• My sister has Downs Syndrome. She has an Associates degree & holds a job making $33K (avg for our area is $24k), and she's more normal than all the retards I have ever met in teh USA. That's right, I just said "retard". If you're "normal" in America, you're probably just a retard.

  • I have a question: consider we someday develop contraceptive nanotechnology capable of 1.) 100% prevention of fertilization, and 2.) capable of being easily removed from the body whenever pregnancy is desired. Do you think a law mandating that all women carry such tech inside them for (the fertile duration of) life would be a good idea, if the tech proved cheap enough?

  • I understood most of your points till you started laughing about it, saying its funny. whatever your side on the argument Its not really funny – and you never gave me the creeps till I saw this video.

  • This is pretty out there.  Liberals are too stupid to consider morality as a determining factor. It's no secrete that the left has and will use any tool in the box to get their way, including hijacking religious beliefs for short periods. That does not mean they are "finding religion" in fact, quite the opposite.

  • I'm 8 weeks pregnant atm, not planned, but still yay! Anyhoo, we have also decided to abort if it'd turn out our child was to certainly have DS. Some decisions you need to make with the brain, not with the heart.

  • So? It would cost millions and a lot of hard work to take care of them throughout their lifetime. It's sad, but I've seen autistic kids get bullied and struggle with their situation. I'm fully in favor of this.

  • Don't worry the muslims will breed well with your women and give them many healthy children while you watch game of thrones and world of warcraft or other electronic masturbation.

  • Aborting Down's syndrome babies has nothing to do with eugenics, since they don't reproduce anyway, it has no lasting effect on the gene pool. On the other hand, it has everything to do with genocide.

  • I'd say Down's syndrome people also give something. They are usually verry loving and meek, in a manner that the rest of us can learn from. The have an impact on their environment.

  • Good fucking grief, abortion should not even be a debate. If people simply stopped having reckless, unprotected sex outside of marriage, abortion would never even be necessary. Condoms are so damn cheap. Birth control has been socialized. "Poor sex education" is absolutely no excuse. If you become pregnant (besides rape, of course) it is YOUR fault.

    But you're right … eugenics doesn't sound like a bad idea …

  • Didn't China have outlaw ultrasounds results that show the gender of the baby or fetus because all of the girls get the coat hanger? My libertarian side would have to be pro abortion but ethically no, special needs cases really test that. But talk about a slippery slope, hitler had his whole not worthy of life thing.

  • It starts with downs syndrome, and it ends with things like Gattaca. Or worse. These are choices, along with genetically modified food, animals, plants, etc. Brave New World someone called it….we will reap what we sow.

  • Lovely strawman styx …

    Beeing pro abortion in cases of children with detectable genetic illnesses is not the same as beeing pro abortion. It's beeing pro eugenics. Different topic.

    I am pro eugenics. I'm also pro-life. A child is not some "accident" that just happens, it's not some random piece of meat you can just decide to have excised from your body. It's a living beeing, from the moment of it's conception no matter what morons may say. There is no magical "DING" moment when it finaly becomes a person. From the moment it has a full human genome, IT'S A HUMAN BEEING and you are killing it. That said, if said human beeing is defective from a eugenics perspective (Down syndrome for example) and that defect is detectable, then yes, abortion is the more humane method of dealing with the problem.

    The only other leway I would permit had I the power on the issue would be children that result from rape. But that's it. Otherwise it's your job if you don't want a child to actualy use the many MANY methods we have of preventing a pregnancy. Not just expecting you can have the child murdered on your behalf.

    But since that geenie is out of the box and never going in, I might as well settle for a BOTH parents need to consent to an abortion. Just because you can INCUBATE (not create, incubate, you don't magicaly wish you have a baby and it happens, for that you need a man) life for 9 months doesn't mean that child is your exclusive property and you get all the power to decide if it lives or dies.

  • Both imposing the death penalty and having an abortion kill a living human being. That being said, I'm in favor of the death penalty in certain instances and I do support abortion to a point. I'm a nurse. I've witnessed late term abortions. I do not support abortion after the first trimester except to save the life of the mother and in unusual cases such as when the mother is carrying an anencephalic baby. Let's be honest, both are murder.
    The left claims to support the otherwise abled. Hey progressives – Jesus said no abortions. Hello? Hypocrisy anyone?
    What I find interesting is that when a progressive woman is pregnant but doesn't want the child, it's a fetus. If a progressive woman is pregnant and wants the child, it's a baby. Nobody on the left ever mentions that.

  • At 6 months in the womb, with cognitive function, and the baby can survive if removed from the womb, it is no longer a morally subjective issue. Killing that child is murder and murder is a crime everywhere in the world.

  • Half of black babies are aborted. This gives a similar paradox. The left loves abortion but loves black babies, and the right hates abortion but doesnt mind that less blacks being born lol. Maybe the left will rebuke abortion and the right will accept it.

  • Even if its a benefit. The thought of a defenseless baby down syndrome or not being chopped up in a womb makes me feel ill. I have seen crappy people become a lot better people for talking on this "burden" as you call it. I think if you roll the dice you need to accept the result.

  • 3rd term abortions are abhorent, but I am all for testing embryos in order to minimize genetic diseases/orders and even to select for certain traits parents may want like higher IQ or improved athletic capability

  • Perhaps Down Syndrome abides in our midst to challenge us, to forge us like titanium steel, to test our tolerance, patience, empathy, and long suffering, to brace us to live with liberals. I might say all these qualities are lacking with the sclerotic Left that twist and contort pronouns to define their twice told tales of injustice and inhumanity. Up with the Down Syndrome Left, who put us to the test.

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