• This bitch has a low IQ and is not cognitively capable or educated enough to intelligently weigh and ponder evidence. She's a potpourri of hollow liberal talking points.

  • my God in heaven where did this woman come from umm errr well I think that umm errr but I think that umm errrrr

  • This woman is a jerk… can't you get someone with an IQ greater than their shoe size for guests, Stefan? Sorry, but I'm allergic to assholes like this guest!

  • What a brilliant analogy. Think of yourself as a beautiful woman, you wouldnt date everyone and want to date the best and the brightest

  • 1 hour of my life wasted, or maybe not entirely wasted. At least it was slightly interesting to witness the thought processes (or lack of) of an incredibly stupid, totally close minded, person with no ability to distinguish between fact and feel.

  • I want a better life too. I want a house in La Jolla with a nice car. It's my right. Someone should pay for it and the government must take your money and give it to me. I shouldn't have to work for it. It feels so good to me.

    $10 more bucks to Stefan just for having to listen to this intolerable woman. I can't anymore.

  • I really wish I could put this video, AND ONLY THIS VIDEO on 'ignore' on YouTube. Every time a Stef video ends this idiot woman's voice comes into my ears…

  • Your wrong, IQ can be changed by doing things that require more than average IQ such as puzzles, riddles, etc.

  • She only gets dumber throughout the video, if I wasn't used to working with people suffering from mental retardation I couldn't even watch this video. I still only stuck through to see if she could learn why you don't import mentally deficient people.  
    If you cant watch she's a libtard till the end.

  • OMFG, am I tired about this neverending exchange!
    "Everybody should have the right to…"
    "So you're saying that everybody should come over here?"
    "Well, that's an extreme position…"
    YOU SAID EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You can tell she hears Stefan's argument (and knows he's right), but refuses to let it sink into her empty brain and concede the point that immigration from these countries does NOTHING positive for the native citizens.

    People like this will be the downfall of western civilization, because they would rather virtue signal to their friends and family than do what they know needs to be done (deport the illegals and stop the rest from coming in).

  • It's extremely depressing that people are so dim and can neither construct or express their thoughts. Hard to see a good end to this.

  • Use the following keywords makes you appear more intelligent in front of people who don't know better:

    -Come on!
    -the circumstance
    -I feel that
    -it's not a fair

  • If right wing westerners do not do anything as a legal immigrant I will demolish every single fucking liberal leftist scum. An another low IQ

  • Stefan, you are saying essentially that there cannot be individuals living in a corrupt society who are aware of truth and honesty that want to live in a just society and thus seek a life in a country that has laws and justice. That seems to be a rather rigid argument.

  • 5:56 "Do you pay a lot in taxes?" "Well, um, uh, well, uh, curre, well, because, I'm from jamaica" DONE! FUCKEN DUNZO!!!! My wallet vibrated with every word her fat fucking mouth spewed. If I have to work EVERYONE has to work!

  • Roxanne, wherever you decide the cut off number of immigrants to Canada is, I hope you realize what happens to the ones you leave behind.

  • We should allow people in that hate our country and culture and want to kill us, Because: MUH Feelings.

  • The frequency that she is saying his name is what gets me, it's making it almost unbearable to listen to.

  • Stefan, why did you bother talking to this low IQ liar for such a long time? Far more well informed, reasoned and knowledgeable people get very short shrift.

  • Fuuuuuuck me this woman's voice is annoying. Her accent is fucking horrendous. Not an argument and I'm sorry, but it's so harsh on the ears it makes me want to tear my ears off.

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