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Desperate for work, millions of migrants flood into Malaysia. They do the jobs no one wants to do while creating vast profits for those who bring them in.




  • Its so weird, its always north indians, pakistanis, bengalis migrants getting trapped in these countries. Im from south India and have relatives both in malaysia, qatar and dubai and rarely heard of any malayalis or tamils falling for this slavery shit. Not trying to be insulting.

  • Let's take a look at the bigger side of this documentary. Why foreigners from other Asia countries are so desperate to go to Malaysia? They know the fact Malaysia has a bad history of migrant workers treatment and corruption but why still choose Malaysia? I've met Nepalis and Bangladeshis in Malaysia who told me that their friends in their respective countries are even learning Bahasa Malaysia that are taught by the locals who used to work in Malaysia. They learn the language because they're desperate to come to Malaysia. Malaysia has poor minimum wage, terrible migrant workers rights, terrible weather but yet they still choose Malaysia. Even now the Arabs are migrating to Malaysia. Perhaps, Malaysia's development is so rapid and huge that even Malaysians themselves don't realise how powerful their country really is. Can you imagine foreigners are even learning Bahasa Malaysia just because they want to migrant to Malaysia and start a new life. Move aside America, Malaysia is now the 21st Century land of opportunities.

  • Meanwhile more Malaysians are also working illegally in other countries too. It's also a well know fact that Australia has a lot of Malays that are mainly illegally working in fruit farms. In UK, a lot of MARA and JPA sponsored students also work in restaurants and shops despite finishing their studies. Same in America, a lot of Malays also work in restaurants too. Reason being is I understand that these Malays don't like Malaysia and to them Malaysia is the worse country for Malays cause there;s been too much pressure to 'become' a Malay. Despite all the fancy bumiputra benefits, it's weird that more Malays are getting out of Malaysia.

  • fuck….they dont have permit….fake agent….why blame malaysia…..if they go to usa like this… what usa will do…

  • It's terrible that these illegals have to go through this. I see them everywhere in KL. But corruption has always been alive in Malaysia.

  • Anak kera disusukan, anak sendiri ditirikan. Bangsat bangsat mengadaikan negara demi kepentingan sendiri. Duit haram tidak akan kekal.

  • immigration officer are the real culprit here. How can illegal immigrants enter into a country without being inspected.

  • Just Wondering what will happen if our king knew about this ..or saw this documentary.. Hopefully those culprits get caught , someone please forward this to our king, the king must do something

  • The Malaysia news said aljazeera documentary news was taken 6 month ago. So no case . U see how Malaysian government handling this case? If u had been robbed 6 month ago and police caught the robber after 6 month then the robber can be will be release, because it was 6 month ago.after 6 month everything is forgive and forget.

  • Al jazeera can never report abt corruptions, slavery or terrorist support in Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Dubai.
    but they will report abt south-east Asia and Africa. No nation is a saint when it comes to foreign workers
    As a media industry you should tell all the truth abt every nation

  • why blame the local for corruption? corruption is everywhere. these guys are just greedy in the first place. when you can't even live off in your country what more when you are off into a foreign country eventually you will live like a dog and worst they do crimes. no doubt, they are hardworking people, but they are too greedy. to me they got what they deserves.

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