• On holidays in France and guess what, this channel is blocked but individual video's can still be accessed. Guess Macron or Hollande or whoever, it doesn't make any difference, starting to hammer down on unwanted opinions.

  • But they are perfect the way they are, please don't change!

    Seriously, I'm sure they're gonna cheat. Don forget house republicans are also against Trump.

  • Styx, don't be so disingenuous; every single fucking time we've talked about raising the minimum wage, people have said the same thing "oh no, you can't do that because you'll destroy the economy" and yet this has magically and spectacularly failed to materialize whenever we've actually done so; why, in the past twenty years we've done so twice and yet produce doesn't cost 80 dollars an hour or whatever you people in favor of deregulation (which in fact is the one with the proven track record of destroying the economy; such as in the 1920s with the great depression and in 2008 with the great recession) babble on about as 'the inevitable consequence' of doing so. Seems like the facts only matter to you right wingers when they're in your favor.

  • The dems are in dissaray and the republicans have a perfect opportunity to get things done but they are doing nothing which proves they have no desire to.these career polsneed to be voted out!

  • Well Styx, YouTube must of unsubbed me for the 4th fucking time in the last 6 months!! Didn't realize for the last couple weeks until I got on today and realized I hadn't seen any notifications that you uploaded in awhile. Such bullshit YouTube!! Someone made a meme out of you on fb saying something like you can't get dates and you have a hitler stache. It's fucking weak bro!

  • I have a great respect for Rand. And I believe that one day he could very well be president. Fuck kid cock and fuck the rock fuck all those motherfuckers. As for Alex Jones I love his show and he has cool products. I'm not even gonna lie I've spent my hard earned money on them.

    As for the government spraying shit from the air? I can't prove it myself but I have looked at some the evidence. And unfortunately I'm not entirely convinced that this is going on. " BUT " back during the Veitnam war our government did speay this shit called agent orange all over the god damned place that killed and made countless people sick. So if we ever got any conclusive smoking gun evidence that this kinda activity was in fact going on I wouldn't even be surprised.


  • I'm so happy it took me 15 years to get to 17.00 an hour from 9.00 an hour, and school became free, thanks to Andy Cuomo Fag, after I paid for it out of my pocket, and know I can eat bologna and day old bread. The wages of sin are death, but so are the wages of endurance. And we wonder where all of criminals come from. They come from resentment of the people who think they get to decide who gets what and when they get it.

  • the Republicans aren't Republicans anymore they've all got their hands out to George Soros and the likes special interest lobbyist it's time to flush the toilet on the Beltway bipartisan that is

  • The DNC's problem isn't age or wealth, it's race. Their whole party is a coalition of racial groups who have nothing in common but are united in a desire to exploit whites. It's a party based on racism, and when Democrats or more extreme political activists open their mouths all they ever talk about is race, race, race, and to a somewhat lessor degree, sexual politics. I doubt if one in a hundred antifa types could give a coherent half-hour talk on the economics of Marxism or Anarchism. Race is the KKKrazy glue that holds the whole thing together.

    The Democrats are lead by geriatric white people because the next tier of leadership is the likes of Maxine Waters. If in the next 20-30 years the Democrats become the black and brown party they're through. Not only the open racism but the incompetence will drive most of the whites who aren't bat-shit crazy out of the party. Obama is a white-hating racist, his immigration policies were motivated by hate and little short of genocidal. Our first third-world President who ran his government on typical third-world tribal principles, but he was relatively moderate compared to those coming up.

    And its not just the political left, because of the control of the culture from the center the entire social and political structures of the old Western coalition are based on anti-whitism. Got so used to obstructing the executive branch is cute but far from the truth, it's much worse than that. The Republicans are completely cowed by the cultural hegemony of their opponents and have absorbed, Stockholm-syndrome style, the mores of those opponents. Look at Merkel. Throw in a bit of their usual class bigotry and you have a party that could only be called collaborationist., unless it involves big business. They could do great things with their control of the U.S. government and half of the states: Build the wall, crack down on illegals, cut legals, repudiate refugee agreements, clean up the universities, etc., but they won't try unless Trump can drag them kicking and screaming out of their PC comfort zone.

  • Tom Perez and Keith Ellison are full-blown communist Louis Farrakhan wannabes and I don't know who voted there ass in Minnesota up there but they need to have their head checked

  • Better skills, jobs, and wages requires people like the Germans, not 3rd world trash like the Mexicans. If you want those 3 things you need better people. All you really need in the USA is better people and everything else follows.

  • It's especially funny because their slogan is what Trump is ACTUALLY DOING, yet they fight against him all the time. The demoncraps and their cult followers are retards.

  • So — Of SKILLS, JOBS, and WAGES, it seems that the DNC would only be concerned with the first two, IF ELECTED. The third, which is in their power to remedy without being elected (which is to say, by convincing establishment Democrats who are part of corporate structures to raise wages, now) will never ever be their concern, once elected.

    Which is to say, they obviously do not want higher wages.

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