• I would be for legalizing all drugs if I didn't know how weak some people are. They would fucking ruin their lives. I'm more for lesser punishments than full legalization. It definitely should be rehab for first and maybe two times and then some other punishment.

  • No mention whatsoever of the social costs of these drugs. Users of crystal meth have created a lot of problems with the children they have and are not good parents to. As usual, in your analysis lately, you do not cover very key topics and considerations.

  • Knowing how ass backwards Portland is, they'll probably start arresting people that commit crimes only if they are not high at the time. Anybody stoned that commits a crime will get a pass. Fits the typical leftist pattern of illogical law enforcement.

  • thanks again for the reporting, Styx. I live in Oregon and had not heard about this yet because I don't consume any mainstream source media here. the Oregonian is a shamelessly liberal – biased rag.

  • This is dumb as fuck. My brother is a drug addict who's been to rehab multiple times. That shit is expensive and doesn't work unless the person truly wants to change. These drug addicts know that they're risking going to jail so let them go to jail. They deserve it. I don't want these living zombies on the streets. Ugh!!!!

  • Pain killers??? You mean heroin is killing all the peeps who are using it. You can't even find a doctor to give you a Advil since 2 -3 years ago. The CDC guideline scared all the doctors away. Most didn't want prescribe anyway. To much ha. The average pain patient if legitimate, would not know were to get heroin so that's a bs fake news too.

  • So nothing is illegal or immoral let everyone do what they want. They already are. Great world we have to live in. Kids everywhere will be so much safer and it's a drug dealer's dream come true. You are a user so your thrilled. Rehab doesn't work another complete failure. Civil war needs to start quickly or at least the bloodless revolution. Real Americans are way past fed up. Go snort or inject something. You are not an expert on the drug war or anything else.

  • feds: you need to put those drug using heathens away in jail and prison
    oregon: no
    oregon: the power of states rights compells you
    other states: Huh that's not a bad idea we too will deregulate state wise
    feds: oh my goooood

  • I was addicted to heroin for 10 years, hooked since age 16 – took about 5 trips to detox/rehab – but once I was finally finished, I have been clean for 15 years now. I agree with Styx 100%.

  • As a Libertarian part time arnachist who believes in rules but not rulers and being well aware of the so called coming finacial meltdown. I find it somewhat conviently timely that the money masters who own and run it all that they want the drunken peasants all doped up to soften the blowback..how convient..

  • Take it from someone who has done a lot of shit, Alcohol is the worst and most destructive, although I never messed with Opiates. I have done everything else. Meth will get you too, but I would say by far the most destructive drugs is Alchohol, by and large.

  • If you're gonna do that than legalize taxed manufacturing and distribution as well to off set treatment cost. I don't know what the answer is but I don't think partial legalization is it. Also have real no BS education for the young about drug addiction.

  • We're not a swing state. All population pretty much lives in Portland and Eugene. So very small amount in the rest of the state.
    We often do many liberal things first, before anyone. Crazy stuff sometimes, but we ARE often at the forefront.

  • lmfao! I took a swig of my cherry coke and nearly spit it up all over my monitors and keyboard. "They may get habituated and eat to many Twinkies" LMFAO! you nearly caused me to choke to death! 🙂

  • I love your video's, and I agree with everything you say. The thing with opiates though is the deaths you hear about are people all grouped in with heroin …… I suffer from chronic pain from endometriosis ….. I go to a pain clinic every month to get my medicine and they do urine screenings constantly to make sure your taking your meds properly ….. and I can tell you that it is SO DIFFICULT even at pain clinics to get meds that you need ….. and I have a diagnosis that is confirmed to cause horrible long term pain ….. and even with that the law is so strict these pain doctors have their hands tied. It really is hard to get a hold of pain killers ….. I know first hand ….. and because of them being so strict you are looked at like an addict even though you use it for pain. I'm not even getting my proper dosage to help either ….. I've suffered for years with this condition and most days i'm lucky if I can take a shower!! It's not fair for the people who need those drugs ….. and to be quite honest the "effect" you get from it isn't even that big for me ….. It feels like I drank a cup of coffee and it lasts for pretty much 20 minutes and thats it. So either I just don't get the same high others report because of genetics or something ….. or the media is inflating the "opiate crisis" just as another control method ….. just like with other drugs ….. let me tell you these pain clinics are STRICT!! You sign a 3 page contract ….. for example if I go to the ER with an emergency they can't prescribe me any pain killers ….. One time my endometriosis was so bad I had to go to the ER and get an IV bag ….. I was rolling around moaning in pain and no amount of my prescription was taking the pain away!! So the doctor wanted to give me stronger meds so bad …. he could tell I had legitimate pain from my heart rate, hydration level etc. All he was allowed to do was prescribe me 2 pills that were stronger then my regular scipts. At my next pain management appointment I let them know about the 2 pills and they were rude, reminded me of the contract, and nearly got me kicked out!! FOR 2 LOUSY PILLS FROM A MEDICAL CONDITION I'M CONFIRMED TO HAVE!! I wasn't trying to hide the fact I got 2 pills, I was honest and told them immediately at the start of my appointment ….. still wasn't good enough I guess ….. my point being these pain pills are really only making it more difficult for chronic pain patients like myself who just want to live their life ….. I honestly don't even know how "addicts" who don't go to pain clinics get pills ….. they are so freaking strict at these clinics that I have no idea how anyone would wiggle around all the urine tests and rules etc in order to sell them in bulk to addicts. I really don't know how said addicts who don't go to clinics even get them.

  • The Federal government has fucked generations of American citizens so horribly we should seriously consider all but abolishing it. we don't need the Fed to function as a organized some what free society. In fact we would function much better if we just gave the power back to the states and the people in those states.

  • There's a little known statute in Oregon that makes illegal any law (city, county, and state) that prevents the public use of controlled substances or alcohol. Although alcohol has an exception related mostly to parks.

    Also, congrats on pronouncing Oregon correctly 👍🏻

  • The problem is once theyre a "convict" they can't get jobs n their only means to get by is to get back into using and dealing. Rehabs are under HIPAA confidentiality. A higher percentage of addicts will recover if it's legalized.

  • BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. YOU MIGHT GET IT. Drug overdose deaths are climbing like crazy among young middle class White people. The days of marijuana smoking white boys are over. The kids are into prescription drugs and hard drugs when they can't get the prescription drugs. SESSIONS IS DOING A GREAT JOB.. He made mass arrests of crooked mostly foreign born. docs pushing the drug and robbing from the public with Medicaid fraud. Trump is not really going after the marijuana bs. If he doesn't show he's against marijuana, they are going to call him a racist for going light on the White boys. Get real. THERE ARE NO CURATIVE DRUG OR ALCOHOL ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAMS. Addiction (tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, etc.) is a dread that you wouldn't wish on anyone.

  • We should just legalize most drugs. I mean, drugs are not for me, but I think we should let adults be adults. Punish them if they commit crimes, but don't tell adults what to do with their bodies. Just my opinion. Some stuff, like heroin, sure, leave that illegal, but most stuff, legalize it. Let adults make their own bad choices.

  • you're spot on about afghanistan and their poppy production… it seems like alot of wars involve either oil or precursors to heroin… both of which have a strong profit motive involved

  • i think Oregon has it backwards. An addict will not choose to get better until they've experienced rock bottom. A cushy rehab does not feel like rock bottom. But when someone rocks your bottom in prison now u know. I'm thinking drug offenders should experience a few brief prison stints then be offered a quality rehab for their next offense. This way these offenders will realize whats on the line when attending rehab rather than going thru the motions just to get a get out of jail free card. Here in Texas first time offenders will have to attend a state funded, outpatient, low quality rehab for two hours a week for 12 weeks. This program is a joke and i speak from experience. I believe after someone gets a taste of prison, only then, a private inpatient rehab should be offered rather than this watered down piece of shit program that is currently being implemented.

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