• sorry stefan…. FAIL. Your personal biases have really clouded any objectivity in this call. Seems to me that something that was said hit one of your buttons, possibly in relation to your own relationship with your own daughter, and triggered a very emotional and i would even say irrational response from you.

  • Girl. What did you expect….you just invited a heap of ptsd into ur relationship. How did u expect Stefan would deal with u? Ouch. Painful to watch but what did u expect….a positive outcome?

  • Sounds like the daughter is a spoiled brat and will threaten to throw a tantrum unless she gets what she wants (father all to herself). Sorry, daughter is an adult now and needs to grow up. Father is entitled to his own life. He shouldn't cater to daughter's insecurities. If it wasn't the tattoo, it would have been something else, Stefan.

    Think of it like terrorists demanding a ransom to release a hostage. "Just pay the ransom and everything will be fine". The problem is that if you pay the ransom, the terrorist will continue to take hostages in the future. See the similarity?

  • Older women who date younger men younger women on a date older men because the youngers dating younger is don't know shit

  • She doesn't even respect this man enough to let him finish talking to stef. I know this word is overused, but this is a prime example of a cuck

  • Absolutely horrible. I'm a 20 yea old student, studying IT and have no job at the moment and I have basically no time for other things. How is she going to take care of a child and also study in a university, it's absolutely bonkers.

  • I like how he was trying to talk to the the husband by talking to the girl, because he saw that the guy was wearing pussy glasses and would try to validate his choices no matter what if he was addressed directly.

  • WOW…. Lol, God bless you for trying Stefan, "hen pecked" that's what it's called. A lot of other things too, but that's the most PG term I can think of right now.

  • You are such a manjina Stefan! Even your precious little daughter will grow into a manipulative slut one day.

  • What you need to do is a) finish school b) get a permanent position at a big company c) get children and take 1 year maternity leave for each.

  • My father married a younger woman. I don't exactly have a problem with her but the thing is that it's weird. Your parents or parental figures are supposed to be a certain amount of years older than you not the age your sibling could be. It just isn't natural.

  • And here I am feeling guilty for hitting on a 19 year old (I am 33). I ain't got nothing on that 28 year old age gap though!

  • Stephan, I think you missed the point on this one. You have latched onto the tattoo….and are missing the other aspects. Not a good show

  • I was 41 when I married a 26 year old I was dating 22-37 year old women, the older women just seemed to have to many psychological problems. Its stupid but I have been accused of being a pedophile along with Ted Nugent.

  • Statistically, if the child really is 100% at fault, most of it can be blamed on coming from a broken home.  I do wish people knew the full facts regarding the impact divorce has on children.  Personally, I think all 4 of them are idiots if you include the biological mother!

  • I'd be pissed too if I was the daughter.  I can't believe this bimbo wants to have 3 more kids she doesn't care about

  • Stefan, me and my son (we grew up separately, maybe because of her mom, living here in Germany) had a good laugh about this conversation 🤠

  • Oh brother…so many fails worth this gal to count. I don't understand why you would interview her. I pray she does not have any children. Being an athiest doesn't make you an intellectual no matter how many times you call yourself one.

  • 5:57 You can't raise a proper child and work. SO many people get this messed up. It takes TWO to raise a decent human child. One brings in resources, the other nurtures the child. The woman is essential and SHOULD nurture the child until breast feeding is no longer necessary. After that, it would be ok for the parents to switch their roles. Think I'm sexist? Then why do the WOMAN'S tits produce milk!?

  • it's wonderful to plan however life doesn't follow a plan, just saying. She should stay off the wacky tobaccy. Oooooh couldn't make it to France haha, good one

  • I already hate the couple. Hope that never happens around me. The daughter is better off. Thank you Stefan. These people need a wake up call to reality.

  • Gotta say, reading the comments and seeing the word "Cuck" being used so often is disheartening and quite disgusting. Stefan is a brilliant man, and I'd have thought he would have attracted more intelligent and classy followers. I am no apologist for women, in fact I rather detest most women. Nevertheless, my intelligence and feeling of higher classiness doesn't allow me to use disgusting low brow language such as cuck. It simply makes you look like a low brow degenerate. Perhaps you could use your intellects and argumentative reason to attack the argument presented in the video, rather than spew hateful labels at people. If you want to be seen as better than the low brow gold digging females you so detest, perhaps you should behave better than some uneducated foul mouthed barbarians. Just a thought.

  • World gone mad. I am done with the west. It is insane how you can twist a word freedom. I am ashame that my country is in EU since 2004. Those values are not mine values. Maybe my salary is 1/4 of theirs but… quote "I QUIT. I GIVE UP. MAKE IT STOP.". I have no arguments with that behavior(father who abandons his daughter), as a son, a brother and future parent. Thanks but no thanks. Some may said it is just one example. But I ask, what next? Abortion when your 2 y old baby got a fever?! WTF?!

  • How stupit some comments are inhere. 1. I did date 2 years a syrian woman. She was also educated, very pretty and she is a refuguee. 2. I do race a 10 years old daughter as that guy. 50/50% with the original mum. 3. I do have a 18 years age gap to that syrian woman: I am in my early fithies. 4. I am german. 5. My ex gf wanted a child, i was sceptical. So I DO KNOW INHERE WHAT THE THING MIGHT BE ABOUT. a. That islam paranoia crap of the woman and the man is bullshit. islam is not the issue at all. Things are not easy but when I hear that crap against islam I want to vomit. Beside that, some comments about HIS gf are also discusting. Typical crap of racist uncultivated germans. I mean the youtube comments. To hell with these poor limited AFD Wutbürger idiots). b. I understand that the algerian woman should be far more sensible and show up empathie. I did brake with my ex gf because I was not seeing enough of that from my ex gf so I stopped all. My daughter is more important than any other person. BUT: with a better communication things might have been solved. In my case as in their case. I simply think the algerian woman should get more mature as she is not at all (unlike she does tell inhere), the man should more insist that his daughter has a say and importance and that spend more exclusive time with his daughter to explain things…as he did not i guess and his daughter should respect her father to have his own life a little more. i see mistakes on all sides as i did mistakes in my relationship. At a point where I was forced to deside, I did deside for my daughter, no question… and I stopped. It hurts a lot I must say… but I am more father than the bf of a woman. But something also I can say: That algerian woman is for sure NOT a gold digger. She must feel very insulted by that and I refuse that idea inhere completely. I simply think SHE herself could also not jugde refugees so stupit as she does thinking about herself beeing jugded that unfair way. And the guy is very far from understanding middle eastern culture, very very far… I see no longterm future in that relationship – 3 kids? The algerian woman should understand what that means. To the father: you are crazy in your age to try doing that. 1 extra kid maximum! And eaven that I would strongly strongly think over. I did and my age gap to my ex gf was not 28, it was 18 years. My ex gf wanted to marry me very much and get a child. I wanted that b ut understood that this cannot be done without an understanding between her and my daughter so all was stopped… but most comments inhere are really oput of any understanding and stupit racist and not helping at all. Stefan: you are asking intresting questions but please you are to harsh with the algerian woman. Things also can be seen critical in a less harsh way, no? Best regards

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