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  • So I have a long story to tell you guys, an experience I had earlier today. If you're interested you could keep reading, if not, I don't blame you this might be a novel. Anyways, I deliver pizza on Fridays and Saturdays, its my second job, I do it for a little bit of extra cash that I normally save for vacations, gifts, etc. So I went on a delivery today and an Asian kid answers the door and tells me he had not ordered. I went to the next delivery on my list because it was close and afterwards was going to find out who actually ordered. The next house I went to a white guy answered the door and was completely drunk. He told me if I had gone to a different address the one that I had just left. I asked him " How did you know i delivered there?" and he told me that he had ordered for his kid. I asked him oh was he of Asian decent, and he said yes that's my son he's half Thai. Not even 3 seconds later an Asian woman popped out and began screaming at me "You're a deplorable, a racist bigot, he's American just like you. I bet you voted for Trump, all you white people are the same." I didn't say anything back I was kind of in shock, but she kept going on, "Where are you from, are you from the south, you probably never even seen an Asian American before." I told her I was from the state and asked her how she would know if i had voted for Trump or not. She ended up just screaming incoherently about Hillary Clinton and how I was a bigot for asking if her son was of Asian decent. I Didn't say one racist or bigoted thing, at least to my knowledge. The guy ended up giving me a massive tip and told me not to worry about it and I left. I am still heated even after 10 hours. lol I just wanted to know from someone sane if what I asked was racist or bigoted in the slightest.
    The reason I bring this up is that I am very worried about our political and cultural situation. This was just some random lady's feelings, but its almost as though, a lot of people feel this way and will go to any length to feel victimized. This is very dangerous. This could be the beginning of a brutal civil war.

  • We pride ourselves in the advancements in Abnormal psychology. We gained the most knowledge from the use of torture,mentally an physically to further the agenda."der edwige juden" is the only least affected by both, an only reacted to money in any form . ↯ ↯

  • lol, ANTIFA= a George Soros funded, retarded communist group that is used to suppress opposition to the establishment and to shut down any grass roots opposition. Any event they attend they commit massive amounts of violence. They also utilize different tactics with the hopes of de-platforming anyone who doesnt agree with their communist worldview. Horns and loud noises. That's the whole point. So, the media obviously runs with it to try and deter people from rallying or expressing their views in the public square. Not worth it, as you will be attacked and the police will do relatively little. Additionally, the media will label all parties involved as extremists, which turns the normal people off. Back to sleep. Nothing to see here. These people attack Trump voters, free speech advocates, and any one else who rallies against what the establishment is promoting. Mainly radical leftism with some open borders globalism. Plus, you now have the tech companies cracking down on what they deem as "hate speech" and places like the like SPLC/ADL label any organization or person who is not an open borders globalist as an extremist, which, obviously, will result in normal people being turned off by their message. Further, it is used to serve as a message as what they are trying to do is intimidate people into silence, as if you speak out against their agenda, they want to make it so you cant ever earn an income working in the private sector. How else are you going to contain the population replacement agenda. Lol, you are a racist, nazi, you bigoted white guilt ridden xenophobe. Check your privilege today?

  • When the social scientists gain total control, the politicians will start calling themselves Doctors. Then instead of passing laws, they will just issue legislative medicine.
    Wait until you hear the names then!

  • Assaulting people, committing property crimes and vandalism, shutting down highways and other thoroughfares, stifling the 1st Amendment all to achieve political ends
    = Terrorism.
    They just have to discover the organizing players, the funders, and there they will find the premeditation.
    ANTIFA are terrorists.

  • Terrorism is the use of violence against civilian elements for the pursuit of political aims ergo Antifa as a movement can easily be argued to be terrorististic in nature however violence in defense of one's self such as anyone attacked by people who are using violence in pursuit of political aims is not a terrorist.
    Just my thoughts on antifa being, or not, terrorist in nature.
    (Did I just coin a term? As in terroristic or did I just bastardize terrorist lol.)

  • Can't we get Stefan Molyneux to reason with these people, he thinks violence never solves anything,  he should come for a visit and see if he can reason with these motherfuckers   lol

  • Misleading words – reality manipulation. That's rich coming from someone who laughed about the mass abortion of downes syndrome pre-births in Iceland and said it was a wonderful way of irradicating downes syndrome. Word and reality manipulation….yeah….

  • I wonder how many of these fucking sheep even know a real nigga?  I've finished my research and it's been determined that,  (in their words) they ain't no talking to no stupid ass nigga! .. or the stupid bastards defending them!

  • Other than the faux pas confusing communists for anarchists great video as you tend to not only come with a problem but to try to figure out a solution and more people should do this in the internet.

    Been trying what you suggested for a few decades out there and I can tell it really works. It is astounding to see their whole body language change and their eyes open wide. They first get confused and then they start thinking. it's like jiggling keys in front of a baby – they want the keys once you show it to them.

  • Regarding Boston, Interesting, "free speech" has been gone for a long time. Or are others assembled to stop others from assembling and speaking, so technically wouldn't that be free speech and assembly to stop others from speaking and assembling ??? I'm kinda confused here.. #TheQuestions. .. PS should the original group petition to have an opportunity to assemble and speak, and stop others from assembling to speak and stop the original people from assembling and speaking ??? #MoreQuestions

  • 'PATRIOT Act' is a backronym, were you going to mention that? You think it's worse than 'Affordable Care Act?' I can't believe I have friends dumb enough to get their marching orders from you.

  • By the way, do you ever respond when you get called out on your bullshit by people who are smarter and more educated than yourself? Keep in mind that I agree with you on a lot of things, but my corrections consistently fall upon deaf ears. Beef up your accountability if you want to maintain your delusional self-prescribed infallibility. EDIT: 'you' becomes 'yourself.'

  • Legitimate clean coal would be coal industry that complies with the Clean Air Act, like most/all have been legally forced to do (or cheat and operate illegally) in the US since the 70s. Ash collection, sulfur scrubbing, catalytic conversion, etc. (though modern clean-coal politics could refer to more efficient, less ecologically damaging forms of mining the coal in the first place, or it could refer to things like gassification, allowing cleaner and more flexible/efficient burning than conventional fireboxes and such: natural gas power stations and the like could be converted to run on coal-gas, too, or wood gas, or syn-gas from any carbon-rich source material)

    China desperately needs the sort of clean coal systems the US established in the 70s … they're like 1950s/60s US industry right now. (and then some … due to the higher density cities and more modern, larger scale industry)

    Coal should have to compete on a level playing field with competitive organic fuels (wood, biomass, oil, natural gas, etc) with equal penalties put on any given land use, pollution, habitat destruction, etc, etc. (though we need a different category for /clean/ 'pollution' like greenhouse gases … also high-intensity gases like methane vs lower intensity CO2, and actual toxic pollution, and ecological damage: oil pipeline leaks or spills, coal slurry pipeline leaks, pollution caused by coal mining, oil drilling, fracking, etc … plus geologic damage caused by drilling, pumping, fracking, or mining: open pit mining is the least damaging in the latter case, and much safer for workers, but the most damaging to habitats … if it's a new mine: expanding old mines is not nearly as destructive as yet MORE mountain-top removal and such … one the topsoil is escavated and the region is laid baren for mining, it's another story … plus American pit mines, with rich seams of high quality coal are a lot less wasteful than the MASSIVE lignite pit mines in Germany: more like massive coal-quarries than mines … tons of earthmoving equipment given lignite: brown coal, is similar to soil or clay in consistency)

  • One must build bombs to be considered a terrorist? 'Terrorism' refers to the political motivations of the group. You need a fact-checker BADLY, because you really suck at this. Everything you say is eminently correctable. Again, I don't expect a response, because you're a dummy and a pussy.

  • Antifa was originally the paramilitary wing of the German Communists. We're very fortunate that the antifa in the US haven't managed to murder anyone yet. When they sucker punched Spencer he could had fell hard on his head and died. That shit happens outside nightclubs from time to time.

  • When I protest against Antifa I Just call them Nazis, and the "new face of fascism" and it seems to piss them off more. Especially when I have all my signs made up. That's the one thing I found that bothers them most is being called a nazi, so I always call them nazi brown shirt fascists to their face and they go ballistic lol.

  • How can we get people to question reality, come out of their brainwashing, and become aware of the manipulations and be able to see the power of linguistic manipulation they are under

  • It cracks me up that you have this "Antifa" which is supposed to be "anti-fascist", and I guarantee you with 100% certainty half of those morons couldn't actually define Fascism. That don't even know what the fuck a fascist is. They certainly are completely ignorant about Communism or the Marxist ideology that has been the basis of these totalitarian states. It's complete insanity!

  • Whenever some asshole proclaims that it's an eighter-or proposition, and that are your only choices, know that you're being manipulated… or you talking to a functioning retard. In both cases, fuck that bitch.

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