• I think everyone is missing the point here. The "Deep shit State" formerly known as "Illuminati" constantly set up false paradigms for anyone to latch onto and die by. If you pay close attention to certain paradigms, namely the "Global Weather Is changing" people AKA "Global Warming morons" AKA Global Climate Change" idiots that argue and debate with the "Earth is only 6,000 years" zealots, you will plainly see that BOTH sides are clearly wrong. And I as a person who uses logic and science, am supposed to cling to one side or the other like a professional wrestling match. This is why the LEFT and RIGHT are literally dieing in front of us because they are having such a hard time bamboozling the average critical thinker anymore. The ones that are still fighting with each other are human pablum and are hindering any real technological/social progress that goes on. These people are being sidelined in a big way, and the new true media illustrates this in videos like this.

  • You guys need to also understand that the "ALT right" term was coined by Hillary Clinton. This is a fantastical group of people you could equate to the Uncanny X-men. In other words for the more simple minded, the ALT right does not exist, and this fact should be constantly reminded to everyone. Don't fall for another bamboozle by these "Hillbilly Merovingians" who have been getting away with this stupid shit for literally thousands of years. Don't think of the enemy as individuals. They are wealthy families and operate much like violent gangs. This is the world we live in.

  • and when we talk about FACTS we have to acknowledge that the right has not done ANYTHING that's antithetical to the ideals of America like censor anyone the left is wholly to blam, the left is trying to use the rights 'radicalism' to make it okay to destroy American monuments, heritage and history and destroy at the moment the first amendment, but certainly will be attacking any American ideal they can given the opportunity

  • also you must realize that the Americanism cannot survive if tAmerica becomes a leftist 3rd world and Semitic shit hole and the SEMITIC PROBLEM IS THE ABSOLUTE BIGGEST THREAT TO THE SURVIVAL OF AMERICA and AMERICA's PEOPLE WHICH ARE WHITES

  • oh and here's where styx argues that killing the people at the branch dividian compound was just and necessary, oh and yea styx WE ARE WEIMAR GERMANY that's what happens when the jewish filth infiltrate and subvert your nation

  • I love how the narrative took off and people bought it that the altright was a) primarily responsible for violence at Charlottesville and b) somehow hates free speech (as the alt-lite reports our discords to discord™ to be banned)

  • Styx, 2 or 3 times in this Video you state we are currently undergoing a paradigm shift. What are you referring to? Can you elaborate? And the "we" you meant is the US, the West, the whole human species, or the entire planet? This is intriguing.

  • Free speech all well and good, but ramming a car into any demonstration or even pedestrians is terrorism and these categories not to be confused. Someone was murdered so this was not about free speech. Speech doesn't murder.

  • Ok I need to make something clear. Waco was not a massacre. Look it up Styx. They killed themselves and then set the fires. I know people in the FBI they sure as shit didn't massacre the Branch Davidians. Koresh was the one who killed everyone. You can even see footage of the negotiator begging Koresh not do do it. Of course by that point Koresh's right hand man had shot him in the head, shot most of the other adults and then set fires inside the compound. Autopsies show that the people were dead before the fire started. It really bothers me that the organization I actually know a lot of people in are called murderers when the evidence clearly shows that it never happened.

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