• I remember seeing the Peter Josef video. Stefan Molyneux has no idea what he's talking about and he has a dedicated base of sycophants validating whatever he says. And I swear, the guy is a passive-aggressive racist. Every time some black guy gets shot he comes out with a video justifying why he deserved it.

  • Molyneux is a shill like Blackpigeonspeaks they are paid to spread their vile propaganda.
    I do not understand how can any woman lower herself to go on his show unless they are clueless about the vile rhetoric Molyneux spews against women.
    Molyneux makes me vomit.

  • Well further into the video, claiming most atheists are on the left because the left is inherently right is just as retarded as the shit that comes out of Stefan Molyneux's mouth. I also watched another video of yours where you claimed there doesn't need to be a men's rights movement, because men have all the rights. I like some of your videos, but in other areas you simply don't know what you're talking about.

  • There are pretty much no self-identifying Marxists in America in 2017. Yet right-wingers claim Marxism is taking over western civilization… hmmm.

  • The Anarcho-Capitalists are like the Communists:
    "Communism isn't bad, all the places in which communism has failed was because it wasn't implemented properly".
    "Sure lots of places have anarchy, but they're only bankrupt both monetarily and morally because they aren't doing anarchy properly".

  • Do you know what's worse than an atheist republican? Someone who calls himself a skeptic and is a republican. "I'm a skeptic so I'm going to join the party that wants to teach creationism in schools. The same party that denies climate science." Fucking idiots.

  • Watching those two morons was like seeing a new Dumb and Dumbererer movie without the comic relief of Sea Bass.

  • Stefan has a brand new book coming out soon. Besides the millions of downloads his other books already have, watch how successful the new book is going to be from the very first day.

  • Peter described Stefan perfectly. a reductionist. he takes very complex subjects, reduces it to something very simple, then comes to a conclusion that doesn't make sense.

    Stefan said if you have kids they grow up and they take care of you and you have a pension.

    without explaining any of the multiple possible outcomes he's already arrived at a conclusion. no nuance, no details, no critical thinking.

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