• This German MEP is spot on. If the EU had given Cameron a compromise deal on freedom of movement, we won't have Brexit today. Brexit is the product of EU intransigence.

  • Your so right matey.If Merkel & her mates had cancelled the free movement of people when Cameron went for talks,the vote would probably been to remain.She told him to fuck off back to his little island,and don't forget to keep paying your membership fee.Now look at the mess where in,the whole of europe being flooded with economic migrants.God help us if this brexit does,nt happen,we will be totally fucked!

  • An interesting argument and I'm sure he is correct. But the whole setup of the EU makes it impossible to change and I think Guy Verhoftsadt is just an example of that. EU has to be inflexible, once it starts compromising on this issue or that then they are afraid, and probably right to be afraid, the whole thing could unravel.

  • Either way I'm glad he did it. Barnier is playing the same game now by trying to say no to absolutely everything we suggest. The public are moving more and more towards the side of leave and if the cowards and traitors in Westminster ever do swindle another referendum out of us, it will be an even bigger leave vote than last time. So I also say carry on.

  • Very interesting. The EU belligerence and arrogance and puffed-up self -importance and the only way is the cause of Brexit. Intelligent persons know well that Brexit is NOT anti-Europe (nations) but rather ANTI-EU! Verhofstadt and others acted like unrelenting dictators and 'my way or else' mindset. Then Merkel invited million plus aliens into EU who, once they avais status and an EU passport would be free to rape and pillage any EU country, even those not involved with Schengen. This may make Germany look virtuous but it may be all the other nations pay the price.
    These two factors were important regarding Brexit. In addition to these the bombastic threats and rhetoric and the bullying, by unimportant leaders, starlets and anyone they could grab, of the British people failed just as it did with the Armada, Trafalgar, Waterloo and Hitler. This shows that the EU either know not history or forgot the lessons of. More likely their own arrogance led them to consider that they were above making mistakes and that they were supremo.
    The UK is a nation based on different ethics and law to EU nations and is a nation wish is a main player on the world stage with a significant and historical and established role in the world with the world's financial centre and trusted currency based in its capital. Most other EU countries did not have such a currency even prior to the euro and certainly were not financial centres.

    The EU mandarins have to make out that they are needed because their dream is in tatters and in a short while the second largest contributor will be leaving the group. The EU could have made an effort to accommodate the UK before Brexit but they choose to be obstinate in their own importance and vanity. They seemed to care not that people were unhappy. Now the people have voted they are shocked and in a quandary because they can't believe done don't want to go with the flow. They talk of punishment and what the UK will do when the reality is that under EU article 50 submission is all that is needed. We are not bartering to leave. We have complied in full by submitting article 50.

    This game playing is a farce. All hot air adding co2 and little else.
    The rotten heart of the EU is Power madness and the total control with one policy suits everybody mentality over all the people whether they want it or not.
    Nation states is the way ahead as it always was.

    Brexit is total and unequivocal sovereignty over every assist if domestic affairs.
    No ECJ No EAW No Single market.

    We don't need these and they cannot be tolerate because these by their very virtue will create situaient where they stand a chance of over-riding UK law.

    This is not acceptable.

    In the real world trade or dealing with nations on other issues does not require these or any other interfering bodies to adjudicate. They by their nature are biased and power grabbing.

    The man's comment in this video is on the button. But we have been saying this for a very long time. However, glad to see someone is publicly stating.

    There we are, the EU is blind to is own wanton hubris.

  • Unfortunately for Henkel, the rules of the Single Market have always been quite clear. The four freedoms are indivisible. It's all or nothing. And one of those four is freedom of movement. If you want one or two or three of the freedoms but not others, it has to be a different agreement. The only way to achieve that is Brexit followed by negotiating something else.

    So Verhofstadt's hands are tied by the EU treaties themselves, and so are Britain's. Does Henkel actually understand how the EU works? I'm not seeing that he does.

  • nvm balance just poorly spoken .

    well talk about back tracking on the 4 key membership rules (it is in the treaties by EU Law)

    you can't trickster your way out of this one EU.

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