• No real need to spoof anything….


    …. a spokesman for the Libyan coast guard claimed the NGOs were acting inside Libyan coastal waters in breach of international law. More than 84,000 migrants have landed in Italy this year, and 12,000 in the past few days. The past three years have shown June to September to be when migrants numbers peak.

    Libyan coast guard spokesman Ayyoub Qasem accused the NGOs of “encouraging illegal immigrants – who flock to Libya from over 30 African countries – and not worrying at all about Libya’s sovereignty over its territory and its territorial waters.”

    He claimed the rescue groups were acting in open violation of Libyan maritime sovereignty, adding that the number of migrants embarking from Libya had risen 20% since last year despite measures designed to reduce the flow. “This is a clear indication that the measures taken to stop or reduce the phenomenon are partly wrong – or rather increase the number of migrants and smugglers,”

  • Their initial claims the NGOs are ferrying migrants is still very much on point and the data you present support that. They are picking people up 12 miles off the coast of Libya and transporting them hundreds of miles to European ports. There is no logical way to describe this behavior as rescuing. It's ferrying. They are either being paid to do it or they are using donations of support to do it, but are those donations being used correctly or are they being misappropriated?

  • Wow so they were 12 miles off the coast of Libya and the chose to transport the people a couple hundred miles in the other direction to drop them in Europe instead of back in Libya…hrm doesn't sound like collusion to me.

    I think it would be less of an 'incentive' if you paid $5000 for the people smugglers to get you out there and the NGO's just took you back. So yes they are incentivising the migrants and endangering lives. Defend Europe is absolutely right about what is going on.

  • Tim, you failed to discuss the obvious possibility that the waypoints near the Libyan coast were GPS locations transmitted by the NGO ship that were simply erroneous calculations of its position. You seemed to be asking leading questions to the GPS/AIS expert to get him to state that it must have been spoofed, but he never did.

    I kept waiting for you to ask him what magnitue of position errors would be reasonable for the type of equipment on the NGO ship. Why didn't you?

  • It could be spoofed, though there's another possibility :
    It could just be buggy data. How reliable are the GPS transmitters ?

    If it just shows up their one time, and then returns to it's original position, I would be inclined to think it's just a glitch.
    If it's showing a jump and than consistently at that new location ,that's certainly something fishy.

  • Whoever is saying that Defend Europe is spoofing this GPS signal doesn't understand the matter.
    According to what Vlad said about the GPS logging you physically have to broadcast a signal containing the information of that boat. So you have to be at the exact or close position where the GPS signal needs to be placed/spoofed.
    Spoofing in general computer science is to steal the identity of somebody or something and pretend do be in this case the boat.

  • Point is, if the NGO ships are running legal, they should have nothing to hide. Who cares then if it's monitored by Identity Europa?

    This could either be one of two things.

    1. NGO ships spoof their location, then announce it as a hack to cover their tracks, all the while actually picking up migrants from ports in Libya or not in international waters as they claim. Essentially breaking the law for profit, and creating an influx of economic migrants to Europe.

    2. An affiliation who is against #1 is spoofing the NGO ship locations to set up a violation and provide more attention to the situation, i.e Identity Europa or another organization.

    My money is on the former, but I can't say for sure.

  • maybe contact the Lybian Coast Guard and see if there as ship restrictions as to who can enter their waters. The ghosting might be being done to smuggle things in and out using Open Arms radio signal.

  • Having served in the Coast Guard, trained as an ET and working on nav/comm systems, this "expert" is completely full of shit. It just doesn't work that way. Fake news.

  • Its only common errors.
    The NGOs are realy close to Libya. The trafficers can trace the NGOs and deliver the cargo easy and safe.
    The trafficers saves a lot of money, money we here in Norway (we have some NGOs there) pays for.
    Can you find out why EU accept this?

  • Looking at the data points it is mostly that nobody spoofed anything and the system just error, it is an extreme outlier. And well they are technically in international waters it is weird that they are so close. As a layman, I would think that it would be easier for the Libyan coast guard to rescue them; at the very least it seems like it would be logistically easier to take rescued people to the nearest land mass.

  • How often does the boat send out the AIS beacon? Including the time stamp information in the report would have been helpful for us and would allow us to judge for ourselves. I feel that this was just half of the story as the return path of the ship would also be needed validate or deny the claim of spoofing.

  • Can someone tell me why Italian tugboats are driving right outside Libya? I just went to "marinetraffic dot com" and found 2 tugboats just of the coast one called "RINGHIO" and another one called "GAGLIARDO".

  • This seems like a anomaly more than anything else. You have a few large groups of highly concentrated points all too far from the ships possible location, one of these happened to be very close to the coast. However seeing how much faulty data was collected I have a hard time believing this was a hack, more like a glitch.

  • Tim knows deep down that these NGOs are engaging in human trafficking and not the business of saving people. They pick them up on the coast and instead of dropping them off in port in North Africa they bring them all the way across the Med to Europe. This video is designed to make you think that the NGOs are really doing a legitimate thing.

  • Just to point something out, it would take less than 1 minute to plot those lat/longs in google earth pro which seems to be what is being used. At most it takes saving the file as a csv file, dragging and dropping that csv file onto the GEP window, and select appropriate columns for lat/long and choose any display settings you want.

    In other words, it took me longer to type out this comment than it would reasonably take to plot those points.

  • The EU is the biggest cartel of human trafficing and importer of terrorism in the west. the US is the greatest producer of terrorism and spreading of third world to first world misery in the west.

  • #DefendEurope just started, and even their first small findings are already raising a great deal of interesting questions. Such as – why are the NGO ships, who are claiming to be rescuing Syrian war refugees, are actually operating extremely close to Libyan territory, and then taking the migrants they have picked up hundreds of miles north to European ports rather than delivering them to the closest available location… which would be in Libya?? Good job Tim, and great job Defend Europe for bringing all these details to our attention!

  • If you look at the other outliers, they appear just as far out as the marker by the libyan coast. So it could be an accuracy error. However, it is also possible that they may have docked there and simply turned off their AIS system. If they're doing illegal things, then there is motive to turn off the AIS system so that they don't appear in Lybian waters.

  • They could be spoofing their own signal, but who cares honestly. It is a moot point whether they crossed some arbitrary line of being considered in "Libyan" waters or "international" waters. So they're fine as long as they're 7 miles off the coast? Dude it's SEVEN fucking miles, that's nothing! You could swim seven miles with a pair of water wings to rest! They're STILL operating as a ferry service, who cares if they were 12 miles or 1.5 miles off the coast, that's not a huge distance. I'll bet my left kidney there are traffickers with cell phones or GPS units ferrying these people 7 or so miles off the coast, noting their coordinates, and then calling the NGO boat to come pick up the migrants before they turn back and do it all over again. They could throw their AIS in a dingy, leave it 10 miles off the coast while they take the actual ship into PORT and then pick up the dingy on the way back and bam you got plausible data that says you never got close to shore (well closer than 7 miles, like 7 miles isn't close as shit), and that's only if you didn't want to hire someone with moderate hacking skills to fake your data for you. You said it, this data is not encrypted or protected and it's easy as hell to fake. I just know one thing, NGO's are generally shady, shady globalist organizations. Seems like half of them these days, their actual mission statement is to bring down western society and push globalism and/or socialism. Remember when the word "foundation" was a good thing, for rich dead guys to leave legacies by funding a few scholarships after they die, not well-connected well funded action committees hell bent on creating a shared hell for all the little people not in the leftist elite ruling class? Cause I 'member.

  • The answer is… this was spoofed to highlight that these NGO are facilitating a European invasion by illegal immigrants  and the reason is… the MSM are ignoring it. The real story is NOT the spoofing Tim,  as that was just to get your attention

  • Don't conflict zones have scrambled GPS signals? I remember seeing it somewhere, that the US military scrambles the gps satellite signals to prevent accuracy. AN/ALQ-99 is one such system and has a 10km range. It is possible that such a signal was scrambled on one or two of the satellites resulting in incredibly inaccurate GPS coordinates on the ship.

  • Why did you blur the Naked Girl at 11:25 ?
    On the subject, I would have never dreamed that AIS Transponders were not secure, in that anybody can program them with any ship identification they desire at any time they want. AIS data is used all the time to settle claims from accidents and other issues. But, at least in this case, real easy to see something is wrong because that ship can not move at 61 knots. I bet somewhere around 20 to 25 knots is max speed. But I do not know anything about the ship, so may not be right.

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