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Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos talk about his sex bot prediction and how 3rd wave feminism is destroying the should of men, women and families. Help us …

Milo Yiannopoulos


  • So Wonder Woman didn't get feminist cucked? Dang now I feel guilty for not watching it. Then again the main reason why I didn't want to watch it because I'm so sick of superhero films.

  • Milo is definitely not the one I want to hear discuss heterosexual marriage and relationships. If InfoWars must give Milo a platform then let's keep it focused on political events!

  • I am 42 years old, have never been married, no kids out of wedlock and I am LOVING LIFE! I will date women who have something going on in their lives but sexbots are going to be a MAJOR problem for women in the future!

  • My group of high school friends was a total mix of different ethnic groups and skin tones… and we DESTROYED each other when joking around with each other and it made us bulletproof to any verbal "attacks".

  • I don't know. I like real women. Watch the movie Cherry 2000. (Melony Griffith was so hot back then.) Women may not be perfect, but most of the time they are worth the trouble. Most of the time. I guess if all you want in a relationship is sex then a sexbot may be the best choice though, besides spanking it. But I love women. I can't see a robot taking the place of a real woman any more than a woman with a vibrator taking the place of a male lover. It's kind of shallow, right? I mean what does it say about you that your partner can be replaced with machinery? It's kind of pathetic actually, for a man or a woman. Ladies, do you snuggle with your magic wand? And guys, porn is no substitute for a hot woman. Let's have a drink and get this sex thing right. With a positive attitude we can work it out, and I for one would like to try. 😉

    P.S. The dyke feminist thing is penis envy. Oh. they'll deny it but that's what it is. Have you ever seen the bits of those female body builders on male steroid hormones? Holy crap! They mutate themselves to being intersexed. I'm no expert, but that's not feminine. And, yes. Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian but he's not, and he knows and resents it even though it is that fact that appeals to so many of his fans. There, I said it. Bieber is male, but safe. Some straight women are afraid of actual masculinity and the lady boy gives them an outlet. And for the record I have been told by my attractive lady Russian hair dresser I look like Ernest Hemingway, just in case you were wondering. And to be honest I think she was fishing for a big tip, which she got of course.

  • Women are getting more and more unhappy, in my estimation, because we're getting more and more socially abused, actively vilified, demeaned, and devalued by society and most men each and everyday. Look at the comment section here!! I'm an old second-wave feminist who thinks the SJWs are full of garbage. But this video and men's reactions and growing cruelties towards women are fueling the growing depression and despair among women. The fact that we're now considered replaceable by sexbots has got to be THE ULTIMATE in genocidal hatred, and there's nothing that ANY group has done to deserve getting wiped out like this. Unfortunately in America, women appear to be the New Jews. This genocidal hypermasculine movement, with its gross, self-perpetuating, self-pitying exaggerations of just how bad men have it in marriage and relationships, is going to have its OWN blowback and consequences. Just like the Taliban paid the piper for cutting off women from medical resources and human rights, American men engaged in this "movement" to replace women are going to have their own blowback. Many American women are going to die first, I'm sure…and don't kid yourself, Milo and Alex–you're not going to go unscathed. None of us are. 🙁 Perhaps Milo and Alex aren"t actually advocating this garbage, but it sure the hell looks like it. Signed, a second-wave Christian feminist who voted for Trump.

  • "Feminists" are confused dolts. They are "against the sexual objectification of women" yet want to walk around naked and shame anyone who looks down upon a women wearing shorts up to her crotch that are so tight you can see her genitalia.

    You know, in the future, all humans will wear normal pants. And normal shorts. And they'll all be vegan.

    And eventually they'll all be of a virtually identical facial geometry, generated by their habituated facial movements; which are dictated by their psychologies, which (of course) are dictated by their brain's biology, which will be set to a most-healthy rhythm.

    Not only will their thoughts & actions be that of angelic sprites, but their DNA and physiology will be that of angelic sprites.

    Eventually their facial geometry will be so set by this angelic brain-biology, they will be physically incapable of frowning.

    They will be physically incapable of making "mean" facial gestures. Their faces will be set to divine angelic-awareness.

    And so, for those of us (or at least just me) who are Aware of this Prophecy of what is to come, all behaviors that are contrary to this code of conduct of the Angelic Civilization are essentially primitive, heathenistic*, *unconscious, and well; dumb.

    There is nothing to argue. This is the way is will be. So this is the way it should be. There's very little to debate!

  • The "Sexodus" was one of the best articles that Milo has written. It really addresses a lot of issues facing millennial men.

  • Why you give this pedophile a platform like he's special……He is a mental freak and your actions are very questionable ………there's a reason his book is banned. He likes lil boys like yours…..


  • I'M UNSUBSCRIBING!!!!!!!!! AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Alex just because Milo says he's a conservative …..he's a sick pedo loving society. GET REAL! Women are sick of men like MILO! Women are sick of men who think it's normal to watch porn and who are sex addicted! Milo is getting everyone to think he is normal and you should be okay to think like him. I'm disgusted at Milo, and disgusted at Alex for becoming part of his world…he is beginning to okay and believe whatever Milo says as if he's God about relationships. It's not okay for pedophilia!!!!!!!!!! Ever!!!!!

  • This is so true! Pretty and Feminine have become boorish while trashy is promoted in our culture. Remember not a good move when your group does not wash their ass…….WASH YOUR ASS! lol Awesome Alex! Love Milo!

  • Men are being pushed away by women. And being together means enslavement for men. MGTOW is walking away from the bullshit and refusing to take it anymore.

  • Historically, women have had simulated sex waaay before us men. We didn't get sex dolls until the 30s and 40s: commissioned by Adolf Hitler if you can believe it. Sure we have our hands but aside from all that, because women do it to, lets talk about toys. The first sex toy was for women: the dildo. The first dildo dates back 28,000 years…

    I'm not saying I wanna get it on in a three way between the fridge and the toaster because I prefer flesh and blood women but come on ladies, lets be honest here. You would do it to. If they made a Shawn Mendes sex bot built with a hydraulic horse sized penis that also cooked breakfast and told you, you looked beautiful every damn day; you'd make the government develope a socialist programme just to ride that stallion until you lost all feeling in both holes.

  • Won't men want babies though? Or will they just invent baby farms and raise them on formula? Matrix-tier sci-fi. We are living in end times!!

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