• Does she even realise that most if not all of those immigrants know French from their native countries? I'm French so let me just cut her bullshit right here. She doesn't know a god damn thing about the shit she ''covers'' assuming it even has a point.

  • You stupid americans dont know anything outside your little bubble. Noone speaks french in france, everyone speaks english with french accents

  • Shut up Destiny, I vent fully watched the video but straight off the bat you show your ignorance as much as she shows her. YOu both are full of shit. THis is by no means the most 'multicultural' i was not even in the most multicultural and it was 99% blacks i rarely ever saw a white guy. I dont think it really matters if half of my colleagues at work are black or if i was in school it would be my classmates. makes little difference. but you guys are playing the racist card a little too much maybe lauren and her followers are just annoyed that most europeans cultures are slowly changing because of immigration. personally i am not intrinsically against having more kebabs open up but you it's not racist for someone to like a specific culture and try to preserve it. it; s the same as native americans trying to preserve and protect their own culture . plus it's braindeads (regarding this topic) like you and lauren that makes it a fucking struggle to deal with mass immigration with a minimum of common sense, the millions of refugees are a extremely pressing problem in the west and immigration shud not be stopped but limited and selective. when you debate with morons about immigration instead of educated people you worsen the problem. idgaf about your view about european immigration with an american perspective , ive been to both canada and the usa and its completely different. you seriously show your stupid fucking ego with dealing with european mass migration

  • Do you really don't understand the point of the video ? All she did was walk around with her camera on, it's up to you to determine if having filthy, majority black streets in European cities a okay thing or not.

  • The point of the video is obviously that the sample that is filmed on the streets of Paris is 80% "brown". The point she is making is that immigration has been so massive that it completely changed the social fabric of Paris. Stats from sickle cell disease testing show that 73% of the new borns in Île-de-France in 2016 were tested for that. This disease is genetic and european whites can't have it. Racial and ethnic polls are illegal in France, but these stats give you an element of proof regarding the "great replacement".

  • As a French, i can confirm that she went to a specific area in Paris where it's full of Asiatic and black people. I wonder why she didn't show the other normies areas? :thinking:

  • Yeah but this is almost every major european capital and that is fucking sad. I dont give a shit if you think im racist but you probably don't feel the same way because you live in a already multicultural country (USA). But yeah I don't exactly cheer the fact that we are doing the same in europe.

  • After you have stopped swearing you could investigate yourself and bring your own valid arguments. I will try with you to show how you do it. your last statement says it all…you hate people and thats the only thing you can do which is sad
    1. french fries are not french – use wiki at least
    2. no you are not living in france I do and we have a massive amount of no go areas all over the place. some of them you can go at least during the day if you stay at the main streets but some you dont want to go even with a bodyguard or you need an army of police which doesnt mean you will survive the experience – if you dont believe it I will invite you and you can test it yourself 😉
    3. france isnt just Paris but all streets in france look like that except the ones which will be shown in the media as representation

  • I am sorry Destiny, but you are quite ignorant about the current developement in northern europe and underestimating the scope of what is currently happening here in europe.

    Europe has been changing for a long time, but in the last ten years the changes have become more and more visiable, with more and more incidents happening or becoming public. Puplic space has become quite dangerous at night for women, you can literally read every week a headline of an other gang rape, similar incidents like on sylvester in Koeln last year happening on a smaller scale, women get sexual assaulted in public pools and so on…..

    it might be normal in USA, but it is not normal for Europe…

    also i think you are heavily underestimating the effects of having a growing conservative muslim population and city district having a muslim majority…. it is ignorant to believe that the majority of the arab world treats women like shit (and dont even compare it with "in europe it was also bad in the past shit") because they are forced to behave that way by some evil leaders… it is in their culture amd mentality… and this mentality is not changing when they move to europe… they dont come here for our culture but for better life… nothing more…

    by the way what do you think do mothers tell their daughters why they have to wear a hijab? or why they should be proud wearing one? what do you think how they teach them not to eat pig meat when they are young? there are a lot of studies on how conservative muslims think about jews and europeans in general and how their relationship should be with them….

  • 4:40 You seem to be under the impression that the immigrants America is getting are the same as Europe is getting. This is not true, there's an entire ocean between America and the Middle East and America has a waaaaaay stricter immigration policy (this predates Trump).

  • Destiny how can you not understand the difference between women dressing like sluts and Muslims being completely covered? Also notice how the police in France have to wear body armor and face masks and carry shields. I don't see police in America doing the same thing except for liberal riots.

  • Wow, it turns out when it is a woman you are pointing out as racist all of a sudden youtube comments are on your side. Guess people can't make up their minds whether they hate non-whites or women more.

  • Under the "French braid" article on wikipedia
    "This hairstyle originated in North Africa, which is evidenced by the rock art of the Algerian Tassili n'Ajjer mountain range. It was also depicted in art from early Greek and Sung dynasty periods."

  • i actually liked Lauren at first when she was doing the normal anti feminazi calling out retarded shit, but jesus christ she got retarded as fuck, yeah no shit France has a lot of blacks/arabs, they had a fuckton of colonies, like their football national team was almost all black guys at some point

  • Have you even listened to her videos or do you just ignore what she says and watch what she does. You completely misrepresent her and what she was doing. Shes not a racist you fucking retard. What evidence do you have shes a racist? and have you even read up on DefendEurope Organization? she was yes deported and was going to be charged but that was dropped. So obviously you dont know what you are talking about.

  • The french braids thing is about women wearing head scarves as opposed to showing their hair, not that they should actually wear their hair in french braids. Come on Destiny you're not that autistic.

    That said she is a massive dumbo.

  • "A French braid, or French plait, is a type of braided hairstyle. This hairstyle originated in North Africa, which is evidenced by the
    rock art of the Algerian Tassili n'Ajjer mountain range. It was also
    depicted in art from early Greek and Sung dynasty periods." LUL

  • "If we're looking for the origins of modern-day French braids, Eurasia
    isn't even the right continent. Instead, the place to start is North
    Africa. People have been wearing the three-strand gathered plait for
    thousands of years, and the earliest evidence of the style comes to us
    from the Tassili n'Ajjer mountain range in Algeria. There, rock art
    depicting women wearing rowed braids dates back almost 6,000 years. " OMEGALUL

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