• Love for Logic and Reason. Logic can go down illogical paths. Logic can fail to recognize nuance, art, and other "human" things that make life worth living, like Stefan's metaphorical "butterflies, rainbows, unicorns, etc" being "the only things that are real".

    There's SUCH A HUGE DISPARITY between the online depiction of Mr. Damore as an ogre, beast, Limbaugh, Nazi and the actual man in his writing and in person (with lots of qualifiers), a kind, gentle, and never-dogmatic person.

    From the getgo, Mr Damore was CLEARLY NEVER strictly anti-Diversity, as the headlines claimed. To the extent that Google is a mix of Art & Science, that degree of diversity would be common sense.

    A lot of the loss or drift in manufacturing and engineering was not due to unions and diversity – our strongest mfg decades were strong unions – but "bean counters" aiming for certain profit margin numbers, while autistic towards not only human society, but expensive quality standards, and oblivious to other macro numbers, like the necessity for business and mass production to have many strong wealthy consumers willing and able to purchase the output of engineers and workers, without excessive reliance on unsustainable private credit and debt overload.

    Tax cuts are great but that's taxes on profits from sales to consumers. Broke-ass people who can't afford to be consumers don't add to the bottom line.

  • On the bright side, I have a feeling this was James's "red pill" moment. He's such an intelligent and logical kid. I hope that only good things come from this thing for him.

  • Coders understand hierarchies as well–diversity too–especially in this age of Object Oriented Programming (OOP): classes and superclasses, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism etc. OOP is rigid, structured, and diverse at the same time, and it literally runs our modern world.

  • Generally, this is what I observe.
    A large amount of women I observe are not interested in mathematics.
    However, I see a large amount of women interested in medical studies and biology.

  • He is a smart man that doesn't follow the left or right narrative. The right thought they found their shill and he's not taking the bait. Polarizing indeed, i feel bad for him. The saga continues.

  • There's more feminazis in modern society than misogynistic bigots. If that's not a good enough representation of this ridiculous gender war I don't know what is.

  • Notice how the hyper-logical engineer mentioned that conservatives deny climate science, SM looked a bit pained and tried not to hear that. Logic, reason and evidence …unless you are talking about climate science then it is all denial, bs and hand waving.

  • I use Brave browser and Duck Duck Go for searches…..Definitely don't have a Google wallet. So I can't use SuperChat to donate….just patreon, although I'd like to see more competitors.

  • I guess there are way more female coders in Asia than there are in the West, which does suggest a cultural interpretation rather than a biological one. To be sure, the science is clear on the differences between the sexes, but women in the East have no problem competing with the boys.

  • As a woman, I'm tired of being told that I'm less logical, less intelligent, and overall less capable because I lack a Y chromosome. And I don't think that it's too ridiculous for me to be angry about this.

  • It's not denying science to point out a campaign of falsification, used to pretend a scientific consensus exists, which doesn't, dummy. The founder of the Weather Channel is well aware of science. Judith Curry is well aware of "science".

  • he was pulling off the mask of the far left, thats why they want his memo berried in garbage reports on it.

  • Scumbag MSM called this guy "alt-right." Apparently "alt-right" is just another word for "anyone we currently don't like." It's the new "nazi" because everyone stopped caring about nazi.

  • I wish they would have called out the fake news outlets more strongly. You know, the liars trying to divide us. The ones who misrepresented James' document. And of course, Google as well. Google is evil.

  • Jews at less than 2% of the U.S. population, control every major sector in society. That is the ultimate red pill that everyone will eventually get to. The founders of google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are both Jewish. I encourage you all to go down this rabbit hole and see for yourself the shockingly disproportionate amount of power and influence Jews have.

  • Right on James ! Well it seems to me , if they don't turn James into soylent greens he will mature into a very intelligent and balanced individual….best of luck !

  • James Damore, You have learned that your side will destroy their own in order to promote their agenda, regardless of the facts. Now what will you do about it?

  • "Speaking up without the fear of being harshly judged is central to psychological safety, but these practices can remove that safety by judging unintentional transgressions" page 9

  • LOl I think you're letting your "logic" get the best of you; thanks to you, I'm now confused about what Google is and what a "coder's" job is. Regardless of how well written it was, do you both honestly believe spreading this document at the work place was appropriate? If James, maybe worked in HR or was part of the leadership team at Google and the document was only distributed among employees of those specific departments, then there would not be any problems…. regardless of how scientifically correct Jame's observations were, it was inflammatory, hostile, and inappropriate to share that document with his co-workers….

  • Stefan appears to contradict his position with respect to his advocacy of a Free Market ideology and his despair expressed here about as he said "the hollowing out of US manufacturing", am I missing something?

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