• Although we, or any Priest is disallowed to view or judge Charles Manson's soul, he is objectively going to Hell. Subjectively, we cannot rule out the possibility of divine intervention, no matter how remote the possibility. In addition; Manson is not yet dead and still capable of redemption.

  • what are the words you keep saying? How do you spell it? Solis? Airisgotia? I tried googling it but can't find information, I think because I'm spelling it wrong from what it sounds like.

  • You know Stixx.. my first occult video of yours, mostly I like your political video's and don't get me wrong brother, but I just doubt you remember when you were 3 and seeing a demon. I do remember things too, but nothing that could not be chalked up to a bad dream. So I am sorry I just cannot buy this. I do not really remember even wearing dippers, and you do not look too much younger then me within a decade. It just seems like a lot of detail, from a 3 year old just learning to even speak.

  • I thought I saw an alien one night after I watched a William cooper video called behold a pale horse. I've never been so scared, it was 6-10 feet away at a glass door. I called for it and when something showed up I acted like a kid who thinks hiding under the covers gets rid of imaginary ghosts 😂. Nothing has ever walked up to the window before or since. The only bipedal animal it could have been would have been from the emu farm next door

  • Personally I believe that demons could exist, even though there may not be evidence of them at all. Though I think that they do, however perhaps only so very few and small people are able to see them. Same goes for angels or whatever, though that's just my personal opinion. Maybe you saw a demon, or maybe you saw a spirit that was taking on menacing forms in order to just fuck with you. Taking the form of a dog on an album cover, to scare you the most along with something that would mystify you.

  • I heard the growling at 19 years old in Montana. It was in the morning after coffee and loud and coming from under my bed. I backed out of the room and got a knife and decided to investigate further. When I went back in and poked my bed skirt up with the knife the growling shifted to the top shelf of my closet. When I approached the closet with the knife, it shifted to above the acoustic ceiling tiles. Then my friend dropped by and I was so relieved he was there with me. I told him what the growling noise had been doing and I pointed up to the ceiling and said, "now it's up there." And he heard it too. So I poke the acoustic ceiling tile up with the knife and it got so loud it sent both of us running out of the apartment.

  • I had a terrible stint with night-terrors as a kid. The craziest Salvia trip x5 and you are living it. The adrenaline makes you unpredictable and springy.. scary times man.

  • +Styxhexenhammer666 ˜҈.🐍 ˜҈.
    Literally since I was in a crib and I have total recall. Much later, I may have even seen one similar to yours ( part bird … or owl … and whatev else ) but I was wasn't paying as much attention to it because there were altogether six different entities at the time … plus one I didn't see that was physically trying to terrorize me to death. You might believe me if I told you the whole story … many more … but I easily believe every word you said. And they prolly do "watch over you" but they glare and hiss at me.

  • I can tell you for a fact you don't quite get quantum physics and most people in the field find it annoying that it always gets conflated with magic. It ONLY deals with the tiniest of things, that's why we're trying to unify it with more standard physics. It does NOT apply to entire entities nor do dimensions mean whole new realms, it merely means another axis of movement in a sense… Length isn't a magical world, neither are the proposed unknown dimensions. You are conflating the word with the mythical sense…

  • You were 3 or 4 Tarl. I saw things as a kid too and older than that but it was imagination. You were a Christian at 4 years old? This where I bail out of this video.

  • Hey from MA! I love your channel!!! I was hooked from the first vid I came across. I wonder what you think of Nassim Haramein's theory?

    I do disagree with you about SOME entheogens. If you have enough knowledge and conscious awareness to make sense of what you are looking at and with the right reaction (for me, shrooms never lead me to the epiphanies that lsd did), the living energy behind it all is perceivable. (not talking entities, except maybe IAM) then it enables your brain to shut off the predictive filters and you can process the actual state of reality. We live in the illusion/maya of solid matter. Plato, who performed these rights in his time, is talking about this in the Allegory of the Cave.

    One thing I know that I know:: the world, the trees, everything or the auras of everything, look like the what you see in a mirage or above a grille if you take in scenes as a whole. It makes sense to me that we have all seen this natural wave in our physical nature, as above, so below.

    Have you ever experienced this? If not, I think you will have the most mind blowing experience of a lifetime bc it's the Akashi records in that any question you can think of in the universe at that time, the answer is made available to you, right away. I mean, that's priceless I think. I have only done this twice in the last 15+ years, so I am not advocating for recreational drug use, not that I care, but just for clarity. I did/would do it for spiritual insight periodically. I would say the most risky way to do it would be a teen at a party. The mind has to be in a good place and you have to feel/be safe.

  • When I was a kid I remember seeing my mom's aura when she walked into the room.. Years later and never giving that any thought.. When I was about 27 going though a tough times in life.. praying more then more and really submitting my self to meditation and lining my chakras to cope… I was walking out the gym late one night in the parking lot and I walked though a blue haze. I googled it a thought it was an orb but then I stumbled a pond the concept of ectoplasm.. I still have no clue what happen in that moment but I know it was not the everyday average experience.

  • I had an experience while wide awake , it was auditory , demons are real, it communicated its plans, it was intelligent, able to target, plan , gloat, it was not human, absolutely evil, and I was emotionally, and physically damaged by the encounter, people need to take this stuff a little more seriously.

  • styxhexenhammer666 some people say it's imagination and I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous and almost funny but at the time it was not funny to me. I want to know your opinion, what do you think happened to me .I don't remember anything it said to me but I know it talked to me anyways , from my childhood my memory is not the best I think the earliest memory I have is either traumatic experiences or very good experiences and I think my memory starts at around 4 or 5 but I do not remember nights repeatedly and I do not remember little details at all. the first bedroom I could remember is when I was 6 and I was in that house for a good four years and that's a long time when you grow up in New York and you're renting. anyways the reason why I'm saying this is because when I was about one or two I don't know exactly the age but I was still in a crib I remember my bedroom but not the full bedroom what I remember is what was over my crib which is colorful balloon decoration things and I don't mean a stimulating toy, it was just decoration on my wall and my rocking chair, ceiling, (not crib toys or blankets) mind you there are no pictures of me in this bedroom and we moved out of that apartment which it was a basement when I was two and a half years old. so anyways it would be when I was in my crib whether that be at night or during naptime I'm not quite sure. The only thing I could describe it as is a bunny a very tall bunny like the Easter Bunny or maybe the Trix bunny but his ears were extremely long and he was very big at least to my little body at the time but he Towered over my crib taller than my parents were. He would sit in my rocking chair and he would sit over my crib and he would talk to me or she but it was white. It wasn't anything what you would expect a ghost or demon to look like but I will tell you it's scared the shit out of me and I don't know if I believe in Paranormal Activity. I know there's things that we cannot explain I also feel like it's just energy that was stuck in time when people experience things that aren unexplainable. This happened for a long time it couldn't have been me having a fever where I hallucinated because that can happen but it would not happen for a long period of time. Like I said I don't remember what it said to me but I will never forget it and my memory is more about my emotions and visual it's not really meaning because I couldn't grasp any meaning at that age. the strongest emotion that I remember feeling and it's like an outer body experience in a way because I would see the bunny but I could also remember me crying so loud and screaming for my parents and how long they took to get in my room I am not sure but it felt like forever whenever I'd start screaming bunny would go away, well actually would go away when my parents would walk in the room but then it started happening where it would not go away even when my parents came into the room and I don't know if I was able to explain it to my parents I just remember the safety of my parents and even if I try to explain it to them me saying a bunny they probably would have laughed at me. I want to see this one on for months, I don't remember it after that apartment unless I blocked it out. as I get older the face of this animal creature thing is less and less but the shape of it is very drilled into my memory as well as the surroundings of where I was. as I got older I explain it to my mother and she laughed and said maybe it was Grandpa because my mother likes to think loved ones look out for you and always looking at the positive but when I explained her the bedroom the colors of the balloon the material of the balloon specific outfits that I wore when I Picture This Out of Body Experience you could tell my mom was a little freaked out she didn't say she was and I don't think I said anything till I was 19. for years after that it wouldn't be an every-night thing but I would have times where I would have nightmares for good couple months straight then they would go away and Nightmare would be the same nightmare I'd be in a basement bathroom like a public bathroom because of there was a lot of bathroom stalls and I'd be chased by a black dog maybe a Rottweiler I don't know but it was vicious and would chase me into the bathroom stall I was always afraid of the dark after that till this day when I think about it I get chills and I don't like being alone and I think of it what confuses me the most is I know people have experiences they can say it's imagination my memory is too good for that age for it to be an imagination but what really bothers me is it was a bunny like a costume Bunny and no nobody was coming in my room in a costume I was never raped by family members or I had a pretty good childhood when it came to loving parents and people around me what bothers me is to explain it to people there like a bunny and it wasn't like Donnie darko's bunny it was like the Trix bunny is there any way that something can form itself into something that maybe I recognized or thought that I would enjoy. did you ever hear of somebody expressing something like this of a bunny and I've never hallucinated I am not mentally challenged and I have no mental illness that would cause me to hallucinate or have delusions or Audible voices I know this is long, and I'm talking into my tablet so if you did read this sorry for the monologue. Just wanted to get someone's point of view on this incident that I just can't seem to shake

  • When I was a kid, 4, I used to think things lived in my closet. Cliche, but hear me out. I was scared and always shut the door. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and find it open. I'd hide under the covers and just feel like something was watching me. Other times I'd wake up in the morning and feel safe enough to close it, almost annoyed, knowing full well I closed it. My mother used to get on to me about opening it all the time, because she herself found herself always closing it.

    I remember it so well, because one night, something made a noise outside my room, I woke up and saw the closet open as always in spite of always closing it. I hid under the covers per usual, but this time I heard something or someone walk into my room and around my bed before just 'vanishing'. It took a while to gain the courage to check, because I never heard it leave. I eventually looked and nothing was there, just the closet open as always.

    Semi-relatedly, baby-sitters and visiting kids/cousins would see other people in the house. Just glimpses of them as they walked into a room, their backs, heels, things like that. Adults saw children, thinking it was me or my sister, or a friend of ours. Kids saw adults. My sister had one visit her frequently, she would sit on her bed and my sis would talk to her, show her toys, you know little girl stuff. She said the lady would never talk, but would just smile. She wasn't creepy or scary, my sis thought she really was a family member and would genuinely be excited to see her.

    My family all had different things they saw and found weird. I was the only one afraid. We sometimes talk about it now, some 30 years later. Never seen anything like that again and there is a lot of curiosity. We all felt something just "wasn't right" about that house, but never felt it was threatening. Before Dad left, he thought he saw people outside always looking in, like shadows during the day, he'd go to look and no one was there. He would dream about that a lot too, he recounted. Mom was always closing doors and turning lights off, thinking it was us kids. It didn't stand out until she would send us to Grandma's house for the summer.

  • I've had dreams about my relatives that have passed, even ones I've never met. My Mom's dad died in the 60s when he was 35, he was an abusive man towards my grandma. He came to me in a dream once saying how sorry he was, and crying begging for forgiveness. Then my dad and grandmother came to me after they died, I think mainly to say goodbye.

  • Dude…you are intelligent person – but @12:50 – There is no such thing, nor even a valid concept – that can be called a 'realm of coincidence". This is what trips up so many about the paranormal. The very western assumption of a 'causal reality' in determining the meaning of events is erroneous from the get-go. Any competent taosist or zen practitioner can demonstrate why; some philosophers have figured it out (Heidegger, Watts) as well.

  • Curious. I saw a large rabbit when I was very young (not donnie darkoish… it was on easter) it was only for a few seconds… is there anything in the occult in regards to rabbits? Thanks in advance and thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • My Grandparents and their siblings lived in several different haunted houses, as did my Mother. I lived in a haunted house with my parents. I was staying the night there after I had married, and was attacked by the entity there, for some reason. I was saved by the fact that I discovered the entity would not enter the room that my Dad added on after my parents bought the house. I never stayed another night there. I could tell you stories that would curl your hair, and it's all true.

  • i can't remember how we discovered you, but it was during the last election cycle. Amazed at how CORRECTLY you have assessed the world around you. You managed to NOT BE PROGRAMMED. Gives me hope.. i thoroughly enjoy these occult videos. I have so many things I want to learn and i am going to be 64 this year and I don't have time to READ everything.. I listen to information as i do mundane chores so i tune into different lectures on YouTube.. thanks for sharing the things you have learned.

  • there have been demons attacking my gardens. one example was the where the dpw used a large backhoe to kill my dozen mimosa treelings I had in a few places. these were only a couple inches tall. also.. I had a dozen or so columbines in a nearby location which were all killed. and a little glass box was opened.

  • heres my credentials:
    *pharmacy technican
    *veterinary technician
    and *currently studying Graphic Design (which i havent studied in forever) but i just have to get better health and energy to get back to my studies.

    ive had employment at Kaiser Permanent (hollywood CA) brotman hospital (culver city CA) and a rescue organization for very sick orphaned kittens in Los Angeles. i also attended Los Angeles City College for a few years. i took Art Spanish and Administrative Assistant courses. Also went to Santa Monica College
    for a track and field summer program. also worked at a coffee shop for a while and other various employment over the years. i have been top of the class got the best grades in a lot of my courses like pharmacy tech program. i got recruited by my professor to work for Boston Reed College. they are not in business anymore unfortunately.

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