dressing?

  • your guest tonight struck me as very bright and also depressed. completely understandable given the state of things. only the ignorant can wander around blissful in this world today. IF he were to decide to just sit and make some videos and discuss the problems and what he sees as solutions i think it would be good for him – even if nobody watches. but people would watch because his thoughts are atypical and intelligent. he just needs to communicate them and maybe he will do us all some good in the process.

  • Sorry to sound defeatist but let's be real here.

    We may have the internet, but unlike the people that gave us this great civilisation we don't want to fight for it.
    We may have the internet, so do they. But they also have the streets. What good is it saying we have the internet when they control the streets.
    Sure you can say we can march and protest, but after 6 or 9 hours everyone goes home and they take back the streets.
    We not only have an enemy to fight but our countries are full of traitors. The enemy have full support that we pay for. We also have to fight the dirty politicians, the cowardly police, the lying media and church and of course the useful fucking idiots.
    We don't want to mobilise and attack because of the risk to our jobs and our families security. We may loose that if we attack but we will loose everything if we continue to turn a blind eye and hide from the truth. We are told it is not democratic or the Christian way to attack, only defend yourself. They always and only attack in overwhelming numbers.

    What good is telling each other how fucked we are on the internet when we do not want to fight and take back what is ours. After all the attacks in the west, it looks like enough is never going to be enough. A man with his eyes open can see we have already lost.

  • Jesus Christ props for even listening to this guy. I'm sorry Stefan, I only made it 7:30 in before I couldn't stand it anymore.

  • The welfare state will eventually collapse on it's own. It would be much, much better if it's done sooner than later. The EU is headed for a civil war.

    Most people are followers – they see a line & get in it hoping it leads somewhere worthwhile. A few people have physical courage – they'll act if someone else will. A very few have moral courage – they see something that's wrong & they'll act on it despite what anyone else does or thinks of it.

  • The guy is clearly intelligent but lacks some fight in him. I wish him to find his purpose and do great things in life.

  • Democratization is a poor description of what the internet did to media. Democracy would be people voting on what can be said online and then the majority would force their views on the entire population. Im not sure if the word exists. Liberating perhaps.

  • the problem is simple: the more you try to change something the more life will not let you to. you have to let go. look at all of those alternate media guys, they are miserable, angry and dissapointed all the times. because they can't let go. just live your life and don't try to change everyone around you – because you can't.

  • Call me what you will but the only way to fix the UK at this point is to use that powder keg to blow the corrupt UK government and the islamic invaders to kingdom come

  • Stefan I couldn't agree more with your attitude towards 'credentials'. Education will never alter the innate capabilities of a person.

  • Stefan, You've got a big prpblem here, the EU has been involved in war and colonialism for centuries. Theres no where to go now. The population grows. The colonies grow. The world grows. Theres no where to go. The economy is a man made device to give value to resources.
    This system of value/ money has led us to this situation.
    Economy boom n bust that's what economy does.
    Do we have to have wars to create boom ?
    If you are realists stefan then the farms overcrowded we need to go to market and sell our stuff. Problem is no-ones buying there in the same position ?
    We haven't been here before so what to do ?
    Go back to the old ways ?
    Great flood and start again ?
    No get rid of the united nations and the federal reserve
    The old ways of doing business isnt working anymore bc the old ways are not being employed anymore ?
    Stop funding space agencys.
    Stop funding war.
    Start feeding the world.
    Get back to basics.
    Farming health nature free energy zero polution !
    With me ?

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