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Tommy Robinson


  • Feminism has discouraged white males – more than any other race – from getting married and having children because marriage is now such a bad deal for most caucasian men of the western world and that's why our leaders have betrayed us, few future taxpayers. We have been condemned for the crime of knowing a bad deal when we see one.

    • Update: One thing women like Megan Kelly don’t understand is that under feminist ideology she only has to be as good as men in her field to excel above them; when under normal circumstances, when one group wants to excel above another, she would have to be BETTER than her counterparts to do so. Feminism is poisoning females with a false unmerited confidence.

  • And everyone Knows that supporting terorrist organisations one way or another is treason to the Western values and that counts double for members of government and state and should be punished!!!

  • I have 6 white kids. Work and pay for them all Still made to feel like a drain on society and scum. They can rape our women and make us extinct. We can't do Shit back! Attitudes need to change It's not wrong to have children

  • Tell that fucker in Britain to get out of the echo chamber. He sounds like he's in a drainage pipe. This is stupid.

  • Fox News-jewish propaganda machine and you guys mention them as being unbiased or reliable?Fox News,LOL,owned by Murdoch who would like to own entire press if he could.Complete globalist,zionist propaganda machine and you guys rely on their views and claim you fight the globalists?HA,HA,HA!Btw everyone knows Trump is lame duck president when it comes to domestic issues but he's surely helping his friends in Mid-East.

  • The situation with the Gard family is what the power that be wanted here with Obama Care. Fortunately, we still have guns in this country. If a hospital tried to do that here in the states there would be fire works…and I don't mean the ones seen of July 4th. Parents have rights to deal with dire circumstances with their children…the facilitators at the Hospital in England have innocent blood on their hands.

  • Portland's next mayor claims to want immigrants (code speak for illegals) to be safe…what about the natural born citizens of the city, state, and country, you douche?

  • she didn't need to give them a home. they have 17 plus million dollar homes.(selling and switching them around, deeding in the family.) condos, apartments, businesses, government and UN contracts…
    people just need to Google them and Democrat name or state. or companies like the podesta group, Safecage, Teneo, Aspen ins, silkway, sales, medstar, pharma, awan shipping, shipping car parts, freight containers, trucking, trains, helicopters, drivers, luxury cars, used luxury cars, diplomat security, ties to oil, diplomats, aviation, uranium, toxic clean up(pelosi /Tetra) banks, data, loans, DOE, and military contracts… the awan family have been connected to the US. govt & the military/Intel, democrats and some repubs, for many many years.
    if the MSM doesn't report it, the citizen journalist can google it. but beware, their sites and connections are swiftly being scrubbed from the net. (screen shot) documentation is vanishing.

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