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WikiLeaks once again reveals the extent of CIA spying on ordinary Americans, and how it impacts your life. Also, media personality Milo Yiannopoulos covers …

Milo Yiannopoulos


  • I like to share your info, but my friends, and you know that AIPAC owns congress with bribes, blackmail and murder. What the hell are you really pushing?I can't share this poison. My friends would unfriend me because of you.


  • It's not a coup when it's a Grand Jury and a Special Prosecutor proving them all liars and law breakers. It's called the law based on the Constitution. look it up sometime, it's what makes the USA such a great country. OK, Alex, here's one you'll like: Start making a list of all the lies Trump and his gang of 8 have made but only include the ones they themselves have proven to be a lie! For instance – Sessions says he never had contact with Russians, then admits he lied – 3 times (so far) or D jr says one thing about the meeting with the Russians – the next day he admits to another – the next day another =4 times so far. After you make the list (I had to quit after a while – I got the point.) tell me how you can possible trust any of them? And this is just the lies they ADMIT are lies! Do you really think they stand a chance on the stand against the Dream Team of Prosecutors and lawyers?

  • I think if you don't stop the Hitler and the Jews crap, I'm going to have to start a campaign to expose YOU. Please stop that!

  • Wow! True improv comedy. Colbert & Oliver just aren't as naturally funny as these two. They ought to put their act on tour. So funny, & Informative. Thanks for the organic true speech.

  • The MSM literally has ZERO credibility with the American people. If they do try to pull anything dumb with the elected President Trump, it will definitely be their demise…

  • GOD all mighty! I'm SICK to death of hearing this diversity BS!.How about pride and belief in your OWN culture and heritage. How about honouring your own ancestors for the fact that they fought for survival and won and that is the ONLY reason you are alive. Shove diversity somewhere where the sun don't shine. I'm proud of being a white, hetrosexual male and more to the point I'm proud of my ancestors for making my country the way it WAS! I don't want someone elses culture or beliefs. My Grandfather fought in WW2 for a reason and I am not going to disrespect his sacrifice by spitting on his grave by accepting this bs.

  • It's so great to see Alex letting loose & cracking jokes…Milo brings out the fun side of his personality; They should have him on more often…

  • Its always Darkest before the Dawn!!! Trump will Prevail! I ask Everbody to Pray angainst Trump's Prey!….. FIGHT THE POWER!

  • There is always the possibility that Trump is drawing all of the these TRAITORS in to the spotlight! Just like an undergrounder Feisty Ass Zit that takes a week or two to come to a head, trying day after day squeezing as hard as you can , using heat and then pow!!! , it pops all over the Mirror!!!!!! 💦 I know that's friggin gross but these bastards are truly the Pus of the Earth 🌎

  • I like Milo but please remember that the reason his book was pulled is that Milo said pro paedophilia stuff on 2 podcasts! It was a big scandal and even Joe Rogan and Stefan Molyneux have said how shocked and crazy the issue was! And for Alex to just ignore this is strange!

  • They completely avoided allowing the caller to continue with his question to Milo about how Jews control everything, then Milo uses the phrase "anti-semitism" when it doesn't even apply to Jews. Alex claims that the he takes the caller for free speech issues, then cuts him off because he knows its going to expose his loyalty to Israel. He does the same thing he complains about CNN doing. They are making so much money off of the Trump/Clinton campaigns, complaining about restriction of free speech, but then ice over the truth behind zionism and Israel's misuse of American interests. I'm not giving these people money even if they do provide good anti-Hillary entertainment.

  • 3:09:28 – This epic exchange between Alex and Anthony Cumia breaks it down nicely. Also, Alex and Milo are a fucking great duo, I hope to see more or them together. Great show!

  • A part of me almost thinks just let them have their New World Order. They think it will be better but the truth is we have already exposed what jokes these guys are. At this point, when they set up the New World Order system it might not even matter it will collapse right away with all the inflation, disease, poverty, mass extinctions, weather manipulation, ISIS beheadings, and child trafficking. The world is going to hell in no more than 30-50 years whether they set up a NWO or not.

  • Milo and Alex together, best ever show I've ever seen so funny just off the hook. This needs to be played on repeat non stop at every DNC convention!!

  • I generally appreciate your programs, but this episode went too far. Your continual and horrible statements about Glen Beck went totally too far. I don't care for Beck, but your making fun of him in the way you did was unacceptable. I also didn't appreciate your so-called "worship" actions. You went too far in that segment.

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