Special counsel Robert Mueller has assembled a legal dream team for his probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and …

Robert Mueller


  • There's never been a more un-American program than DARE. I cannot believe tax dollars were once spent on a program to teach otherwise innocent children about hard drugs, and to encourage children to spy on their parent's personal habits. Jeff Sessions is the last supporter of those dark days, it's really saying something that he's the worst part of Trump's circus administration.

  • If you don't want to vaccinate your child then that is your right but they cannot be allowed into a public school where they will endanger other children.

  • 16 Soldiers? Not even in war! Also, it's a shame that if the allegations that Donald received info from the RUSSIANS then it is very shameful that somebody else needs to intervene to lock up Crooked Hillary because their own government wouldn't do it!

  • "I'm worried about my kid rights being taken away" well, I'm worried about living and not getting sick. Also snitches get stitches

  • old people having babies in their 40s 50s 60s is causing autism not shots. look at baron Trump that is a gold diggers baby from a old rich guy. now that's the real anchor baby right there.

  • 7:16 Ignorance of the law excused HRC. She took actual monetary contributions from the Saudis through the Clinton Foundation. Where is Vice on this?

  • Because of obstructionism – Republicans have the house the senate EVERYTHING! What you talking about? It's because of your terrible policies that they are failing. LMAO what a joke!

  • "Legal Dream Team"
    Translation: Democrats who contributed to both Obama and Hillary Clinton's campaign.
    Liberal Democrats are attempting a soft coup. It will not work. We won't let it work.

  • Mitch McConnell crying "obstructionism"?????

    Even career hypocrites hear that and gasp with disbelief. Republicans are hypocritical Trump enabling unpatriotic scum.

  • every parent that does not vaccinate their children should become fair game to a class-action lawsuit from any parent whose children may come in contact with the unvaccinated kid

  • it has become a war between dumb people and smart people throughout the world and guess what the dumb ones are winning.

  • This is a shit show. What happened vice. Way to be completely biased now. Refuse to show any other view but left. Further division

  • We had a measles outbreak in Wichita, KS recently because of religious libertarian idiots. 554 cases in the US last year. The most since indigenous measles was eliminated in 2000. Too many morons in our country.

  • Im not saying what the Trump campaign did was right, but are we seriously going to overlook the fact that Hillary has been caught SEVERAL times in the act of accepting outside and foreign 'grants', usually very, VERY large sums of money, all towards the 'pay to play' political game?

  • I wish the lady interviewer in the beginning would have more personality, and not be so blatantly biased. I prefer the gentleman with the sick fro's style of interested, curious and upbeat😁 IMHO

  • "…he donated $33,000 dollars to democrats"…. Anyone who thinks this isn't an obvious witch hunt spurned by corrupt bureaucrats in power is a fucking moron ;-D

  • Meuller's Legal Dream Team animated bit is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen Vice make, I'd been waiting for it to arrive on YouTube to share with a friend, just because I love that bit so much, it's well done. 😎😎😎

  • the reality tv king talking about how noone can copy total wipeout as if it's anything but a wank Takeshi's Castle

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