• Nothing honorable about the Confederacy of SLAVE states.
    The war was about states rights> SLAVERY.
    The Southern Gentry wanting their bastard offspring to inherit new lands ,Kansas, California,Utah for further slave plantation growth & exploitation …the first Globalist.
    Doesn't anyone read history?
    I'm surprised Blacks haven't pulled down those awful statues years ago .
    Year after year watching those Slave Generals starring down at you…that if they were victorious on the battlefield would have meant another fifty years of chained bondage,rape & murder before it petered out because of European sanctions & revulsion .
    Any captured Black soldier serving the Union was executed by authority of the Rebel Generalship.
    Even the Southern God Robert .E .Lee went along with "only following orders " bullshit

    Don't try to put lipstick on a Pig


  • You have no idea what you're talking about. We're not throwing in the goddamn river. They'll likely get moved to a museum or park where, guess what, they'll get restored to pristine condition bc I was just at the Jeff Davis monument and he looks like shit these days. The monuments were erected in the 20th century in a majority black city where that black majority was systematically barred from voting. These monuments were not about honoring the dead. None of them are dedicated to soldiers. These things were about letting blacks the Jim Crow South know who was in charge and it damn sure wasn't them. Our city council voted unanimously to have these monuments moved and the majority of the citizens of New Orleans agree. The rest of you can kindly shut the fuck up.

  • Al Sharpton, Beyoncé and JZ paid to have them removed. WHY they don't live in New Orleans?  The statue that was moved was not even about the civil war, it was about Confederate Vets going against a Corrupt Police force of the time,  Also any time a Mayor does something in the middle of the night and  has to mask the workers and put police snipers on the roof tops to guard against the citizen of the city, well you get the idea that maybe you are doing something the people here don't want you to do, there was no votes on it!!  The also now want to take down all planation houses, if they are not taken down, "They" say they will burn them down. They should just burn down the French Quarter, it is filled with old Slave Quarters!! but no, that's how the city makes its money!   Last year they tried to get ropes and pull down General Jackson in the Jackson Square, problem was He died before the Civil War!!  These are idiots thugs!

  • Couple years or so back, when all the hoorah over removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the SC state capitol building was going on, company I work for decided to go full PC on it – no clothing with the CBF on it, you couldn't even enter the parking lot if you so much as had a bumper sticker that had the CBF on it, etc, etc – but there was one black gentleman that worked there, that had a tattoo of the CBF on his arm, and he preferred to wear short sleeve shirts – they actually had the balls to try and tell him he needed to start wearing long sleeve shirts, or he would be sent home without pay, and that repeated offenses would result in his dismissal – he basically told them to go fuck themselves, pointed out that they apparently had no problem with allowing imagery associated with BLM, Islam, Che, etc, threatened to go legal on them by filing a workplace harassment complaint with the state labor board and getting the NAACP involved – company didn't know whether to shit or go blind – they finally decided to just leave the guy alone and let it drop – end result was the company looked like the bunch of hypocrites they were to the local community.

  • Every private person should be allowed to use the CSA flag, but I do find it strange that government buildings in the South were using it for a long time. CSA does not exist anymore, why are you still using a flag from a former government?
    You lost,- get over it.

    Imagine if Germany was still using Nazi-flags on their government buildings "for old times sake"…

  • You are all traitorous punks, go suck nazi dick you russia loving fucks. We don't want no slavers here. And those ancestors were tricked by rich slave owners to fight for them. The south eats it's children for their $$$.

  • I'm from SC, but I dont give a chit about the flag, most people don't.

    I mean look at Outkast and lil Jon, tons of southern rappers have used it as a symbol of southern pride.

  • Where I live (East Ky) there are in some rural areas more Confederate battle flags on peoples' homes and vehicles than American flags. No kidding. I personally wouldn't fly one because though my forebears did live in this area and did fight in the war, they all fought for the Union. Kentucky was the most truly neutral state throughout the civil war and it has historically had strong ties to it's northern border states yet it was also strongly tied to the southern culture and was a slave state. Lots of "brother vs brother" scenarios that went on there.

  • Yeah, I am not southern however I can understand it is important for them to remember. My ancestors I knew of back then who were here, were most likely on a reservation in those times, or still on their land. So does it mean something to me personally however they have to remember their ancestors, good and bad things as a whole in some way. Which is all it is. They lost it's enough.

  • they're trying to erase our history, it's an integral part of the ideological subversion that's going on in this countr being carried out by (((israel))) and the (((jews))) (((marixist leftists)))

  • Of course people are offended: It's rightly a reminder that half the country specifically set out to impoverish the other half and impede westward expansion by destroying their manufacturing base just to keep political power; and ultimately succeeded and framed it as a human rights issue instead of a "we were jockeying to hold Washington."

  • Actually the South's consolation prize would be that the Zhukov of the West brilliant strategist of Cold Harbor whom resoundingly proved the utter ignorance of attacking an entrenched enemy with artillery support over open ground later went on to become the 18th president and his "reign" was rife with scandal and corruption unlike his better William T Sherman a far superior officer soldier leader and person who cared about his men and not seeing them as a means to an end and as for Lincoln's statement I like Grant he fights yea he might but if you throw enough enough bodies at the enemy to the point where they run out of ammo and actually feel bad for mowing down the unfortunate souls led by a drunk damn near last in his class west point disgrace you kinda win by default.

  • Lincoln wanted slaves free in order to cripple the south economically so the north would win. He was another politician that didn't give a shit about humans and there is a monument of him.

  • your right Styx to southerners it just means i love the south or proud to be southern doesn't mean geez i wish i had a couple of slaves people really need to get out of their feelings

  • Not unlike people interested in WWII armament, rifles, uniforms, etc… They do not want war, they do not glorify war. They just have an interest in specific times, items.

    A big problem is, most people have only a theoretical understanding of the things they are dead-set against, abhor.

    To them I say, when teaching your child to ride a bike, read 5 books to them about how to ride a bike… and, they will still fall down as many times as the child that wasn't read those instructional books. Learning "it" comes from "living it", not reading about it. I'm not against reading [I read 8 hours a day] but there is a limit as to what you can KNOW simply by gazing at words.

  • OMG Styxx you have this old woman totally in love with you!! Now don't freak cause I ain't no stalker 🙂 Yes I am behind on catching up on your vids so I just saw this one today. IMHO you nailed what both I think and feel about the confederate flag along with many folks I know. I truly am a born and raised southern country girl who not only loves the confed flag but our American flag!! Plus being a vet I'm not sure I have much choice in my love and respect for our country!!! Anyhow just wanted to say thank you for this video and for understanding "most" of us southerners feelings about that flag is firmly based not on the color of your skin but on our pride of being born southern! As the old saying goes American by birth, Southern by the grace of God!! Yeah I know you sweet fella I had to throw God into this 🙂 Peace to you and yours and keep on keeping on with your channel you DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!

  • This argument makes no since. So … for example
    .. what is a giant nazzi symbol was put up today…. tomorrow it would be considered history. would it be wrong to take it down because its history?

  • Uh…five words…"The South will rise again"…the mantra that usually goes along with flying the confederate flag…what do you suppose that means

  • I'm from New Orleans and I avoid going into that toilet bowl. My old neighborhood where my parents still live looks like a delipidated warzone. The potholes are as big as moon craters that can damage your car, and the crime is so my parents once had a home invasion and now have a security system. I drove through for an appointment I wanted to avoid but had no choice, and I couldn't believe just how bad things got. It's indescribable. The crime is through the roof and every single day some gun-happy nihilistic barbarian just starts shooting at someone at a gas station and bodies are always found in cars or dumpsters. The French Quarter is a filthy place now and nothing like it was 25 years ago. And it costs over 20. dollars to park in some crack neighborhood. So do I care if they come down? No, I don't live there and avoid the place. It's a well-funded, political, movement by the left who wants certain people to feel like they're going to solve their problems, and they took thirty years to make it what is now and will progressively get worse. Put the monuments somewhere safe to look at and on private property if that's possible,

  • Thanks for addressing that issue..
    We take pride in being from the south.. We're raised to say 'yes sir', and 'yes maam', we do all the hard work, we hold the door for the ladies. Most good ol boys are simple men who never lie, cheat or steal…
    For us the flag represents southern hospitality and Traditions, not racism…

  • "The removal of historical pieces" It's a good thing that the statues aren't historical pieces and were built decades after the Civil War. They have literally nothing to do with history and are just participation trophies for a bunch of slave-driving traitors who tried to destroy America. I should know, since I'm from NOLA and grew up learning about how shitty Jefferson Davis was, and why he doesn't deserve a statue. Lee is more of a mixed figure in southern history, but the Davis statue definitely has no place outside of museum.

  • like Lionel Nation says a big fan of yours sticks if history was true it would be wonderful Lincoln wanted the black people to go back to Africa the Deep state has been around long enough to twist and turn everything promoting hate and War

  • Robert E. Lee is the person I'd most like to meet from American history. The War of Northern Aggression was an absolute savage attack on their own citizens. Murder.

  • I've seen arguments for it. They say the flag and the statues are of treason and racism.
    Usually they claim the flag represents racism and you have to argue against that but it seems like it doesn't matter they want to remove those symbols and they are doing it.

  • I live in New Orleans, and this has been an absolute disgrace. This city is a unique tapestry of historical layers, and the removal of the Confederate layer is a travesty. The city removed the magnificent Beauregard and Lee statues in a cowardly stealth manner, and left hideous damaged pedestals behind. This affront to history and insult to Southerners marks the end of New Orleans, and the official birth of "NOLA".

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