• This whole fucking "hate speech" thing is absolutely RIDICULOUS. And being that Patreon does NOTHING more than pass money from person to person, they shouldn't take down ANYBODY'S page that's not BREAKING UNITED STATES LAWS (and antifa/it's going down break laws).

  • Im sorry but Jack didnt come off as being rather articulate or bright on the Rubin report interview. I mean he's no Mark Cuban where he'll have an answer for everything he's involved in business wise. What the fuck is M.O.B.? Manifest, Observe…..I dont know

  • Im sorry Tim for canceling.. You are one of my few hopes for independent honest Non bias Media.. But i couldn't support Fiscal Censorship.. Thank you for finding alternate methods so we can still support you without sacrificing our ethical values..

  • +Tim Pool Nothing is better than taking bitcoins and Credit Cards. Bitcoind can not be tracked and Credit Card processors are bound by an ACTUAL CONTRACT to you. Not some bull shit vague EULA.

  • Idiots like the people running twitter and Patreon only want to subjugate any and all people who disagree with them. They also probably want reeducation camps to "help" the subjugated.

  • Get off YouTube as well, pal! It begins with content creators. With YouTube's STASI policies, I'm not going to post any new videos here anymore.

    I use Twitter, Facebook and Minds.com to market all my videos anyway, so there is absolutely no reason for me to accept YouTube's rising authoritarian and anti-democratic policies.

    Now of course, I don't earn any money here anyway, so for me it's easy to do this. Still I hope I can get as many content creators with me as possible. 🙂

  • One of the biggest problem in the west is the vague undefined notion of "hate speech".

    Companies and police can apply punishment to whoever they want without any consistency or fairness and this leads to punishing one side but not another and selectively applying hate speech "rules" to de-platform or censor or punish people.

    This isn't Liberty.

    "Hate speech" needs to be define in clear cut terms not only so the populace are aware of their breaking the rules but so it can be applied consistently and fairly to all and not to some

  • People should pull out because patreon doesn't support pornography. Is there any good reason for that? Is there a business thing that I am not aware of? It seems like people got done protesting pornography in the 70s. They will not lose business if they allow pornographers to use it & it's the right thing to do. Fuck them.

  • 10 or so years ago, the major problem with PayPal was when you got a large influx of payments, your account would freeze while they check it to see if you were committing a scam /fraud. When they guarantee 90 day protecrion to their customers, that seems fair.

  • It takes time and energy to work and acquire property, if you try to damage or take my property you are attempting to hurt me, I will fight back and no holds are barred. I accept the idea that protesting is free speech, but property damage and assault are not. I will not draw first blood, but I will not stand there and bleed either. Have no fear in dying, just prefer not to go alone under some conditions, such as war whether personal or national.

  • Be smart about it…a big chunk of your support base is "talking to you"…Get out of Patreon but give it a time for the news to circulate around the rest of your support base. Announced it every day here on your videos. I think Sam Harris did that – he announced that he would be out of Patreon by October first and would remind his support base on the podcasts, via email and so on. Patreon, unfortunately, is not to be trusted anymore…I understand it is a scary decision, but you need to cover your financial bases – that´s what the loony left is going after (your finances, your ability to support yourself independently), and that day will come for you too – so you might as well anticipate it. This looks like only the beginning…

  • IGD took you pieces mate.

    Followed you for a year and your slide from decent independent journalist to a fanboy bitch of stickman and that alaska cunt has been pathetic.

    Fair play for smashing Lauren Southern though.

  • Actions speak louder than words! Why are you so soft on Patreon CEO? Jack took action and so did you. Every action has consequences. It appears that his move was blatantly political. You took action for your own reasons too.
    If your leftist friends are giving you a hard time over it maybe you will get a fresh perspective on their objective ability to reason. Good luck.

  • Tim has a "Donate" page, but the MINIMUM amount you can make is TEN DOLLARS a month. I just wanted to drop a few bucks (w PayPal) in the hat/beanie whenever I felt like it, not fucking commit to buying him a Craft 6-Pack every month. Sorry dude, you lose.

  • Now, THIS is WHAT I want to See/hear/taste/feel/sMeLl in "my" overall newscast (as opposed to what I wrote BeFoRe).

    The reACTION of these "FakeSnewz" hArD Leftists tells me "they ain't so innoCENT!"

    They were bound to be called out by someone eventually…via 'YouBoob' or another outlet/platform anyway, due to their OBvious approach to their "SnEaKy Urinalism."

    Tim P. just happens to be PAYING ATTENTION to ppl around him, and the ppl who come to him.

    So, "UppaU.S.", folks at "It's Going Down" (f**king elevator operators!).
    Hell, even your Radical, Hippie, Weathermen NAME stands out like a hard-on at a nudist camp….!

    "Hey, man… what's, like, happenin'… Like, what's goin' down, eh??"

    "IT'S Going Down, ma man!!"

  • awhile ago, when people were planning to ban guns, I was going to point out that I can kill more people with a car. I decided not to, because it hasn't caught on yet and I didn't want to give ideas to those who might use it. We have a responsibility not to spread thoughts that might cause harm to others.

  • Hahaha. Don't they know that the skinhead [accompanied with longbeard] is the new perm? Everybody over 30 is getting one. Join the club Tim. Give that Gillette a bit more work and get your money's worth haha 🙂

  • Tim, if Patreon said Hate speech is not allowed then why are people like Cynthia G not banned? She's a black supremacist who believes that white people are inferior and frequently calls them albinoid devils and cave beasts. I've reported the Patreon many, many times and nothing has been done. Based on what I can see she makes a decent amount of money doing it too. YouTube has finally banned their YouTube channel but the Patreon remains. I can clearly see that Patreon is only concerned about conservatives who say racist things or vaguely racist things but when it comes to liberals who have obscene beliefs nothing is really done about it.

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